A stalker who was obsessed with celebrities, including Tom Fletcher from Strictly, accused them of child abuse. He sent toenail clips and is now in jail for one year.   

Leo Darcey, also known as Robert Heywood, 30, of Urmston, Greater Manchester, began sending the letters to theatre actor Scott Paige and his mother in August last year, and said he put up posters about him around the local town.

A stalker was jailed for twelve months, and also received a restraining or. He also wrote to Tom Fletcher (singer and Strictly star) in reference to his three children. 

At first, Mr Fletcher thought that the mail was fan mail. However, he discovered it contained images of his children. Then he accused him as a paedophile.  

It was, he said, the most troubling thing he’d ever read and it made him feel vulnerable. 

Leo Darcey (pictured), also known as Robert Heywood, 30, of Urmston, Greater Manchester, began sending the letters to theatre actor Scott Paige and his mother in August last year, and said he put up posters about him around the local town

Leo Darcey, also known as Robert Heywood (30), of Urmston in Greater Manchester began to send letters to Scott Paige, a theatre actor, last August. He said that he had put up posters about him all over the town.

Paige believed the letter was an isolated incident and didn’t report it immediately to police. Manchester’s Minshull Street Crown Court heard.  

However, the following day he was sent another letter that contained even more abuse. It stated his family must ‘burn to hell’ and also included clippings from his toenails.  

A poster with two images of Paige from his Instagram was posted in the pub, according to court testimony.

A poster stated that the man was sick and ill and suggested that OnlyFans had an account which showed him having sexual relations with older men. This promoted young teenagers to have sex, according to the poster.

A second letter was sent to Mr Paige by Cameron Blakely, a fellow actor, stating that they were both ‘paedophiles.

Darcey went to Mr Paige’s mom’s shop, put four photos of Mr Blakely before her, and inquired if they had been sent.

The stalker, who has been jailed for 12 months and slapped with a restraining order, also sent a letter to singer and Strictly star Tom Fletcher (pictured) referring to his three children

He was sentenced to 12 months in prison and issued a temporary restraining order. The stalker also wrote a letter to Tom Fletcher, singer and Strictly star, referring to his children

Before he left, he gave the false name “Jacob Jones”.

Paige stated that he felt ‘terrified and afraid for his safety’ after the incident.

He stated that he’d been experiencing insomnia and needed to adjust his activities.

Colette Renton was the prosecutor and stated that both Mr Blakely’s ex-wife Bethan received numerous abuse letters suggesting that he had raped her daughter. 

Blakely’s friends and relatives began getting letters alleging that Blakely was paedophile.

His colleague received a note accusing his ex wife, a teacher of being complicit. It compared the two of them to serial killers Myra Hindley (and Ian Brady) 

Mr Paige thought the letter was a one-off, so didn't immediately go to the police, Manchester's Minshull Street Crown Court (pictured) heard

Paige believed the letter was an isolated incident and didn’t report it immediately to police.

His colleague was presented with a poster entitled “Come to My Paedophile Party” that contained a personal photograph of him and his niece.

Other threats were also made, stating Mr Blakely had to “suffer” and that the writer hoped to kill him.

A letter was sent by Mr Blakely to his twin brother accusing him as a ‘paedophile’ and a ‘rapist’.

Ms Renton explained that Cameron Blakely had discussed the matter with Bethan, and that Cameron Blakely remembered Robert Heywood.

“He claimed he met the defendant at Salford’s Addams Family showing, which he also attended with his family.

The mother of the defendant had chased him down to the carpark after the show. She said her son was mad that she didn’t get to meet him.

Mr Paige received a further letter stating he and his friend, fellow actor Cameron Blakely (pictured in The Addams Family musical), were 'paedophiles'

Further correspondence was received from Mr Paige stating that he and Cameron Blakely (pictured as The Addams Family musical) were “paedophiles”.

Darcey and Mr Blakely began to follow each other on Twitter because Darcey knew that he was a fan and Darcey began messaging Darcey.

It became so obsessive that Mr Blakely decided to block him and send him a message explaining the reason.

Darcey apologized, but his parents approached him later in Swansea when he was speaking. He explained that his messages were intrusive and persistent. 

Robert Houchen received another letter containing death threats and abusive language. Houchen claimed that he was mentally disturbed. 

Final letters were delivered to an Essex businessman, who received them as friend letters.

Darcey was arrested and interviewed, and said he was a fan of Mr Blakely and Mr Paige after seeing them perform in the Addams Family, but said Mr Paige (pictured) had angered him as he 'didn't understand his autism'

Darcey, who was being interviewed by police, said he liked Mr Blakely’s and Mr Paige’s performances in Addams Family. However, he claimed Mr Paige had upset him, saying he “didn’t get his autism”.

They also accused him as a paedophile, and stated that he was “looking for children to exploit”. 

Darcey, who was interrogated, said that he liked Mr Blakely’s and Mr Paige’s performances in Addams Family. However, he said that Mr Paige was angry at him for not understanding his autism.

Darcey said to officers that he was trying to cause trouble for Mr Paige. He claimed that his mental health had been compromised during the lockdown.

He said that he believes he shared a romantic relationship (with Mr Blakely)

Darcey is said to be a victim of harassment, having sent 100 abusive messages via Facebook to an actor suggesting that they should commit suicide.

Matthew Curtis was a mitigating witness and said that the victims had to have felt “horrible” and that “any reasonable thinking person would feel terrible”.

“In an interview with a psychologist for forensic purposes, Mr Darcey stated to her that he wishes he could turn the clock back.

He said, “That’s his personal regret.” He stated that he had not considered the consequences of his actions at the time.

Curtis said that Asperger Syndrome was confirmed in his client and that the coronavirus lockdown had contributed to his poor mental state.

Darcey from Urmston (Greater Manchester) was sent to prison for twelve months.

Judge John Potter sentencing said that he had witnessed a campaign of hateful behavior towards several persons and those close to them.

“Some were celebrities, while others became teachers and businessmen.

“All of them were profoundly affected because of your behavior.” They were all innocent victims of your abusive and grossly offensive behavior.

Darcey was also subject to a restraining orders, which prohibits him from speaking with all victims for an indefinite period.