A nursery worker stabbed her friend 18 times in a frenzied attack after she was caught trying to steal £400, a jury was told.

Lauren Walsh (22), attacked Kelsey Gielinck, and Wesley Pemberton in their home in Old Swan. She allegedly took a knife out of the kitchen after she was discovered to have stolen it.

According to the prosecution, Miss Gielinck had been sitting on a couch on April 14, when Walsh allegedly unleashed an attack by stabbing her friend in her nose.

Liverpool Crown Court heard Mr Pemberton had found his girlfriend “fighting for her lives” before Walsh also attacked him.

Miss Walsh is from West Derby, Merseyside. She admits that she injured both of the victims with intent for grievous bodily harm, but says she did not attempt to murder them.

Liverpool Crown Court heard that Lauren Walsh (pictured) attacked her friend Kelsey Gielinck and Miss Gielinck's boyfriend Wesley Pemberton at the couple's home in Old Swan on April 14

Liverpool Crown Court heard Lauren Walsh (pictured), a friend of Kelsey Gielinck, and Wesley Pemberton (miss Gielinck) at their Old Swan home on April 14.

Trevor Parry Jones was the prosecution. He stated that it was a brutal, unprovoked, and murderous attack.

According to the court, Miss Walsh and Miss Gielinck began working together in the nursery’s 2018 year. Miss Gielinck was moving into her new house when Miss Walsh assisted with decorating and she often stayed over to help.

According to Mr Parry Jones, Miss Gielinck called them ‘joined at hips’. He said that Miss Walsh regarded Miss Gielinck as more like a sister and trusted Miss Walsh with her son’s care.

But he said that trust was ‘destroyed’ on April 14, after she received a bank notification asking to authorise a £400 payment. Miss Gielinck rejected it and contacted her bank, who said £144 had been spent on her debit card at Home Bargains in Old Swan.

She used only her debit card to pay bills, and then she went online to inform friends that she was being’scammed.

According to Mr Parry Jones, Miss Walsh called her and suggested she cancel her card. She then showed up unexpectedly at her house. According to him, Miss Walsh advised Miss Gielinck to call the police. Mr. Pemberton then returned home around 3pm.

Miss Walsh had actually stolen the card, and Mr Parry Jones later admitted that.

He said Miss Walsh  suddenly walked over with a knife, tapped it on Miss Gielinck’s chest and said: ‘You killed my nan.’

After the victim answered, the jury stood up and Miss Walsh attacked her nose.

Prosecutors say Miss Gielinck was sitting on a sofa when 'without warning' Miss Walsh (pictured) inflicted the first of 18 stab wounds.

Prosecutors allege Miss Gielinck was on Miss Walsh’s sofa, when she inflicted Miss Walsh’s first of 18 stabbing wounds.

According to Mr Parry Jones, Miss Gielinck ran through the room as Miss Walsh repeatedly stabbed her and pulled her top up over her head so that she couldn’t defend or see. 

She said that she took out the blade “while it was still in her” and then dropped the knife to the ground before Mr. Pemberton ran in.

Miss Walsh was heard to have grabbed the knife and attacked Mr. Pemberton. She ran into the kitchen before running towards the front door but it was already locked.

He was then attacked in his back and chest. 

According to Mr Parry Jones, Miss Gielinck sustained injuries to her head, stomach, back, chest and abdomen. She also broke the tendon in her right arm when she tried to defend herself with the knife.  

Mister Parry-Jones asked Miss Walsh if she was planning to murder her and she replied, “I wouldn’t kill her, but I would hurt her.” 

Parry Jones said that the attackers were responsible for his attack. It is not clear what the reason was. Maybe jealousy or some unresolved hatred. Perhaps something is brewing in her head and growing after she has stolen the card. 

“This attack was not intended to inflict pain.” It was an intention to kill.

“After listening to all of the evidence, it will be easy for you to conclude she was more interested in killing than healing. According to her interview, “yes it was to murder her.”

Her contempt for Wesley Pemberton was expressed by her reply, “I believe I got him several times” which is almost dismissive. He was also happy for her to die.

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