The Batmobile isn’t the problem! After finding a BAT on her windshield, a moment-fearing driver attempts to get it out of her car.

  • Rebecca Reph of Grants Pass in Oregon saw the bat under her car and called it Rebecca Reph
  • She initially thought that someone had left a scarf on her windshield wiper.
  • She used a box to remove the bat gently from her car.  

The ingenious way a woman removed a bat that was stuck to her car’s windshield by removing it from the windshield, is captured on video. 

Rebecca Reph (31), from Grants Pass in Oregon, found the bat on her vehicle after she had finished work. 

The claws of the tiny mammal were wrapped around its blade, securing it while it slept. 

Ms. Reph claimed that the dead bat had been on her vehicle for several hours. 

“It looked at first like somebody had put a scarf over my windshield, but I soon realized what it was.”

Rebecca Reph, 31, from Grants Pass, Oregon had just finished work when she discovered the bat laying on her car

Rebecca Reph (31), from Grants Pass in Oregon, had just finished her work day when the bat was discovered on her car.

Ms Raph uses a box to scoop the bat safely from her car so she can drive home after work

Ms Raph scoops the bat from her car with a bowl so she can return home safely after work.

The bat tried to cling to the windshield as Ms Reph tried to move it into a cardboard box

Ms. Reph was trying to transfer the bat to a cardboard container, but it refused to let go of the windshield.

The footage shows Ms. Reph trying to take out the bat while not injuring the animal.  

She said: ‘ Oh my God, buddy what are you doing in my car.

Do you believe he is actually breathing? Oh my god.

“I must get him off. Now I’m equipped with gloves and a bag. Let’s see what happens.

“My heart beats out of my chest. It is not clear what he will do.

“I will try to put him in this box.”

She placed the container next to the windshield wiper and the bat began moving, leading her to bounce backwards.

Ms. Reph then attempts to open the box’s lid, between the windshield wiper and bat. Ms Reph gets startled as the bat makes a hissing sound and she says “oh it’s doing noise.”

The bat is difficult to transport because its wings appear to have wrapped around her wiper. Its claw-like feet also stick to the blade.

The bat begins to rock back and forth, while hissing.

After that, she starts to plead for help with the bat. It’s a terrifying thought to be able touch you. It’s my desire to be of assistance.

The bat eventually begins to stick to the lid as it is removed from the yard.

Ms Reph returns to the box after discovering the bat was gone. 

Ms Reph moved the box to a safe place and when she returned later it had flown off

Ms. Reph placed the box in a safe location and it was gone when she returned.

Many people claimed that the bat was possibly sick.  

Gregory Richards commented, ‘I would worry about a bat that is out during the day. It looks sickly in the photo. Rabies is a serious problem. Bats normally sleep at night and do not rise in the morning.

Gary Klusczinski said: ‘You don’t find a bat like that unless it’s sick.’

Han Katie also added, “Just a reminder bat bites and can be prone to getting rabies!” I have to say that the bat that bit my leg when it got into my home was the worst mistake of all. It had to be shot with all the necessary rabies vaccines.

Cindy Ann was there to support her. ‘It wasn’t sleeping. It was either injured or sick. It’s possible that he crashed into it and was injured by being found so close to the windshield.