According to preliminary reports, Omicron may cause mild symptoms in fully jabbed older people according to a 60th birthday bash Somerset. 

According professor of genetic epidemiology Tim Spector who runs the ZOE Covid symptom study, even though 16 of the 18 guests caught Omicron at the party all appear to have suffered only mild symptoms with no one requiring hospital care. 

Omicron cases are expected to be less severe among those who have more vulnerability, such as elderly people, since the majority of the participants were aged between 60-75 years.  

The ZOE study asked people to submit Covid symptoms, as well their vaccine status. It was reported that the super-spreader party took place on 5 December. 

Professor Spector stated that partygoers who had been vaccinated were mostly suffering from cold-like symptoms after being infected by Omicron. 

‘What we’re seeing so far is that symptoms are very, very mild,’ he said. 

‘Most of them had symptoms of a cold — sniffles, sore throat and fatigue were common.

“Only 2 had the classic Covid symptoms, which include fever, loss or sense of smell, and loss of taste. Nobody needed to go to the hospital or see their doctor.

A YouTube video that later detailed the event revealed that Professor Spector stated that Omicron Test and Trace was the only way to determine if a patient zero had participated in super-preader events.

Professor Tim Spector said a contributor to the ZOE Covid study has reported a Covid 'super spreader event' where many guests, all of whom were vaccinated, caught the new variant, though thankfully their symptoms are all mild

Professor Tim Spector reported that the ZOE Covid Study contributor has described a Covid “super spreader” event in which many of the guests were vaccinated but caught the new variant. However, the symptoms are only mild.

According to reports 14 out of 18 guests of the 60th birthday bash caught the new Omicron variant, though they appear to only be suffering mild cold-like symptoms

According to some reports, 14 guests at the 60th birthday party caught the Omicron variant. But they seem to be only suffering mild cold symptoms.

The event might show the milder symptoms of Omicron, but it also shows how potentially infectious Omicron is.

Professor Spector stated that everyone had been vaccinated, and that 10 guests who were infected with Covid had had their booster.

Omicron, which has 30+ mutations, is thought to be partially more infective than the original Covid strain. As such, antibodies present in vaccined individuals and people with an existing Covid infection will not recognize it.   

In an effort to prevent Covid spreading to other people, partygoers had to take lateral flow tests. 

Omicron and Super-spreader Events

Omicron is becoming more popular because there are fewer restrictions on mixing and more people mixing than the Delta waves.

An event known as a “super-spreader” is one in which several people with the same disease infect others. This happens during pandemics.

Omicron was also a super-spreader at a Norwegian Christmas party where 120 people may have caught Omicron infection from one of the infected attendees. 

Scatec employees were infected with 70 percent. They were there to celebrate their Christmas night. The remaining 50 people were diners. Even though the party was in closed rooms, some guests were seen mixing with each other after 10:30pm when it transformed into a nightclub.

The alleged “patient zero” was a Scatec staffer, who has just returned from Cape Town’s Head Office. This variant is already a dominant national one. After the party they were tested positive. One other employee was also returning from South Africa.

The outbreak was traced by doctors who said that the patients are only experiencing mild symptoms such as fever, headaches, and fatigue. This is despite the fact that the holiday party on November 26th saw a lot of people. 

It has been proven that boosters provide better protection against Omicron. However, it is unclear if four of the people who failed to catch Covid at the party had received their third Covid jab.

Professor Spector also told The Guardian that he was advising people to stay at home and away from parties if they had cold-like symptoms and also wear high-quality masks on their way to a venue.  

He advised that you avoid large gatherings by dividing your group into smaller groups where you have control over the atmosphere and allow everyone to try it out.

‘Make sure that no one attending that party has cold-like symptoms, or hasn’t had cold-like symptoms the past three or four days, and on the way to the event make sure that you’re wearing a high-quality mask on crowded public transport, which people are not doing.’

It was in an old house that guests shared lunch. 14 people infected were over 60. 

Boris Johnson, who confirmed that at least one British victim has been killed by Omicron variant in Britain today, reports about the mildness of Omicron.

The news of Covid’s death was met with chaos as Britain tried to track the cases and fulfil the pledge made by the Prime Minister to give out one million boosters daily to defeat the super-mutant variant. 

Johnson, who was speaking during a visit at a Paddington vaccination clinic, west London, did not give the name of the deceased or indicate if there were any health issues that could make them more vulnerable to Covid. 

According to health officials, 10 of the infected people are now in hospitals. Britain’s youngest infected patient is aged 18 and 85, respectively. Most are double-vaccinated but it is not known if they have had booster shots. 

After ministers urged Britons to get one, vital stock of lateral flow test kits ran low. 

The Government’s website has a message that states there are no more home testing kits right now and encourages Britons not to give up. While there wasn’t a shortage, the spokesperson claimed that new orders were not being accepted due to high demand. According to them, the kits are still available at community locations, including schools and colleges. They also stated that PCR swabs can be ordered. 

Britons rushed to receive their booster doses, but were told by centres that they would run out of doses today. This was yet another indication of the chaos. As they attempted to obtain booster jabs, twenty-somethings were finally turned away at Manchester City’s Etihad Stadium.

In the meantime, thousands of people tried to obtain a booster for NHS, but it crashed. Health service leaders encouraged everyone to try again tomorrow.