Omicron waves continue to decline: Daily Covid case drops 6% in one week, with 76.807 cases and nearly 37MILLION getting booster jabs

  • Data from the UK Health Security Agency shows that another 76.807 positive test were recorded in the past 24 hours 
  • This marks the 17th consecutive day that cases are falling week-on-week, but the downward trend has slowed 
  • This year, the death toll from the virus increased slightly by 3.5 percent to 29.


Official data revealed that Britain’s Omicron wave continues to decline today, with a drop of 6 per cent reported in Omicron cases.

UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA data) shows that another 76.807 negative tests were recorded within the last 24 hour, which is slightly lower than the 81.713 records from Saturday. 

This marks the 17th consecutive day that the number of cases has fallen week-on–week, but the decline curve has slowed over the last three days and dropped by only four percent yesterday. 

The UK’s true case number is expected to be much higher as the numbers today do not reflect positive Scottish tests. The slowdown is being attributed to covid cases still increasing in primary schoolchildren despite falling across all age groups. 

This week, the number of deaths from the virus increased slightly by 3.5% to 297, compared with 287 in last week. 

And 67,640 more booster vaccines were given out yesterday, taking the total number of people fully protected against the virus to 36,821,284 — 64 per cent of the over-12 population. 

The data comes as it was revealed the Covid traveller testing system could be ditched for fully vaccinated holidaymakers as soon as Monday.

Ministers will likely abandon the rapid lateral flow testing that double-jabbed arrivals must pass by day 2 when they discuss the rules. 

Grant Shapps, Transport Secretary, is believed to have pushed for all tests being removed for fully-vaccinated people. 

Boris Johnson takes on growing school rebellion 

Yesterday Boris Johnson attempted to stop a school rebellion that was growing as headmasters continued to enforce the wearing of masks in classrooms.

According to the Prime Minister, secondary employees should follow new rules. No longer are state-face coverings required for lessons.

His belief is that it’s vital for children to receive face-to-face education so they can have a regular experience in school.

The spokesperson for Mr Johnson added that “The Prime Minister believes schools should adhere to the most recent guidance.”

“We have made it clear that facemasks are no longer required in schools and will not allow them to be used in public areas.

As families protest that English schools insist on using masks in lessons to protect against Covid, his intervention is timely.

Nadhim Zahawi, Education Secretary, has warned that officials from the Department for Education will contact schools refusing to remove their face covers. 

He will personally inspect any plans for bringing back masks to schools affected by Covid epidemics.

Other coronavirus developments

  • Three weeks ago, Meat Loaf informed a fan that he had recently undergone an endoscopy. He also complained about the never-ending restrictions and lockdowns. The fan responded in Cameo videos: “Covid is a drag but you can fault China.” 
  • Civil servants at home have been told to go back to work and to make the most of government offices.
  • Yesterday night was a difficult night for plans to mandate jabs in frontline healthcare staff.
  • Boris Johnson sought to end a rising school rebellion while hundreds of headmasters enforced classroom mask wear;
  • In an effort to improve their health, and to reduce the NHS burden on them, pharmacists are now able to refer overweight patients to weight loss programs for free. 

UKHSA data revealed that an additional 17,277 Covid first vaccine doses were distributed yesterday. 33,312 were then received. 

Yesterday, England saw 31 million people receive a jab. More than 115million have been given since the beginning of the rollout. 

Dr Emily Lawson from the NHS Covid Vaccination Programme said that the “fastest and biggest vaccination drive in NHS History continues to reach milestone after milestone. It has now delivered an exceptional 115 million doses of Covid vaccine, which includes nearly 31million people who have the essential protection of a booster.

“We know millions are behind on their boosters by over four weeks. We urge all who haven’t to be boosted immediately.

‘The vaccine remains our best defence against Covid and long Covid, even if you have already had it, and you can grab a jab at one of the hundreds of walk-in sites open each day — from restaurants to stadiums and other community hubs, it has never been easier to get protected.’

The graph shows the proportion of people in England testing positive for Covid per age group. Infection rates were trending down in all age groups in the week to January 15, according to ONS estimates, apart from among two to 11-year-olds, with one in 13 (eight per cent) thought to be infected

This graph displays the percentage of Covid-positive people across England by age group. The ONS estimates showed that infection rates had declined across all age groups during the week leading up to January 15. Only two to eleven year-olds were infected.

This comes as part of a drive to simplify the travel system for holidaymakers. The passenger locator form holidaymakers have to complete online to fly to the UK is also being simplified.

Although the form must be completed within 48 hours after arriving in Britain, passengers complain that it’s cumbersome and asks irrelevant questions such as when returning citizens will stay.

A meeting of the Cabinet’s ‘Covid O’ committee will also discuss whether ‘fully vaccinated’ status for travellers should mean having two or three jabs. It is believed that ministers will keep it at two for the spring.

Double-jabbed travelers could be subject to testing again. Only boosters would allow them to travel without any restrictions. However, destination countries may still require testing. 

After the government scrapped the pre-return test and the costly post-arrival PCR swabs, the industry would see a boost from the removal of the day two testing.

The current situation is that double-jabbed Britons returning to the UK must pass one quick lateral flow test within two days. A confirmatory test by PCR must be taken if the results are confirmed.

Travellers who are not vaccinated will still be subject to numerous tests and may even have to self-isolate.