Two men attacked him on the subway in New York City and he left him with serious injuries.  

He was assaulted by the two unidntified men around 1.50am on the 6 train at the 96 Street Station in the Upper East Side.

The victim suffered an attack and was unconscious after hitting his head against the floor or door of the subway train. He was then taken to New York Presbyterian Cornell Hospital where he is now in stable condition. 

Officers from the NYPD are still searching for these two terrorists.  

After a number of subway attacks, this latest incident follows one in which a soccer player who was 32 years old was fatally stabbed after he fell asleep on the subway at Penn Station.   

New York City is witnessing a rise in assaults on subway platforms, which has increased by 45 percent in 28 days compared with last year. Transit crime has seen a 11% increase in the last week. 

A man was hospitalized early on Tuesday morning after he was attacked on the subway by two men at the 96 Street Station in the Upper East Side

After being attacked by two Upper East Side men on the subway, a man had to be taken to the hospital early Tuesday morning.

The male victim had been knocked unconscious on the door or floor of the subway car

A male victim was knocked unconscious at the floor or door of the subway train. 

He was transported to New York Presbyterian Cornell Hospital where he was in stable condition.

Despite an eight percent decrease in subway crime for the year, a 45 percent increase over the past 28 days as compared to last year was reported as well as a 141 percent increase for the past week

A decrease of eight percent in subway crime was recorded for last year. However, the previous 28 days saw a 45-percent increase compared to last. The past week also witnessed a 141 per cent rise. 

In this latest incident, NYPD are still working to identify the suspects and motive for the attack.   

De Blasio stated that the stabbing death on Sunday was a tragic incident.

“I know they give people pause. Our job is to constantly get out there and show presence. We must reassure them through action. 

Homeless soccer player Akeem Loney, 32, was fatally stabbed in the neck at Penn Station on Sunday morning while he was sleeping on a subway car

Akeem Loney (32-year old homeless soccer player) was asleep in a subway car when he was attacked and killed at Penn Station.

The NYPD  caught the suspect on camera and are working on identifying the attacker

The NYPD  caught the suspect on camera and are working on identifying the attacker

The suspect was captured covered in the victim's blood after fleeing the scene of the fatal attack

After fleeing from the site of the attack, the suspect was found covered in blood and captured

Akeem, a 32-year-old homeless soccer player, was attacked at Penn Station around 12.15am. Loney was lying on a subway seat or asleep when the attack occurred. 

He died an hour later from injuries sustained in the accident.

The surveillance footage showed that his attacker had been captured, but he was not yet caught by police.  

On Monday, another attack occurred when a woman aged 23 was raped at the Herald Square station.

She was punched in the face by her attacker before her purse was taken. The woman was brought to Lenox Hill HealthPlex, Greenwich Village.   

Another attack on a 23-year-old woman was reported on Monday after she was groped and robbed at the Herald Square subway station

A second attack was made against a woman aged 23 on Monday. She was raped at the Herald Square subway station. 

The woman's male attacker had punched her in the face, put her in a headlock and had her purse stolen

A male attacker punched the woman in the face and put her in a lock. He also stole her purse.

MTA claims it has increased the police presence at subway stations, as well as surveillance cameras.      

Subway rider’s safety is still a concern.

Dermot Shea from the NYPD Police Department has stated, among other things that the station are being kept safe. He also noted that public transport riders continue to increase.  

There were 8.3 million riders overall in October with an average of 1.93 crimes per mile. 

Last month, the NYPD saw 40 robberies as well as 85 grand larcenies and 34 assaults in MTA’s subways.  

Overall crime saw a 1.9 percent rise in November 2020 compared with November 2020.

According to reports, there has been an 8.4 percentage increase in felony attacks. There was a 2.9 percent increase for robbery.     

The latest New York City crime statistics shows overall crime is up year-over-year

New York City crime statistics reveal that overall crime in New York City is on the rise year-over-year

According to the NYPD's latest monthly numbers, overall crime was up 11.2 percent last month compared with October 2020

New York Police Department’s monthly statistics show that overall crime increased 11.2 percentage last month, compared to October 2020.

The overall crime rate increased by 11.2 percent in October 2019 compared to October 2020. Robbery increased by 15.8 percent while felony assault rose to 13.8 percent.

According to data from police, the number of shootings in this borough is up by 28 percent compared with last year.

De Blasio blamed New York City’s crime skyrocketing this month by blaming the courts. He claimed a slight decrease in murder rates, but ignored an 11 percent increase in total crime between October 2020 and October 2020.  

“In this city, there is real change.” In a press conference, de Blasio stated that while there is still much to be done, real progress has been made. It’s not about precision police, but about neighbourhood policing. These approaches are effective.

De Blasio has previously supported ‘neighborhood copcing’, and his decision of disbanding the plainclothes-anti-crime unit (which was involved in numerous highly publicized police shootings).

“Commissioner Shea,” who is a veteran of this work for over 30 years felt the construction of the unit was creating an inequity with local communities and bad will, de Blasio stated on WNYC’s “The Brian Lehrer Show.”

He added: “He also thought that it wasn’t a good way to get weapons off the streets or to make sure you have successful prosecutions. He wanted to see more officers wearing uniforms, the same skilled officers doing their work in a new way. This happened, and the number of gun arrests has increased, increasing, and increasing.

Eric Adams, the next president, has however pledged to return it.

“That is an indictment against us. We have to dissolve something because people aren’t performing their jobs. What about saying “You are going to do what you have to”? He said that if an officer acts abusively in plainclothes, then he will be abusive in uniform.

He added that “No police chief is going to tell” you that it was impossible for a city police force without a plainclothes unit.

Eric Adams said that he will name his police commissioner in the wake of Thanksgiving.