Omicron Boat Party Sydney: The Fears Harbour Cruise is an extraordinary event. At least 5 revellers have tested positive, and 140 others are asked to isolate. NSW has 403 new cases.

  • More than 140 revellers ordered to isolate after Sydney Harbour boat cruise
  • Five revellers tested positive for Omicron, with two being ‘likely to’ have Omicron.
  • Anybody who was present onboard must immediately be tested and isolated
  • From 92,566 blood tests, 403 Covid cases were reported Wednesday 

A Sydney Harbour cruise on a boat is being rumored to be Australia’s first Omicron Super-Spreader Event. This comes after five revellers were positive for Covid.

After the cruise was advertised as ‘Flow Fridays – 90s Themed Boot Party’ and a ‘Freaky Sunday African Vibe’, more than 140 people were ordered to stay away.

According to NSW Health, two of five cases confirmed are likely to be Omicron-positive. 

At 7.30pm, the cruise left King Street Wharf and returned around 11 pm. 

Everyone who was aboard, as well as everyone living in the household, should immediately be tested and isolated.  

More than 140 revellers have been ordered to isolate after attending the Flow Fridays - 90s Themed Boat Party on Friday night, with at least five already testing positive

After Friday’s Flow Fridays – 90s Themed Boat Party (Friday night), more than 140 people were asked to stay isolated. Five of these revellers had already been positive. 

Five attendees on the retro-themed cruise have tested positive to Covid, with two 'likely' to have the new Omicron variant. Revellers are seen on board the ship

The retro-themed cruise had five participants who tested positive for Covid. Two of them are ‘likely to’ have the Omicron variant. On board, you can see revellers.

A video from inside the boat party captures revellers dancing as RnB blasts from the speakers. 

They were promised that Revellers would have a great time and enjoy three hours of good vibes. 

“We are going back to the 1990s for this Flow Fridays Boat Party. The organisers stated that the party will feature 90s décor but also all of today’s hits. 

“Sydney’s Ultimate RnB and Commercial Boat Party” Cadman Cruises and Flow Presents are Covid Safe Businesses that comply with the current regulations of Covid-19. 

Rob Grenfell from CSIRO stated that large events remained a Covid threat. 

He said that it was a wake up call to the fact that the coronavirus has spread in the community, and it’s extremely infectious.

He stated that ‘As Australians, it has been quite the time we were locked down and it is nice to be back to events’.

“What should you do?” Be cautious. You need to be alert.

You have the option of staying home if you don’t feel confident. Masks can be used to prevent infection in tight areas.

The NSW had 403 Covid infection cases overnight. That’s an increase of 143 on previous daily records. 

These cases have been diagnosed using 92,566 test results, an increase from the 58,706 tests that were performed yesterday.

In NSW, the first dose of adult vaccine rate is 94.7 percent. However, 92.9% have received both doses.

Over 81% of teenagers aged 12-15 have received one dose, and 77.3 percent are completely jabbed.

All attendees and household members from the Friday night cruise have been urged to isolate at home while genome sequencing continues to test for Omicron (stock image)

Participants and their household members were urged to take home a copy of the genome sequence while Omicron testing continues (stock photo).

There are 151 COVID-19-positive patients at the hospital, 25 of whom are ICU.

So far, 31 cases of Omicron coronavirus have been reported in NSW.

The number of cases in a cluster that is linked to two schools and a Sydney-south climbing gym has increased from 20 to 20, with many more.

Kerry Chant, chief health officer, said Tuesday that the origin source is believed to have been a traveller. He arrived from Doha in November on flight QR908 and was arriving in Sydney as part of his work on public health.

“It is expected that this cluster will see more results as they are confirmed,” she stated.

NSW Health continues to investigate how contagious this new Omnicron variant might be and compare it with Delta.

Dr Chant stated that he was working closely with international colleagues to quickly gain an understanding of the new variant’s nature.

“We also are working to identify the severeness of this variant, and how vaccines work in protecting against serious disease.”