Miranda Derrick’s family believes her daughter was taken in by Los Angeles-based cult led by a pastor suspected of plundering millions.

Melanie Wilking’s parents Kelly Wilking and Dean Wilking claim that Miranda has not spoken to them since January 2021, when Miranda refused to attend her grandfather’s funeral. This was in response to a viral Instagram video.

Melanie stated that it had been haunting them for more than a year. The video was dated February 24, 2012. “It has been the most difficult year in my entire life.” 

You don’t have to disconnect us. Melanie said that life is still going and that there are many wonderful things happening.  

Miranda, 24 years old, left to start a entertainment management firm called 7M Films. According to Gawker this company had ties with Shekinah Church as well as a sect in Christianity called the Seven Mountain Mandate.

7M representative told DailyMail.com the relationship between 7M Films & the mandate is null and the company does not support or believe in the mandate. 

According to the Wilkings, this sect is a threat to dancers such as Melanie.

Melanie Wilking and her parents, Kelly and Dean Wilking, say that they have not been able to speak to Miranda since January 2021 after she refused to go to her grandfather's funeral in a now viral Instagram video

Melanie Wilking says that her parents Kelly Wilking and Dean Wilking haven’t been able speak with Miranda since January 2021 when Miranda refused permission to attend the funeral of her grandfather in an Instagram video. 

Miranda Derrick (TikTok Star), 24, believes that she was taken in by a religious sect

Based on Isaiah 22:30, the Seven Mountain Mandate was born from a Bible verse. “A group of self-proclaimed apostates have a plan rooted Biblical prophecy that aims at ‘invading’ all spheres of our lives as they know them.” 

The mandate’s followers focus on education and religion. They also argue that they need to rid these institutions of witchcraft and demons. 

These principles have been followed by many Christians, including Paula White (a prominent Trump-affiliated pastor).  

Shekinah Pastor Robert Israel Shinn – whose son Isaiah is a director and choreographer for 7M – teaches a belief about prepping for the apocalypse and owns several companies, including a production group that made a film starring Meghan Markle. 

Shinn was sued by Lydia Chung in the past. Chung is a former member of Shinn. Shinn filed suit in 2009. Shinn claimed to have taken Shinn from her family and brainwashed Shinn. She also allegedly defrauded Shinn of nearly $4million. Shinn was supposedly sent directly through a church that does not pay taxes.

Shinn won in May 2011 by the judge, but Chung still believes Shinn is involved in something more sinister.    

She stated, “This is an underground cult.” This completely destroys people. It is common to hear stories about people who went into Vietnam. After such trauma many cannot function as normal people.

Shinn and a representative of 7M Films responded to the Wilkings family’s story with a statement. 

The statement stated that the sensational claims about 7M were based on a dispute between Miranda Derrick, a 7M-represented choreographer, and her estranged parents. ‘Despite her family’s claims, Miranda is a successful businesswoman and a loving wife and daughter who cares very much about her family. To try and turn Miranda’s private matters into an ugly public scandal to clicks and influence is both pathetically and disgraceful. 

“While recent portrayals by Dr. Robert Shinn, 7M Films and other inaccuracies were terribly offensive, 7M will continue to support Miranda in whatever endeavors she pursues,” they said.

Pastor Paula White, an advisor to the Trump White House, is a believer in the Seven Mountain Mandate

Pastor Paula White, an advisor to the Trump White House, is a believer in the Seven Mountain Mandate

Miranda’s sister Melanie used TikTok videos of Miranda to get the word out about her beliefs.

Melanie asserts that Miranda is unable to control her social media and the church controls Miranda’s finances in the video. 

Miranda and James Derrick replied to Miranda’s allegations via Instagram. Miranda claimed that Melanie kicked Melanie from their TikTok account, and then stopped talking to her family. Miranda stated that Melanie told her to quit speaking to Melanie because they had called the cops on James once when Melanie moved in. 

James, James’s friend and 7M member who speak with James can confirm that 7M dancers do speak with their families. This is a very unique circumstance with my family.

James also argued that his family does not like him personally in posts. He is a Compton black man with a son and has no car. 

Miranda Derrick seen in a video with her now-husband James, both of whom claim Miranda's family doesn't approve of

Miranda Derrick is seen with James, her husband. James claims Miranda’s family does not approve.

James and Miranda have both alleged that Miranda's family dislikes him because he is black, though the family denies it and points out that Miranda's sister is also dating a black man

Miranda and James have both claimed Miranda dislikes Miranda because Miranda is black. The family however denies this and pointed out Miranda’s sister, who is black.

7M is credited with his personal success in a matter months. He also argues that it’s not an evangelical church, but rather a secular for-profit business run by believers. 

James’s family refutes any claim that James is not liked by them for race reasons. Miranda’s sister Melanie is currently dating a man of African descent.  

They started out as a pair of sisters, both born in Michigan, and began their online dancing career together.

Following their meteoric rise to stardom on social media in 2020, they posted videos showing the latest TikTok trends.