The severely overgrown and dangerously unattractive garden that had engulfed the house, leading to complaints from neighbours, was cut down. This revealed a range of vehicles, including a van, truck, and car.

MailOnline reports that the neighbours in Ramsgate were confused by the property. Despite its owner’s well-dressed and polite appearance, it had grown too large.

The property was restructured and the entrance to the home is now open from the rear.

The front of the house now lets light in through the bush-covered Ramsgate property for the first time since years. 

The property in Ramsgate is now accessible from the front door and the trove of vehicles in the front garden can now be seen

Ramsgate property is now easily accessible via the front door. You can also see the treasure trove in the back garden.

The property in Ramsgate was left unattended for a number of years and was the subject of neighbours complaints

Ramsgate property left unattended over many years. It was the object of complaints by neighbours.

Street view of the property in 2020

Street view of the property today

Ramsgate’s overgrown gardens engulfed their house, in east Kent. Locals complained about this property, which was only partially cleared today.

For the first time in years, the front window of the house is allowing light into the bush-covered property in Ramsgate

The front of the house now lets light in through the bush-covered Ramsgate property for the first time since years.

Another neighbor even claimed that the intruders from out of control vegetation had forced them to rebuild their wall.

The postie in the area has stopped sending mail to this house and declared it ‘undeliverable.

Locals claimed that the mysterious owner was well-kept despite the untidy appearance of the property.

A street view of the property - on Boundary Road, Ramsgate, east Kent - shows it has been engulfed by greenery since 2009 - although the van was still free at this point

Described as an 'enigma covered in bush' by one neighbour, the homeowner has reportedly lived at the address for over 12 years

A street view of the property – on Boundary Road, Ramsgate, east Kent – shows it has been engulfed by greenery since 2009 – and the vines have been growing ever thicker since then.

The aerial view of the house looked like a mini-jungle compared to the properties on either side of the vine-covered terrace

An aerial view of the house seemed like a miniature jungle compared with the properties to either side of the vine-covered terrasse.

The owner of the property was said to get in and out of the house through the back and is friendly with his neighbours

According to reports, the owner of the property is said to be friendly with neighbours and get into and out of his house via the back.

A trio of vehicles were caught in the vines with a car, van and even a boat caught in the overgrown vegetation

The vines caught a trio of vehicles: a car and a van were among them. A boat was also caught in the overgrown foliage.

Neighbours said that they had to rebuild garden walls as the greenery grew out of control on the Ramsgate terrace

Neighbors said they were forced to reconstruct garden walls after greenery on Ramsgate terrace grew outof control.

Trees, shrubs and vines can be seen on the property - its owner has been described as an 'enigma wrapped in a bush'

There are trees, shrubs, and vines on the property. The owner is described as “an enigma wrapped in bush”,

The garden wall on the left-hand side of the home was knocked over and rebuilt by the Ramsgate mini-jungle

Ramsgate mini-jungle knocked down and rebuilt the garden wall to the left of the house.

A boat, car and a van were all housed underneath the vines on the property in Ramsgate, east Kent

The vines at Ramsgate in East Kent housed a boat and car as well as a van.

The back of the property is less covered in the vines but still houses several vehicles including more cars and a bike

Although the back is not as heavily vine-covered, it still contains several vehicles.

One neighbour requested that the shoots be cut down on their property. The house of this occupant was almost completely darkened.

One disgruntled neighbour told The Sun at the time: ‘The locals are aware of it, the PCSOs and the fire brigade have been round a few times.

“I don’t get how it is possible to take responsibility.” 

“You’ve got people picking up litter.

“I am left wondering seriously, what the point is of this when there’s such a thing.”

It isn’t nearly as bad now as it used be. The problem has been reduced. 

“But, the front is totally overgrown.”

According to reports, Thanet District Council was unable engage with the owner of the property.

Thanet District Council has been unable to get in contact with the man who owns the property in order to tame the greenery

Thanet District Council was unable to contact the owner of the property to manage the greenery.

According to bemused but complimentary neighbours, the owner keeps to himself and seldom bothers those around him

Bemused, but supportive neighbours say that the owner is a quiet person who rarely bothers others.

The structure of the house's facade can barely be seen with aerial views scarcely showing a house on the land at all

The house is much more visible since the trim

It was hard to see the architecture of the house’s façade from aerial shots that barely showed a home on the property. 

The back of the house is not much better with several cars across the back garden of the property in states of disrepair

It is worse at the back with many cars parked in the backyard.

It is unknown why the property is home to so many vehicles in both the vine-covered front and more kept back garden

There is no explanation for why there are so many vehicles on the property, in both the vine-covered driveway and the larger garden.

Mail for the strikingly messy house has been branded undeliverable by local postal workers who can not navigate the garden

Local postal workers were unable to navigate the garden and labeled mail for this incredibly messy home as undeliverable.

“Enigmatic” homeowner, who has been living in the bush-enshrouded home for twelve years and kept his private life a secret, is described as “enigmatic”. 

Ted said that he saw Ted as a neighbor and wanted to say hi to him.

“He is able to get in and out of the back. 

“He is extremely nice but too isolated. This house has been lived in.

“He doesn’t do much with it but. We leave him alone, so he leaves us alone.

Rena Reves (40) described her mystery neighbor as an ‘enigma wrapped with bush’.

She stated that there was once a path leading up to the front door. But that has long since disappeared.

“I believe squirrels are in the van at the back of my garden.

“The problem starts to affect other people.

“You have the freedom to live however you want until that time.”

“Some vines are now going up the chimney of another house. If it gets in the brickwork, that will be disastrous.

She said, “It’s been that way for as long as my memory can recall.”

 A friend of the homeowner said: ‘He is a wonderful man. A lot has been done for charity.

He says it doesn’t bother her. He is a good boy.

“Be polite, neatly dressed and well groomed. 

“He lives there, and has lived there for quite a while.

“He’s a little recluse but that’s how it has always been.

It is his property. He has the right to do whatever he pleases. He is the owner of the house.