Ron Pember, the star of Only Fools and Horses, has been remembered with many tributes. He was 87 years old.

Paul Pember, his grieving grandson, confirmed the death of the actor who also appeared in Red Dwarf as well as a number of British TV series. 

Online, he said: “The happiness now is the sadness now.” This is the deal. 11.04.1934 – 08.03.2022 #ronpember #grandad.’ 

Since then, heartfelt condolences have been flooding in for the star who worked as stage director. 

Morris Bright, Chair of Elstree Studios, responded with: “Sad for you loss. Ron Pember, your grandfather was an icon of small-screen cinema with many film roles over the past 30 years. 

“I remember Ron being a kind and generous crook growing up in my favourite TV drama Rumpole of the Bailey. He also played many parts in Crown Court. His genes were to take on slightly less glamorous roles.

Meanwhile, Only Fools and Horses’ social media accounts wrote: “We are sorry to learn of Ron’s passing…Our thoughts and warm wishes go out to his loved ones.” 

Tributes have poured in for Only Fools and Horses star Ron Pember (pictured), who has died aged 87.

Ron Pember, Only Fools and Horses’ star and actor has passed away at the age of 87.

Pember played the role of Baz (pictured), chair of the tenants' association, in a 1983 episode of the iconic series, entitled Homesick

Pember played Baz, the chair of tenants’ associations, in an episode of Homesick 1983.

The death of the actor (pictured centre, in The Gentle Touch), who also starred in Red Dwarf, was confirmed by his grief-stricken grandson Paul Pember

Paul Pember (pictured middle, in The Gentle Touch) confirmed that the actor, who also appeared in Red Dwarf as an actor, had died.

Pember played Baz the chair of the tenant’s association in an episode of Homesick 1983. 

Also, in 1970s BBC drama Secret Army, Alain Muny played his part. 

Pember’s legacy extends beyond TV. His musical Jack The Ripper was his first production in 1975. It is still being performed by many amateur theatre companies and groups around the globe. 

Danny John Jules, a fellow actor described him in a touching tribute as a gentleman. 

Tweeted he: “Just heard sad news Ron Pember is dead.

“He was so kind to us upstarts, when he made an appearance on #RedDwarf. He simply rammed it into his cheek and joined in the fun! This man is a true legend. RIP.’ 

Outside of TV, Pember (pictured right as Stan in The Flaxton Boys), also left his mark on the stage, most notably with his musical, Jack The Ripper, which he wrote in 1975 and which is still regularly produced by amateur theatre groups and companies the world over.

Pember is pictured here as Stan, in The Flaxton Brothers. However, his legacy extends beyond TV. His musical Jack The Ripper was written in 1975. It’s still being produced frequently by amateur theatre groups all over the globe.

Pember also played 'Stan' in the ITV children's television series The Flaxton Boys (Pember pictured throwing a punch), which ran from 1969 to 1973

Pember played the role of Stan in The Flaxton Boys, an ITV television children’s series. Pember can be seen throwing a punch. The series ran from 1969 until 1973.

Ron Pember (centre) as 'Stan' in the 1970s ITV series The Flaxton Boys

Ron Pember, centre as Stan in 1970s ITV series The Flaxton Boys 

Fairground Concessionaire, as played by Ron Pember (far left) in the series Vendetta For A Dead Man

Fairground Concessionaire (far right), as played in the series Vendetta For A Dead Man by Ron Pember

Ron Pember as Sergeant Mitchell (far left) in the 1971 ITV series Speaking of Murder

Ron Pember portrays Sergeant Mitchell (far right) in Speaking of Murder, an ITV 1971 series

Pember, who was born in Essex in 1934 and later retired after suffering from a stroke in 1992. live in Southend-on-Sea.

In 1959, he had married Yvonne Tylee.  

British author Danny Kelly posted the following tweet: RIP Ron Pember. He was an actor on every television show in the 70s/80s. 

“And most importantly, Alain” in Secret Army, the best drama series from Britain. Ron, please go down the line peacefully. 

Red Dwarf’s official account said: “RIP Ron Pember. Outstanding character actor, stage director, and dramatist. He made an unforgettable appearance in Series II’s Better Than Life. 

Pember played the role of Stan in The Flaxton Boys (ITV Children’s Television) which ran from 1969 until 1973.  

Flaxton Hall was in Yorkshire where the series was made. Each episode followed the adventures and exploits of one generation of boys.