On sale for just £50,000: The fire ravaged three-bed house in Oxford that could be yours for a song – but it needs a complete rebuild and you view it at your ‘own risk’

  • Cowley’s terraced property on Watlington Street, Cowley is in dire need of a total rebuild following its fire in February.
  • Viewers are advised that the house is a ‘ultimate fixer-upper’ and they can only view it ‘at your own risk’
  • Three bedrooms, a bath and reception area are located on the ground level of this home.
  • The tragic news is that Martin Patten (77), the former homeowner, was also killed along with Jolly in the fire. 


A fire ravaged three-bed house in Oxford that needs a complete rebuild and can be viewed by potential buyers at their ‘own risk’ has gone on sale for just £50,000. 

Cowley’s Watlington Road terraced home has been sold for an insignificant sum. It was destroyed in flames in February.

Potential buyers are now able to buy what is being called the ‘ultimate fixerupper’, which would require a full rebuild 10 months after the devastating fire.

The cost of repairs could run into the hundreds of thousands, as buyers were warned. This property is far and away the most expensive on Oxford’s market. However, the house does not come with a roof. The home is also boarded-up.

The house caught fire earlier in the year, killing Martin Patten (77) and Jolly, his dog. 

This fire ravaged three-bed house in Oxford that needs a complete rebuild and can be viewed by potential buyers at their ‘own risk’ has gone on sale for just £50,000

The property is by far the cheapest on the market in Oxford but comes with no roof, is currently boarded up and is need of a lot of work

This property is the most affordable on Oxford’s market, but it does not have a roof and is boarded up. It also needs a lot more work.

The terraced property in Watlington Road, Cowley, was burnt to the ground in February, killing homeowner Martin Patten, 77, and his dog

Cowley homeowner Martin Patten and his dog died when their terraced house in Watlington Street, Cowley was torched.

The listing, on Mchugh and Co, warns potential buyers that they view the house 'at their own risk' due to the condition of the building

Mchugh and Co. lists the listing. It warns prospective buyers they are viewing the house at their own risk due to its current condition.

Mchugh and Co lists the property, warning potential buyers to view it at their own risk due to its condition.

This terraced home with 2 floors can be found near Berry Close. It is close to shops and transportation.

The first floor has three bedrooms, a bathroom, and the second floor features a reception area and a kitchen. There is also a back and front garden.

After the fire, family friend Lynne Berry, set out on a mission to raise £35,000 to help rebuild the home which is ‘barely a shell’ after it emerged Mr Patten’s home insurance had lapsed before the tragedy.  

Ten months after the tragic blaze, potential buyers have now been given the opportunity to take on what has been described as the 'ultimate fixer upper' that would need a complete rebuild

Ten months following the terrible fire, buyers now have the chance to buy what is being called the ‘ultimate fixerupper’. This would require a full rebuild.

On the first floor there is three bedrooms and a bathroom and on the ground floor there is a reception room and a kitchen. The house also has a front and back garden

There are three bedrooms on the first floor and one bathroom. On the ground floor, there’s a reception area and a kitchen. A front and back yard are also available.

But the fundraiser, which had raised nearly £700, was cancelled after Patten’s daughter Fiona received online abuse.

Ms Berry said at the time: ‘Unfortunately the world contains some very ugly people and Fiona has asked that I delete this campaign due to trolling.   

It seems like it is a common saying in our day. Growing up, I was taught that if you don’t have any nice words to say, then stop speaking. I’ll do what Fiona asked, but it will be with sadness or disappointment. 

“I request refunds from all donors. This campaign will remain active until I am notified of the refunds. If anyone shared this link on social media please delete. 

This house will be up for sale on Thursday, Dec 2.