Many of us, whether it is Instagram or TikTok, are obsessed with social media apps. We feel so lost without our smartphones.

An online calculator now shows you how many hours of screen time that you have logged in to 2021.

Sortlist offers a calculator that asks you for daily screen time and calculates the annual average.

Your results will also be compared to what the 16-64 year-olds spent on screen each day last year. This was 52,925 minutes, or 36 days, 18h, and 5 minutes.

Nicolas Finet is co-founder of Sortlist and CMO. He said that he was unaware of how much time we spend behind screens. The calculator allows users to understand where and when they are spending their time and compare it to other countries.

Whether it's TikTok or Instagram, many of us are so obsessed with social media apps that we feel lost without our smartphone in our hand

Many people are addicted to social media apps, such as Instagram and TikTok.

The calculator, by Sortlist, asks you to enter your daily screen time, before calculating how much that equates to over the course of the year. You'll also be told how your results compare to the average amount of screen time for 16-64-year-olds this year, which was a whopping 52,925 minutes - the equivalent of 36 days, 18 hours, 5 minutes

Sortlist’s calculator requires you to input your screen time each day before it calculates how much over the entire year. The calculator will show how you compare to 16-64-year olds’ average screen time over the year. This was 52,925, or the equivalent of 36 hours, 18 minutes, 5 minutes

In 2021, scrolling took an average of 3.5 seconds 
Time  Minutes spent using social media  Spend time on social media 
Per day  145  2 Hours, 25 Minutes 
Each week  1,015 16 hours and 55 minutes 
Monthly  4,410 Three days, one hour and thirty minutes 
Each year 52.925  36 days, 18hrs, 5 minutes 

Sortlist performed research on daily internet usage and social media use based on Hootsuite data.

Data shows that an average person spends 145 minutes per week on their smartphone, up from the 2020 average of 142 minutes.

These figures add up to 1,015 minute per week, 4,410 mins a month, and 52,925 minutes each year online.

Finet explained that the screen has been used more than ever in recent 18-months.

Delving deeper into the data, Sortlist found that YouTube was the app that we tend to spend the most time on, racking up an average of 23 hours, 12 minutes per month

Sortlist did a deeper dive into the data to discover that YouTube was our favorite app. We spend an average of 23 hours and 12 minutes each month on YouTube.

Digital detox tips 

  1. Temporarily delete all social media accounts
  2. App notifications should be removed to prevent temptation
  3. Set aside some ‘phone free time’ each day to enjoy other activities

“As a consequence of the pandemic many have had to work remotely, spent a lot of time on Zoom calls, and then used the time they did not have to scroll through social media or use the various apps available to them. However, all this online time can add up.

Sortlist looked deeper into data and found that YouTube is the app we spend most of our time. It averages 23 hours 12 minutes per month.

These were followed by Facebook (18 hours, 30 mins per a month), WhatsApp (19hrs. 24 minutes per a month), VK(113 hours.54 minutes per m) and TikTok (13/13/18 minutes per m).

Sortlist looked at the data by country to find that most people scrolled in the Philippines (10 hours and 56 minutes each day). 

Brazil followed at 8:08 per day, Colombia at 7:15 per, and South Africa at 6:06 per. 

Sortlist recommends to some users that they do a digital detox during the holiday season based on these findings.

“In today’s digital world, the majority of daily tasks can be completed online. This is a good thing. But it is important to remember that there are more things to do than simply browsing social media,” Mr Finet said.

“Taking a digital detox can be difficult and tempting. However, if you are patient and allow yourself to take some time off your computer, you will reap the rewards.


In December 2017, worrying research revealed that we use our phones approximately 4,000 times per annum for no reason.

We unlock our phones 28 times per day – more than a third are compulsive or unnecessary.

According to the survey, Facebook is our most favorite app, followed closely by WhatsApp and Gmail., a Malta-based online casino has examined the data of 2,000 UK smartphone owners to determine if checking their devices was a habitual or necessary.

The average American clicks, taps or swipes on their smartphone screen more than 2,600 times a day, with some reaching an astonishing 5,400 times

American average user clicks, taps, or swipes more than 2600 times per day on their smartphones screen. Others reach as high at 5,400.

The researchers found that more than 40% of those who check their smartphones every year, or 10,000 times per year, are ‘compulsive’.

Top ten percent of smartphone users use their smartphones more than 60 times per day. 

Over one third of people believe they are addicted checking their smartphones, and the average person spends nearly an hour per day using their phone.

According to the survey, Google Maps was rated as the most helpful app. WhatsApp and Gmail are second and third.

Google Chrome comes in fourth, while Facebook is fifth.