43-year-old ‘Full time online troll’ is sentenced to three years in prison. She stalked three people including Danniella Westbrook (ex-EastEnders actress) and falsely accused her victims as paedophiles or drug addicts.

  • Natasha Dawn (43), was sentenced to three years in prison at Nottingham Crown Court 
  • Dawn plead guilty to stalking charges after she sent messages
  • Three victims were bombarded with 80 messages daily for 9 months by her.
  • Actress Danniella Westbrook claimed that abuse has been ongoing for six-years 

Three years in prison for a ‘full time online troll’ that terrorized three people, including actress Danniella Westbrook from EastEnders.

Natasha Dawn (43), subjected Natasha Dawn to a torrent of racist and insulting comments on Twitter and Instagram.

Dawn, from Stapleford in Notts., admitted to three stalking counts and was sent to Nottingham Crown Court. 

Following the trial, she took to Twitter and shared some of the abuse that she suffered. 

Dawn sent messages to Barrington Patterson (a homeless charity worker) and Tracey Patterson (his wife Tracey) containing false allegations of paedophilia. This was after Ms Westbrook had stood by them.

Natasha Dawn, 43, subjected former EastEnders' actress Danniella Westbrook to a barrage of insults and racism on Twitter and Instagram

Natasha Dawn, 43, subjected former EastEnders’ actress Danniella Westbrook to a barrage of insults and racism on Twitter and Instagram

Ms Westbrook (47) wrote that she was able to see some evidence of the hatred Tracey received over six years. She also described daily trolling and hate. Now finally Tasha the troll is behind bars for three years * #trollers.’ 

A court heard ‘lonely’ Dawn operated as a ‘full-time troll’ and tormented her victims with up to 80 messages a day over a nine month period and using more than 100 different social media accounts.

She falsely labelled Mr Patterson a paedophile and a drug user and told his wife Tracey: ‘You won’t be waking up tomorrow’.  

Dawn claims that Mr Patterson was a football hooligan and former One Eyed Baz. Dawn also claimed Patterson abused children while lying about his cancer diagnosis.

Dawn, from Stapleford, Notts., pleaded guilty to three counts of stalking and was jailed at Nottingham Crown Court on Friday. Pictured, Ms Westbrook

Dawn from Stapleford (Notts.) pleaded guilty on Friday to stalking charges and was sentenced by Nottingham Crown Court. Photo by Ms Westbrook

He was also subject to racial abuse and she made tauts about his mother’s death on Mother’s Day. 

Dawn was also victim to Richard McRae (councillor, Broxtowe Borough council in Nottinghamshire), 

Dawn, who was furious that Tracey had supported the television personality on her social media platforms, told the court.

Tracey claimed that Dawn was blocked on her social media accounts, but she created other accounts to spread more hate.

Dawn had been sending her offensive messages and tweets almost every day over the last nine months, she revealed.

The court was told Dawn targeted Tracey online after becoming angry that she had defended the TV personality

Dawn had become angry at Tracey for supporting the television personality and targeted Tracey on-line, according to court.

Dawn was detained in August 2019, after she posted abusive messages to several people via social media.

A restraining order was issued to her, prohibiting her from ever referring or contacting a certain number of people via social media.

Lee Kirk, Detective Sergeant in Nottinghamshire Police said that Dawn’s behavior throughout the period was truly shocking. She has been charged with a crime.

“Our investigation revealed that she had been abusing a lot of people via social media. I hope this sentence gives her victims some comfort.”

“Stalking behavior such as harassment should not be tolerated at any given time. I want to make it clear that this will not happen in Nottinghamshire.