A new study has found that approximately 168,000 deaths from the U.S. COVID-19 could have been prevented if the Covid vaccines had been available.

Kaiser Family Foundation (KFF), an American non-profit organization, analyzed Covid data and discovered that people could have prevented many deaths in six months.

They calculated the number of unvaccinated persons who could have died if the jab had been given. 

The worst months were September and October, which saw a total of 92 800 deaths. 

This week saw the death of 800,000.

Researchers at the Kaiser Family Foundation found that 163,000 or 800,000 Covid deaths recorded in America could have been prevented by the vaccines - or one in every five

Research by Kaiser Family Foundation revealed that vaccines may have prevented the deaths of 163,000 and 800,000 Covids in America. That’s one out five.

KFF collected data from November to determine that 780 561 Covid-related deaths had been reported.

In the United States, covid vaccines were first made available to patients in December 2020. However, only those most in need of the shot could be eligible at the time.

Slowly, the eligibility of the public grew. The KFF team estimates that all Americans will have the chance to become fully immunized by June 2020. 

Covid was responsible for approximately 186.500 deaths between June 2021 and November 2021.

Researchers determined that 7,100 were vaccinated. They also analyzed vaccine effectiveness in terms of preventing deaths. It was determined that 16100 people who were not vaccinated would have died even though they received shots.

This means that 163,300 people could have avoided their deaths if they had opted to be vaccinated.

The month of September saw the most deaths, with approximately 58,700 Americans dying from the virus. 51,200 could have been prevented, according to the KFF analysis.

In August, September, and October there were 117.400 Covid-related deaths.

This data set was largely completed before Omicron became popular in November.

Researchers note that ‘full vaccination’ – receiving either two shots of the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine or one of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine – may not be as effective against the new strain, as multiple studies have found.

Moderna and Pfizer both released data that showed their vaccines are less effective against this new strain. However, booster shots may be able to restore some protection.

A South Africa study published Wednesday also found that the J&J jab provided little to no protection at all from the strain. 

According to Dr Anthony Fauci (America’s leading infectious disease expert), the term “fully vaccinated”, will eventually be limited to those who have already received their COVID-19 booster.

Current data shows that only 16% of Americans have had their booster shot. This leaves the nation vulnerable.

The variant does not appear to cause as severe infections as other strains. However, early evidence is encouraging.

COVID-19 was the leading killer of Americans in December 2020, and Janaury and February of 2021

COVID-19 was the number one killer among Americans in December 2020. It also killed a lot of Americans during Janaury, February 2021 and February 2021.

The virus is now the third leading killer of Americans, accounting for 1,110 deaths per day in November, KFF finds

KFF reports that the virus has now become America’s third-leading killer, causing 1,110 deaths each day.

KFF also discovered that COVID-19, which claimed 1,110 lives every day in the U.S. last month was third on the list of leading causes of death.

Heart disease (around 2,088 deaths per hour) and cancer (1,640 per day) killed more Americans in November than Covid.

Despite many Americans dying from the disease, it did not become the most deadly killer.

Only 3 months of the pandemic were it the top killer among Americans. This was in addition to the January and February 2021 deaths.

This week the U.S. reached 800,000 deaths from COVID-19 and 50,000,000 cases in total since March 2020 when the pandemic started.