Now THAT’S a rough landing: Passengers have to get out and PUSH plane after tyre bursts on runway in Nepal

  • Passengers pushed a 19-seater jet off the runway at Bajura Airport in Kolti, Nepal 
  • After one of the tyres burst, an aircraft got stuck on the landing strip.
  • Other aircraft couldn’t land at the airport due to accident, creating a jam in traffic

Nepalese plane passengers were made to move their aircraft onto the runway by a burst tyre. 

Passengers on the 19-seater jet were filmed guiding the Tara Air plane to safety after it became stranded on the runway at Bajura Airport in Kolti last week. 

As planes circled overhead, waiting for clear traffic, airport officials also ran to the aid of the pilot.       

Plane passengers Bajura Airport in Kolti, Nepal, were last week forced to get out and push their aircraft off the runway after one its tyres burst

After one of its tyres burst, plane passengers at Bajura Airport, Kolti (Nepal) were forced to push their aircraft from the runway last week.

De Havilland Canada DHC-6300 Twin Otter aircraft was about to take off when the tire exploded. 

Although the pilot was able to safely land, the airport did not have the infrastructure necessary to move the plane from the runway. This resulted in the plane being stranded on the runway and creating a congestion.  

As planes circled overhead, kindhearted passengers rushed to help the injured pilot.  

“Probably in Nepal.” One local stated that this was the case. Another local stated, “Probably only here in Nepal.” Are you ready to take on the challenges? 

The De Havilland Canada DHC-6-300 Twin Otter plane was coming in to land when the tyre exploded, leaving it stranded on the runway

De Havilland Canada DHC-6300 Twin Otter aircraft was about to come in for landing when it was hit by a tire explosion, leaving the plane stranded on runway 6.

Kind-hearted passengers were quick to react, pushing the stricken Tara Air plane off the landing strip as planes circled overhead

As planes flew overhead, kindhearted passengers reacted quickly and forced the Tara Air flight ill-equipped off the runway.