According to prosecutors, Ethan Crumbley was 15 years old and accused of killing four classmates at Oxford High School, Michigan.

A drawing of a gun, on a worksheet, with the message messages: My life is futile, Blood everywhere, & ‘The thoughts will not stop, help us’ was the most alarming piece of evidence. 

The Oakland County Prosecutors are trying to depict his parents James (43), and Jennifer (43), as negligent and conscious of Ethan’s violence potential. According to the prosecutors, Ethan’s mother is accused of having an affair and texting her boyfriend regarding her son’s murder weapon.

Crumbley was shot and killed by four of his school friends and seven other people on November 30, and the parents were shown drawings and notes from school counselors hours earlier. 

They had drawn the message earlier in morning by their son. Teachers found them on the internet, and they took a picture and got in touch. 

This is part of a series of indicators that Crumbleys were accused of overlooking over the last six months, suggesting their teenage son needed assistance. 

Oakland County Prosecutor Karen McDonald revealed two versions of a screenshot of Ethan Crumbley's drawings in a filing Thursday. In the first drawing, pictured, Ethan writes several troubling messages, such as 'My life is useless,' 'Blood everywhere' and 'The thoughts won't stop, help me.'

Karen McDonald, Oakland County Prosecutor revealed two versions in an Oakland County filing on Thursday. The first drawing is pictured and Ethan wrote several troubling messages in it, including ‘My life’, ‘Blood everywhere,’ and ’The thoughts won’t stop, please help me.

Pictured: A second piece of homework that Ethan allegedly altered crosses out other disturbing messages and adds ones like 'video game this is,' 'we're all friends here,' 'harmless act,' 'I love my life so much!!!!' and 'OHS rocks!'

Pictured: Another piece of homework Ethan altered allegedly includes disturbing messages, such as ‘videogame this is’ and ‘we are all friends here’. “OHS rocks!”

Ethan, 15, (center) is charged as an adult with murder, terrorism and aggravated assault for the deadly shooting at Oxford High School on November 30 that killed four students and injured several others.  James, 45, (left) and Jennifer, 43, (right) have each been jailed on $500,000 bond since their arrest on December 4

Ethan (15) has been charged with adult murder, terrorist and aggravated attack in connection to the November 30 shooting that left four people dead and many others injured at Oxford High School.  James, 45 (left) and Jennifer (43) were both arrested on December 4, 2009. They have been held on $500,000 bail each.

Jennifer Crumbley being escorted out of the courtroom on December 14

James Crumbley leaves the courtroom on December 14

In a rare step to make parents accountable for a school shooting victim, Karen McDonald of Oakland County has indicted Jennifer Crumbley and James Crumbley.

The Crumbleys' lawyers allege the parents were unaware that Ethan, 15 (pictured in court on December 13), was a danger to other students and are 'devastated by the school shooting'

According to the Crumbleys, the lawyers argued that Ethan (pictured in court Dec 13th) was dangerous for other students.

According to court records, they claim that Jennifer and James failed to act even in the most basic ways that could have stopped the massacre. 

Prosecutors mention that Ethan was purchased a gun by his parents.

According to prosecutors, the Crumbleys knew their son was sad, and were fascinated by guns. They bought Ethan the gun as an early Christmas gift. 

They were required to inform the school about their recent purchase of a gun. Then they could ask the son where it was. The prosecution claims that the defendants were better placed than any other person to stop this tragedy from happening, and they did not do it. 

The filing showed two different versions of the same photo by Karen McDonald, Oakland County prosecutor. A second version that Ethan allegedly altered crosses out the disturbing messages and adds ones like ‘video game this is,’ ‘we’re all friends here,’ ‘harmless act,’ ‘I love my life so much!!!!’ Ethan allegedly altered a second version that included disturbing messages and added ones like ‘video game this is,’ ‘we’re all friends here’ ‘harmless act’ ‘I love my life so much!!!!’

Oakland County Prosecutor Karen McDonald has been leading the county's case against the Crumbleys

Karen McDonald is the Oakland County Prosecutor.

The Oakland County Prosecutors' Office submitted filings Thursday in an attempt to keep the Crumbleys' bond at $500,000

In an effort to maintain Crumbleys bond at $500,000, the Oakland County Prosecutors Office filed Thursday.

McDonald’s argued that the Crumbleys were better off caring for their son and spent more time with their horses, while Jennifer had an extramarital affair.  

Jennifer Crumbley was accused of telling her boyfriend that the alleged weapon for murder had been found in her vehicle on the morning of the shooting. 

McDonald’s responded to Ethan’s parents on $500,000 bond by filing these papers. 

James, age 45, and Jennifer aged 43 were both held on $500,000 bonds since December 4th. The Wednesday filing included the following: Mariell Lehman and Shannon Smith were the defense attorneys and asked that their bond be reduced to $100,000 each. The couple said they would wear electronic monitors once released.   

McDonalds however counters by saying that they are not a flight risk. They are behind in house payments by $11,000, and they want to sell their assets which include horses and home.  

Ethan faces murder, terror and aggravated assault charges as an adult for his homicide at Oxford High School in November 30, which left four victims and wounded.

Karen McDonald, Oakland County Prosecutor, charged James and Jennifer Crumbley. This rare action was to make the parents of a school shooting suspect accountable.  

James and Jennifer were accused of giving Ethan a gun and failing to take him to school after being summoned to discuss his mysterious writings. 

The Crumbleys, according to lawyers, were not aware that Ethan was a threat to students. 

Jennifer wrote Ethan a text saying “Don’t Do It” on the day of the shooting. Prosecutors claim that this proves Jennifer was aware.

Jennifer’s defense lawyers claim Jennifer was asking him not to take his own life, not in reference the tragic shooting that took place, as her attorneys allege.

Their attorneys claimed that the message Jennifer sent to Ethan (15 years old) was not a threat of suicide and was part of a plea for them not to kill themselves. 

On Wednesday, defense lawyers argued that Jennifer and James were not able to show Ethan they knew he would steal the gun they purchased for him.

The lawyers stated that the prosecution would not be able prove that Crumbleys knew that their son was dangerous to students or that they were aware of a situation where it required them to protect another student.

“The worst thing that they could have hoped for was that there would be a school shooting or that their son would become responsible.”

The defense also shared for the first-time how Jennifer and James felt after the shooting.

The court filing claims that the school shooting left the Crumbleys and their children devastated. “This is an extremely devastating situation.” 

The defense also noted there are community members who would ‘vouch for the Crumbleys’ but who wish to remain anonymous due to the ‘overwhelming media attention’ surrounding the case. 

They offered the legal team to give the identities of the individuals to the prosecution and judge privately. 

They argued that charges against parents were ‘inappropriate’, and that this case would raise new legal questions.

“It’s clear, from Ms. McDonald’s media appearances, that this case is one which she takes very personal, was filed to vent anger, and was filed to send an attempt to convey a message of hope to gun owners,” the defense said in court documents.

In Wednesday's filing, the defense argued the prosecution will be unable to prove Jennifer and James knew Ethan would take the gun they bought him as an early Christmas to his high school (pictured) and fire at other members of the academic community

On Wednesday, defense attorneys argued that Jennifer and James did not know Ethan would buy him the gun as an early Christmas present to their high school.

The attorneys used statements McDonald’s made in an interview Dec. 18, with NPR, to emphasize their point. 

McDonald’s stated, in the filing: “I acknowledge it hasn’t happened before, although I didn’t know that at that time,” 

I did get pushback. But prosecutors aren’t fond of doing things the first time. They also hate to be accused of something that may lead to a not guilty verdict.

Like their son, the Crumbleys are held in Oakland County Jail. 

The U.S. Marshals led to their capture on Dec. 4. The U.S. Marshals offered $10,000 for any information that would lead to their arrest. The Marshals Fugitive Task force, the FBI, and state police were involved in a manhunt for their disappearance.

According to police sources, the couple borrowed $4,000 from an ATM. The last sightings were around 2:45 pm just before the deadline at 4 PM. 

Smith claimed that Smith and Smith had intended to appear at a court different for Saturday arraignments on the next day, but they weren’t fleeing.

Smith and Lehman noted in the filing, “It ought to be noted that Crumbleys would have not retained (us), if their plans were for flee,” Smith wrote. 

January 7th will see a bond hearing between the parents. 

McDonalds said that McDonald’s would not agree to a lower bond. After their charges had been announced, the Crumbleys were found in a Detroit studio of art less than a mile away from Canada border. They failed to show up at court on December 3. 

Ethan was also notified by Jennifer via text. This only fuelled speculation about Jennifer’s knowledge. 

Jennifer, who was a social media star, posted about her trip with son Jennifer to go out and test her Christmas present, a 9mm handgun, three days before shooting. It had been just one day since James bought it for Ethan.

Authorities claim that Ethan was in class looking for ammunition using his phone one day prior to the attack.

Jennifer received a text from her son, letting him know about the inappropriate web search she had made to find firearm ammunition. It is important to not get caught. Her school message regarding inappropriate internet searches was never answered.

The Crumbleys called the school hours before the shooting began to talk to Ethan about his disturbing behavior, including drawing of a gun and bullets everywhere.

McDonalds left a note that stated: “Thoughts will’t stop. Help me”, “my life’s useless” and “the end of the world.” The Crumbleys then left their son, leaving him to complete the school day. He opened fire upon his teachers and classmates.   

Both Crumbleys pled guilty to the four counts of involuntary murderer. One for each Oxford High School student killed. Each charge can lead to up to 15 years imprisonment, a $7500 fine, and mandatory DNA testing. 

Their 15-year-old son is accused of killing Madisyn Baldwin, 17; Tate Myre, 16; Hana St. Juliana, 14; and Justin Shilling, 17, and injuring several others after opening fire in the school. Ethan is now being held in the same jail that his parents for a dozen of crimes including attempted murder and terror.  

Madisyn Baldwin, 17

Hana St Juliana, 14

Madisyn Baldwin (17) and Hana Saint Juliana (14) were killed in an attack on Oxford High School, suburban Detroit. 

Justin Shilling died in the hospital

Tate Myre died at the school

Justin Shilling (left), a 17-year-old, died in the hospital shortly after the shooting. Tate Myre (right), died at school on November 30, 2012.

McDonalds told McDonalds that McDonalds said, “These two people could have stopped him and had every reason know he was danger,” during Crumbleys’ arraignment. According to her, not one member of the community would endorse Crumbley.

Smith, however, denied any liability for the alleged crimes of her son. Smith resolutely denied that Jennifer and James gave their son ‘free access to’ the gun he used in several deaths at his Michigan high schools.

For a twenty minute hearing, the Crumbleys were present in court December 14. They asked for a change of venue for their preliminary examination scheduled for Wednesday. Court was delayed until next month. 

Judge Julie Nicholson concluded the hearing by agreeing to a request of prosecutors as well as defense lawyers for a postponement until February 8 of a critical preliminary hearing. This hearing will help determine whether Crumbleys will be tried.  

McDonald’s stated that she needed more time to gather a “staggering” amount of evidence and then share it with her defense.

The Crumbleys appeared in court on December 14 for a 20 minute hearing and asked to reschedule the preliminary exam which was scheduled for Wednesday. The court was adjourned until next month

 The Crumbleys appeared in court on December 14 for a 20 minute hearing and asked to reschedule the preliminary exam which was scheduled for Wednesday. The court was closed until the next month

The Crumbleys will all spend the holidays in jail pending a bond hearing for the parents in January (Pictured: James Crumbley being escort out of the courtroom on December 14)

The Crumbleys will all spend the holidays in jail pending a bond hearing for the parents in January (Pictured: James Crumbley being escort out of the courtroom on December 14)

McDonald’s later stated to reporters that they had police narratives and digital evidence. “We’ve seen a lot of this, enough to bring charges. However, there is still more work to be done. 

In explaining her decision to seek the delay, the district attorney said she wants to give witnesses ‘time to heal’ through the holiday season before subjecting them to interviews as part of the ongoing investigation, the Detroit Free Press reported.

McDonald’s added that McDonald’s and her prosecutors “owe it to victims” to review every piece of evidence to ‘do the right thing’.  The hearing is expected to involve 15-20 witnesses and will take place over 3-5 working days.

They did not communicate other than acknowledging that they had understood the question and that they were willing to undergo a quick preliminary exam.