After his sensationally refused visa for Australia, Novak Djokovic was savagely mocked online.

He arrived late Wednesday night at Melbourne Airport to defend his title in the Australian Open. However, he was instead kept under surveillance by police and interrogated by border officers.

According to reports, Djokovic applied for visa that does not permit medical exemptions for unvaccinated. Djokovic is not revealing his vaccination status.

Djokovic is packing up to return home and social media users have enjoyed having the chance to laugh at him.

Novak Djokovic has been ruthlessly mocked online after his visa to enter Australia was sensationally denied

After Novak Djokovic’s sensationally refused visa to Australia, he was ruthlessly ridiculed online

One person joked this is how Djokovic's exemption form would have looked

This is what Djokovic would have had his exemption form looked, according to one person.

Some joked that Roger Federer was behind the visa mishap

Roger Federer may have been behind the Visa Mishap, some joked

One popular meme circulating on Twitter was in reference to the Tom Hanks film The Terminal, which is based on Iranian refugee Mehran Karimi Nasseri who was forced to live inside Paris' Charles de Gaulle Airport until his identity was confirmed

A popular Twitter meme was in reference the Tom Hanks movie The Terminal. It is about Mehran Karimi Nasseri, an Iranian refugee who lived inside Paris’ Charles de Gaulle Airport till his identity was verified.

Another shared a meme pretending the tennis star had flown himself out of Melbourne

One person shared a meme claiming that the tennis superstar had left Melbourne.

One popular meme circulating on Twitter was in reference to the Tom Hanks film The Terminal, which is based on Iranian refugee Mehran Karimi Nasseri who was forced to live inside Paris’ Charles de Gaulle Airport until his identity was confirmed.

Other joked Roger Federer might be behind the visa problem, and shared a photo that was edited to show the tennis legend in a uniform for border officials.

Djokovic, who was under surveillance by the police Thursday morning in Melbourne’s inner city to prepare for a return flight to Serbia, was transferred to a hotel in Carlton. 

According to some reports, he received an exemption because he had been infected by coronavirus within the last six months.

The satirical Betoota Advocate couldn't resist putting their own spin on the saga

Betoota Advocate, satirical Betoota advocate couldn’t resist adding their spin to the tale

One person compared Djokovic's exemption document to the passport of Mr Bean

Djokovic’s exemption form was compared to Mr Bean’s passport

Others pretended fellow tennis stars Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal would be pleased about the decision

Other tennis legends pretended that Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal and other stars would be happy about this decision.

Djokovic starring on the Australian series Border Security was another popular joke poking fun at the tennis star

Another popular joke poked fun at Djokovic was his appearance on Border Security, an Australian television series.

One person compared Djokovic's visa application to the fake ID of Superbad character 'McLovin'

Djokovic was once compared by a person to McLovin’s fake Superbad ID.

Aussies relished the chance to poke fun at the world No.1

Australians enjoyed the opportunity to laugh at world No.1

This may be sufficient to allow him entry to the Victoria tournament, but the federal government manages the international border, so his exemption does not appear to have any legal effect.

Greg Hunt, Health Minister of Canada said on Thursday that Djokovic was exempted from federal medical regulations.

He is now fighting for his right to remain in Australia as a world No. 1 and prominent Covid vaccination sceptic.

Djokovic’s legal team is preparing to challenge the cancellation of his visa in court. However, it remains unclear if Djokovic will remain in Australia. 

Tennis fans around the world have mocked the tennis champion

The tennis world has mocked the champion.

Djokovic has not revealed his vaccination status but has been open about opposing vaccine mandates

Djokovic did not reveal his vaccine status, but he has always been vocal about his opposition to mandated vaccinations

Scott Morrison, the Prime Minister, stated that Djokovic’s visa was cancelled Thursday morning.

On Twitter, Morrison stated that Mr Djokovic’s Visa had been cancelled.

“Rules are rules. Especially when it comes down to our borders. These rules are for everyone.

“Australia has one of the highest death rates from Covid in the world because of our strong border policies. We are still vigilant.”

Djokovic landed in Australia around 11pm Wednesday and could not go through passport controls.

His father Srdjan Djokovic erupted at the decision to keep him at the airport overnight, threatening that protesters would gather on the streets of Serbia.

He told B92 that Novak was currently locked in a closed room. “Infront of the room are 2 policemen. 

He said, “I don’t know what’s happening, they’re keeping my son prisoner for five hours,” This isn’t a fight to libertarians, it is not just for Novak but for all of humanity!

“If they refuse to let him go within half an hour we will meet on the streets, this fight is for everyone.”

It's understood Djokovic is planning to fight the decision to have his visa cancelled

Djokovic, it is understood, plans to contest the cancellation of his visa