The parents of a 12-year-old boy who was suffering from an inflammation syndrome called Covid have shared their story. His sore throat turned into an intractable inflammatory syndrome.

Logan Heddle fell dangerously ill after asymptomatic symptoms of the virus. He was in severe pain and had swellings all over his body.

Paediatric InflammatoryMultisystem Syndrome was found in him. This condition is believed to be caused by an overreaction to Covid, and the body attacking itself.

Scott Heddle and Katie Heddle are originally Orkney-born and now reside in Kendal. They say Logan suffered a severe neck pain and fever on Wednesday night.

Logan Heddle dangerously fell ill weeks after an asymptomatic case of the virus and was left in excruciating pain with swellings over his whole body

Logan Heddle became dangerously ill several weeks following an asymptomatic virus case and suffered excruciating pains with swellings throughout his entire body.

The next day, his throat was swollen and he began to feel a severe pain. Katie consulted with a GP to diagnose him as suffering from tonsillitis.

Logan, who was still feeling miserable by Friday’s heat, continued to experience a’sky-high’ temperature.

He was suffering stomach pains by Saturday and wasn’t wanting to eat. This was the first sign that something had gone wrong.

Katie and Scott searched desperately for help, so they called the NHS 111, who referred them to an urgent appointment at their local hospital.

Doctors again cited Logan’s problems as being caused by mumps, glandular fever or both.

Logan was suffering severe stomach pains by Sunday night and Monday morning. His temperature reached 40C. The couple had to go back to hospital.

Covid-19: PIMS is a rare immuno condition that affects children.

Doctors in the UK began seeing children suffering from severe inflammation within their bodies as early as April 2020. This was thought to be due to COVID-19.

Inflammation is a normal response of the body’s immune system to fight infection.

Sometimes, however, the immune system may go crazy and attack your body.

These symptoms are varied, and can be seen in children with less serious illnesses. However doctors state that all children diagnosed with PIMS will develop a fever lasting several days.

Other symptoms include tummy pain, diarrhoea, vomiting, rash, cold hands and feet and red eyes.  

While most won’t be seriously unwell, some children may be severely affected by the syndrome. 

It is crucial that the children are treated immediately if this occurs.


Scott took Logan, his son with serious sepsis to Lancaster Royal Infirmary.

His suspected PIMS was confirmed and he was moved to Manchester by a specialist ambulance.

The ventilator was connected to him and he was transferred to intensive care.

First, doctors had to rule out any other conditions, such as sepsis, Kawasaki disease and toxic shock syndrome.

Logan received intravenous immunoglobulin immediately. However, he had to undergo further testing before steroids could be administered.

They confirmed that Logan, Scott, and Katie had PIMS.

Katie stated that it was surreal. I think no parents would expect to be in this situation. You try to remain positive, calm, and hopeful, but then reality hits and you realise that you are in ICU, your child is seriously ill, and the doctors say he’s very sick .

Elle continued, “They [the doctors]He was immediately aware that he was seriously ill and had a nurse and doctor with him all the time.

Cases of PIMS are increasing as more COVID patients become diagnosed.

Logan contracted COVID about a month before, and remained symptomless throughout the infection.

The symptoms of PIMS appear to occur after COVID-19 infection has ended.

You may also experience a stomachache or cramps, nausea, diarrhoea, vomiting and unexplained irritation.

Katie said that while some doctors are aware of it, others, even in the medical field, seem to have mixed awareness. She was reflecting on her family’s trauma.

“It’s not common, but it was surprising that none of the other people had noticed that he had recently had COVID and all the symptoms that are associated with PIMS. Yet, it was never even thought about.

“When I think back on all his symptoms, he had had COVID recenty, in the prime years. There was something wrong. He is usually a healthy boy.

Logan (seen with his brother, Lochlan; and parents, Katie and Scott) was diagnosed with Paediatric Inflammatory Multisystem Syndrome (PIMS)

Logan is pictured with Lochlan his brother; Scott and Katie, Scott’s parents. Logan was diagnosed as having Paediatric Inflammatory Multisystem Syndrome.

Katie expressed her gratitude for the outstanding care received by Logan’s nurses and doctors.

After being on a ventilator for five consecutive days, he was transferred to intensive care for 11 days. He then went to high dependency for two nights and finally to a ward where he stayed for three nights.

Logan started to feel better slowly, but steadily. He became stronger each day. Logan was free of oxygen, wire, or drips on Saturday, 12/12.

The family was in a happy moment when he returned home to their beloved on Thursday, December 16th.

Katie shared that “He is so pleased to be back and see his brother.” He loved seeing his dog. He has missed him so much.

“He is doing well in himself. He’s been able to have a few friends around to visit.

Prior to this, he was a swimmer for 4 hours each week. He did three football training sessions a week.

‘It [PIMS] doesn’t discriminate. It doesn’t discriminate.

While research is ongoing into long-term effects, Logan has all the signs of making a complete recovery.

Logan's mother said her son is a prime example of the devastation Covid can cause even for children and adolescents

Logan’s mother said her son is a prime example of the devastation Covid can cause even for children and adolescents

Although he will continue to be closely monitored and have regular checks-ups with his doctor, recovery is slow. This means that for now, he cannot play football, rugby, or swimming.

Katie said that he’d been walking to the other side of the road for a while on short walks. “Yesterday we were able to walk about three quarters of a mile, so we are gradually increasing our activity.

Scott and Katie, who have their own company designing and building holiday resorts, are very grateful to their family for all of the support they received.

Marcus and Karen Wood were Katie’s parents. John and Ann, Scott’s mother and father, travelled to the Lake District in order to support their family during this difficult time.

Katie thinks that COVID may not be as harmless for children as many people believe. Katie was part of the Heddle Family’s horrific experiences over the past few months.

Now, she wants to tell her story in order to spread awareness about PIMS and the severe consequences of COVID-19. Katie stated that her son was a perfect example of what the virus could do to children and teens.

It is believed that children are not affected by it. While I knew I wasn’t going to want COVID for my child, after he got it I realized that I was wrong.

Logan is an example. While it doesn’t affect the person actually experiencing it, it has its after-effects.