Turkey is overrated! Officials want to rebrand the country ‘Türkiye’ as it is best way to represent the nation, Erdogan says

  • Erdogan said that Erdogan’s move was meant to be the best representation of the Turkish nation
  • According to some, the changes are meant to disconnect the country’s links from the bird.
  • In official communications as well on export products, there will be changes

Turkey’s authorities have launched a bid to rebrand the country as ‘Türkiye’.

Recep Tayyip Turkey’s president claimed this was done to better represent the Turkish nation.

But it has been claimed the change is to distance the country from links to the bird – as well as the Cambridge Dictionary definition of ‘something that fails badly’.

Official communiques from president Recep Tayyip Erdogan (pictured) claimed the move was to best represent the Turkish nation

Recep Takyip Erdogan’s official communiques (pictured) claim that this move was intended to be the most representative of the Turkish nation

This change will take effect in all official communications and export products. 

A statement said: ‘The phrase Türkiye represents and expresses the culture, civilisation and values of the nation in the best way.

‘In this context, the phrase “Made in Türkiye” is now being used instead of “Made in Turkey” on export products.’

The country adopted the name Türkiye after it declared independence in 1923 but ‘Turkey’ stuck among Western nations.

Turkey is not the only country to opt for a name change – in 2019 the Netherlands dropped the name Holland, while in 2016 the Czech Republic announced it wanted to be known as Czechia.