The parents of the boy who is thought to have caused Prince William’s psychological trauma are praising Duke’s extraordinary love and support.

  • Bobby Hughes was only five years old at the time he was struck by a learner driver. 
  • Playing outside with his friends, when driver struck him in Saffron Walden (Essex).
  • Prince William was part an air crew that raced to the scene. This experience influenced him.
  • Bobby’s parents spoke of the love and support William provided to them 

According to reports, Prince William suffered from mental trauma as a result of his ordeal. His parents spoke out in praise of their son’s ‘love’ and support.

Bobby Hughes was just five years old when he was hit by a learner driver outside of his home in Saffron Walden in Essex in March 2017. Bobby had been spotted on the roads by the driver, who accidentally hit the accelerator rather than the brake.

William, who was part the team of air ambulances that raced on the scene, recalled movingly how Bobby and his parents confronted him.

His crew worked on the youngster – who suffered brain damage and other serious injuries – before William, whose eldest son Prince George was three at the time, helped fly him to hospital.

William experienced a deep sense of depression weeks later. He was still dwelling on his accident. He recalls feeling like all of the world was going to hell.

Bobby, who is now 10, kept him in touch and told his parents that ‘I can do anything for you. Bobby needs rehabilitation.

ORDEAL: Bobby Hughes (pictured) was five when he was knocked down by a learner driver while playing with friends outside his house in Saffron Walden, Essex, in March 2017

ORDER: Bobby Hughes was just five years old when he was struck by a driver learning to drive while playing outside with his friends in Saffron Walden (Essex) in March 2017.

Carly Hughes (40), said that Bobby’s mom, William Hughes, paid tribute to her son on Sunday. She stated: “I believe he is amazing and a credit for our country. His praises are too loud to be overstated.

“I have seen his eyes, and he truly has a kind heart. It’s amazing to see him as a man of such beauty. He would make a great King.

William made it a point to visit Bobby, Carly, and Jeff at East Anglian Air Ambulance headquarters in Cambridge, on the day of Prince Harry’s May 2018 wedding. Hughes explained that “When we walked in the room he…” [William]He looked happy. It was so sweet to see him laughing, joke and having a good time. He is so humble. He was so down to earth that we didn’t feel as if we were talking with the future King.

Three weeks after the accident, William wrote to the Hugheses – who gave up their jobs to care for their son – saying he wanted them to know he was thinking of them.

He said, “As a father I understand your pain. But, your son is being taken care of by amazing people. He will be fine, I’m sure.

When Mrs Hughes recalled the accident, she said that William was seen at the community hospital and they were rushed to Bobby. She also remembered how the shock and despair reflected across Bobby’s face.

The couple received the devastating news that their son only had a 5-percent chance of survival. The last rites were performed by the priest in Addenbrooke’s Hospital.

Pictured: Bobby and his parents with Prince William's East Anglian Air Ambulance team

Pictured with Bobby and his parents, Prince William’s East Anglian Air Ambulance crew

But against all odds he survived and began to recover – even though at one stage doctors advised his parents they should switch off his life support machine.

Mrs Hughes claimed that although she wasn’t religious, her faith was what kept her strong.

She remembered that Bobby was unable to move until he regained consciousness. But, slowly, his movement began returning to his body.

Bobby may need to have a major surgery in order to place plates on his skull. After that, he might only require minor treatments and therapy.

Mrs Hughes said, “All that I want now is for Bobby grow up and get married. He should live the life that he was meant to.

The Mail on Saturday, upon the request from Mr. and Mrs. Hughes will make a donation towards East Anglian Air Ambulance.