TAKE A TALK: Olivia Colman was not able to nominate her co-stars from The Favourite for Best Actress in order to have a greater chance of her winning her first Oscar.

It’s not the Oscar judges Olivia Colman owes for her Best Actress victory in The Favourite – it’s her co-stars Emma Stone and Rachel Weisz.

They gave up on their chances of being successful for the roles they played in historical drama and allowed Olivia to be nominated, since Olivia had previously won Academy Awards.

Olivia said: “I’ve never spoken this out loud, but you must choose for the Oscars what you stand for. 

I refused to do so because it was not fair. 

Olivia Colman with her Oscar after winning Best Actress for her role in The Favourite in 2019

Olivia Colman, her Oscar winner for Best Actress in The Favourite 2019, with her Oscar

Rachel Weisz as Lady Sarah in The Favourite

Rachel Weisz plays Lady Sarah in The Favourite

Emma Stone (pictured in The Favourite) chose to be nominated for Best Supporting Actress to boost co-star Olivia Colman's chances of winning the Best Actress category

Emma Stone, pictured in The Favourite), chose to nominate for Best Supporting Actress to increase Olivia Colman’s chance of winning Best Actress. 

Rachel and Em then sat quietly next to one another, saying: “You have one, and I have one so let’s make it happen.” 

They said that they were interested in entering the Best Supporting Actress competition. 

“That’s friends beyond and beyond.”

Carole Bamford deserves our gratitude, as she shows no sign of slowing down even at the age 75. 

While most people of similar age have retired, or are at least slowing down, Lady Bamford, the wife to JCB tycoon, has bought a third pub: the 17th Century Maytime Inn, Astall, Oxfordshire. 

She bought The Fox, Lower Oddington, Gloucestershire last year, while she also owns The Wild Rabbit, Kingham, Oxfordshire and Daylesford Organic (the farm shop empire that she founded in 1999). 

Carole, when she reaches her 80s, what will remain for her to conquer? Space?

Rob Brydon tried to make a Valentine’s Day treat for Claire, but it didn’t work out.

A Welsh comedian had reserved a table in Hampton Court’s riverside restaurant and then arranged for a boat to take them back to London. 

Rob was bombarded by fellow diners as they left the table with selfie requests.

Rob, 56, says: ‘As we leave, everybody applauds me – the whole restaurant is applauding as we walk down the steps and step on the boat.’

Claire should be a kind and understanding woman, I hope.