Massive changes to flying back to Australia CONFIRMED by Dominic Perrottet – and it’ll make coming back from overseas holidays a lot easier

NSW Premier Dominic Perrottet has scrapped Covid PCR tests for international travellers instead opting to mandate rapid antigen tests. 

After a meeting of the National Cabinet, where Covid-19 testing was discussed and close contacts were defined, the Premier made the announcement. 

After a long wait and delays in getting results, Mr Perrottet stated that the new changes will relieve’substantial Pressure’ on the state testing system. 

NSW Premier Dominic Perrottet (pictured) has scrapped Covid PCR tests for international travellers instead opting to mandate rapid antigen tests

Dominic Perrottet, Premier of NSW (pictured), has decided to require rapid antigen testing for international travelers and scrapped CovidPCR tests.

‘We’ll move to a rapid antigen test there – that will relieve substantial pressure on the system because we’ve got around 5000 people flying into Sydney every day,’ he told 2GB radio 

Currently in NSW people travelling from overseas must receive a PCR test within 24 hours of their arrival and self-isolate until they are notified of a negative result. 

An additional PCR test must be performed after 6 days. On day 12, a second PCR test should be done.  

Mr Perrottet said the changes will alleviate substantial pressure on the state's Covid-19 testing system (pictured, residents endured longer wait times in Sydney for PCR tests over the Christmas period)

According to Mr Perrottet, the new changes will relieve significant pressure on the state’s Covid-19 system. (pictured: Residents in Sydney had longer wait times for PCR testing during the Christmas period).

Perrottet said that isolation for Covid-19-positive cases will be reduced to seven days, and close contacts will also be extended.  

Close contact could also be defined more precisely, applying to households contacts in a case that is confirmed. 

These changes are necessary because Mr Perrottet stated Wednesday that tourism testing was clogging the already overcrowded testing system in NSW.

Hundreds of NSW residents waited in line for hours just to get swabbed.

The wait times to receive results took longer than usual, sometimes taking up to five days.

He stated that there are many people who get tests and who do not have symptoms. They can take the place of those who have unwell people or are ordered to undergo a NSW Health screening.