It’s so terrible! Brazil’s off-duty police officer heroically wrestles with armed thieves after they broke into his dental office while he was having a checkup.

  • Video footage shows two thugs entering dental surgery as a cop lies in the chair. 
  • Officer is ordered on the ground. But, the thief observes him playing with his zipper 
  • Thief tries to search him but the cop overpowers the teen and hurls him to floor
  • Another thug tries then to grab the gun of officer, but officer shoots him in arm 

After two thieves broke into the dental clinic while the officer was going through a check-up, this is how a Brazilian off-duty cop fights them to the ground.

Surveillance video shows two 19 year-old thugs burst into the room, while an officer is sitting down.

Brazil’s Military Police 46-year old member is asked to lie down while the nurses and dentist stand against the wall.

The cop responds to the threat by grabbing the gun from one of the knifemen and throwing him onto the floor. 

Surveillance footage shows two 19-year-old thugs bursting into the room while the officer is lying down on the chair

Surveillance footage captures two 19-year old thugs entering the room as the officer lies down on the chair.

The 46-year-old, a member of Brazil's Military Police, is ordered to get on the ground while the dentist and nurses stand at the side the room against the wall

Brazil’s Military Police member, 46 year old, orders the Brazilian soldier to fall while nurses and dentists stand by the side of the room.

One of the thugs stands over the off-duty cop with a kitchen knife in his hand

The off-duty cop is being watched by one of the thugs who has a knife in his hands.

The thugs lying on the floor after being overpowered by the off-duty cop (standing by the door)

After being overpowered (standing near the door), the thugs were left lying on the ground.

After being shot in his arm, the second man tries to grab the gun of the officer. However, he is also wrestled onto deck.

Unnamed police officer, second-lieutenant was going to a dentist in Ceilandia, Brasilia, for a checkup on Thursday. 

The footage showed two men arriving at the clinic. After taking a seat in the waiting room, they pulled out their knives to force an employee and patient into another area. 

The cops then broke into the dental treatment room, as the dentist was getting ready to begin working on his teeth.

He was ordered to lie down and the thieves saw that he was playing with his wallet, trying to reach for his gun.

A man approaches, his knife drawn, but he quickly throws it over to the cop and overpowers him. 

With the victim lying down on his stomach, the thieves are holding their hands up in the air while the other is leaning on him with his gun pointed at his face.

The officer is seen speaking with the thugs as he lies on the dentist's chair

As he sits on the chair of the dentist, the officer can be seen talking with the thugs.

The thug trying to search the officer shortly before he is overpowered

Shortly before the officer is overwhelmed, the thug attempts to search him.

The second thief tries to grab the officer's gun but he too ends up being hurled onto the ground

Another thief tried to take the weapon but was also unsuccessful. He is thrown on the ground.

The man is told to stay on the ground. He then chases his accomplice and engages in a fight with him along the corridor, before forcing him to the ground.

It is unclear from the footage if the officer who was on duty shot the man in the arm, while subduing him in a corridor, although it seems so.

G1 said that he was transported to Hospital Regional de Ceilandia and his accomplice arrested on the spot.

It was not known the identities of both the police officer and the accused criminals, nor the name and address of the clinic. If the men were arrested, it was not reported.