CCTV footage shows how a teenager killed his father in revenge.

Karl Marler, 17 years old, chased Charlie Elms 25 years-old, armed with a kitchen knives, following a dispute over his family’s Oldham property. 

Manchester Crown Court was told that the rival factions were at odds after an argument over a drink. Elms, along with a few friends, vandalized Marler’s home using weapons.

Elms, along with a friend, threw an e-scooter against the windows and damaged the vehicle. Elms tried to escape on foot but was chased by the teenagers. 

Elms fell and slipped during the brief pursuit. Marler managed to get him up, but he pushed the 15-inch blade in his back. 

Elms died from his injuries. Three days prior to his funeral, Elms’ girlfriend gave birth to Archie. 

Greater Manchester Police published dramatic CCTV images Thursday showing Elms in the final moments of her life. Marler was sent to prison for at most 16 years. 

Karl Marler, 17 (pictured) showed 'no remorse or regret' after he plunged a 15in kitchen knife into the back of 25-year-old Charlie Elms following a dispute in Oldham

Karl Marler (17) (pictured), showed no remorse after inserting a 15in knife in the back of Charlie Elms, 25, following an Oldham dispute

The teenager chased down 25-year-old Charlie Elms armed with a kitchen knife after his family's property in Oldham, Greater Manchester came under attack during a petty feud

After his property in Oldham was attacked during a dispute, Charlie Elms (25 years old) chased the teenager down with a knife.

Charlie Elms, 25, (left, with his partner Demi Leigh O'Shea) slipped and fell as he was pursued by Marler, who plunged a 15in blade into his back, killing him at the scene in Oldham

Charlie Elms (25) and Demi Leigh (26), fell when he was chased by Marler. Marler inserted a 15in knife into Elms’s back. He killed him on the Oldham scene.

This tragedy happened after two men were involved in trivial arguments between two close friends of Marler’s aunt in Limeside.

Manchester Crown Court was told that one of their friends was asked to leave the home and had complained about ‘losing face’. It sparked bitter disputes in the small community and created rival loyalties and allegiances.

Marler had broken windows at Elms’ aunt’s house in the days before her death. Marler, along with two other men, went to another house where they kicked in the door and called for Elms’ partner.

The matter reached its peak on May 26th when Elms and six men pulled up in a Vauxhall Corsa vehicle outside Marler’s aunt and started attacking Marler’s front door using a machete, a scooter for children and other tools.

Charlie Elms and a group of accomplices attacked the home owned by Marler's family in Oldham, before they were chased away by the teenager and his gang

Charlie Elms was with a small group of accomplices who attacked Marler’s Oldham family home. They were eventually chased off by the teenage and his gang.

One person inside the house, a 16-year-old, emerged from the front door wielding a large meat cleaver

The front door was opened by a 16 year old who walked in with a huge meat cleaver.

Elms (left) tries to flee from a pursuing Marler, but slips and falls. He is then stabbed in the back with the 15ins blade

Elms (left), trying to run from a Marler but falls and slips. He then gets stabbed in his back using the 15ins knife

As the teenagers rush over to Elms (on the ground, left) they prepare to attack him with knives

Elms is on the ground. Left) and the teens rush to him, preparing to attack him with knives.

Marler, who had been at the house along with three friends, then emerged from it armed with knives. Elms and his friends were forced to flee.

Elms, one of the Corsa’s gang members and Elms ran away as the Corsa speeded away. Elms lost his footing as the pair ran around corners and dropped the machete.

He was just about to stand up and was then stabbed.

In a statement Demi Leigh O'Shea (left) said she could not enjoy becoming a new mother when her lover Charlie Elms' funeral occurred just three days after giving birth

Demi Leigh O’Shea, left, stated that she couldn’t enjoy being a mother after Charlie Elms died three days following giving birth.

Elms, pictured above, was stabbed as he was about to get to his feet and bled to death despite efforts to save him

Elms was shot above. He was just about to rise to his feet when he was being stabbed and died despite attempts to save him.

Demi O’Shea, Elms partner stated that she was devastated by the loss of the life she believed was hers. He was my soulmate, I knew that he was it. He talked about being a father all the time, and he was eager to be one.

I believe words cannot describe the feeling of emptiness or void in my life. It’s possible that I have PTSD. It is hard to accept Charlie gone. 

“The day that I gave birth should have been special. But this was a horrible day. Three days later, Charlie was buried.

“At Covid-19’s funeral, I was so upset that I caught Covid-19. I don’t like being a mum anymore. 

“I regret that someone took this precious time from me. This constant feeling of pain and sadness is what I feel. This grief is too much.

“I wish the court would know that, regardless of how long the perpetrator is in prison for, I can’t imagine myself ever feeling better. Charlie has been a constant presence in my life and I feel lost.

Demi Leigh O'Shea (right) was pregnant at the time of Charlie's death. She would eventually give birth just days before his funeral

Demi Leigh O’Shea, right (right), was actually pregnant when Charlie died. Just days prior to Charlie’s funeral, she would give birth.

Marler took the machete that had been left behind after the stabbing, and ran. He rang his mother to tell her: “Mum, I don’t know what you’re thinking. I’m running.” You are my best friend and I will be giving up my smartphone.

His arrest took place on June 16. Marler stated that he was upset by Elms’s death and was angry about himself. 

He claimed he did not murder the victim, but he was convicted and sentenced to life imprisonment at Her Majesty’s request. Before he is eligible for parole, he will have to serve at least 16 years in prison.

Patrick Field, QC sentenced him. He said that it was an unfavorable and futile feud. Elms was part one of your groups, you were an ally to them, but violence, threats, vandalism, and even vandalism had occurred weeks earlier.

“That was the day that you prepared yourself for trouble, and then took out your weapons to get revenge. It was clear that you were determined to exact retribution, as demonstrated by your constant pursuit of Charlie Elms.

“You had many opportunities to cease, but you are determined to pay someone for the damage done. 

“There wasn’t a trace of regret, sorrow or remorse in taking another man’s lives. Charlie Elms may have done and regretted things on May 26 but he was still just a teenager when he passed away.

“He was an 18-month partner and was eager to become a father.” Undoubtedly, his death was tragic.

Following the Det Ch. Insp. Carl Jones incident, Greater Manchester Police stated that it was “a shocking episode in violence that very unfortunately led to death of a man of 25 years.”

Charlie’s sudden death is devastating for his family. We are thinking of them and their grieving families.

“Knife crime” can lead to misery in our community. These incidents can also have devastating effects on the surrounding area and wider community. 

“I hope that today’s sentencing will send a clear warning to anyone caught with a knife or using it, and you will be held accountable. Justice will triumph as we’ve seen today.

Macauley McDonald’s, 26; Frazer McDonald’s, 20; Josh Newport, 23; Luke Cloran (18), and Kian Robertmanuel (21 and 39) all pleaded guilty for violent disorder. They will each be sentenced at a later date. Elliot Matthews (age 18) admitted possessing a bladed piece.

At earlier hearings, two boys aged 16 received referral orders.