France claims victory in fishing wars against Britain, after Guernsey granted all licenses Paris claimed its fishermen weren’t entitled to under the Brexit.

Around 40 vessels that had asked for licenses in Brittany and Normandy were approved. Three more will be issued shortly, according to authorities from Channel island.

A French minister stated that there are still dozens of licenses being held back by Jersey and Britain.  

France has claimed a victory in the fishing wars with Britain after Guernsey approved all licences Paris said its fishermen were untitled to under Brexit. Pictured: French fishermen wave a banner during a blockade in Calais on Friday

France claims victory over Britain in the fishing battles after Guernsey approves all permits Paris claimed its fishermen are not entitled under Brexit. Pictured: French fishermen waving banners during Friday’s blockade at Calais

France has been furious that Britain and Guernsey, the Channel Islands of Jersey & Guernsey, haven’t issued French vessels licences for fishing in their waters following Brexit. The row is still raging.

The agreement reached late last year by London, Brussels and Brussels allows European fishing vessels to continue to operate in UK waters. They must apply for new licences or prove that they have operated within the UK. 

For years, Brexit negotiations were plagued by fish rights. They continue to be a problem between Britain and France not only because they are economically important but also because of the political resonance that both countries feel.

Paris claims London is violating the agreement licensing system, which grants vessels access to one another’s waters. Britain refutes this charge.

Annick Girardin (France’s oceans minister) stated on Twitter that he was pleased with the 43 licenses issued as the European Commission deadline approaches.

Paris says London is failing to respect the agreed licensing system that grants vessels access to each other's waters, a charge that Britain denies. Pictured: French fishermen light flares during the ongoing row

Paris claims London is violating the agreement licensing system, which grants vessels access to one another’s waters. Britain refutes this charge. Pictured: French fishermen use flares to light up their boats during an ongoing row

Guernsey confirms that the licensures have been granted.

Guernsey, Jersey and other British Crown Dependencies are closer to France’s northern coasts than Britain.

Girardin indicated that France still needed 59 Jersey licences and 52 British licences for fishing in territorial waters six-12 miles from Britain.

Next year’s election will see President Emmanuel Macron face a challenge from his country. He has stated that his government would not stop until all Paris-issued fishing licenses are obtained for his fisherman.

French fishermen blocked the channel tunnel rail and port of Calais last Friday to stop trade between Britain, France and Europe.

As tensions over the access to self-governing British Crown Dependencies in the Channel heated over, French trawlers temporarily encircled Jersey’s main port.

In May, as tensions over access to the self-governing British crown dependencies in the Channel boiled over, French trawlers briefly encircled Jersey's main port (pictured)

As tensions over the access to self-governing British Crown Dependencies in the Channel heated over, French Trawlers briefly circled Jersey’s main port (pictured).

Guernsey authorities have renewed the licences temporarily, on a month-to-month basis while they considered all applications.

Thursday’s announcement of licences will permit 40 vessels to continue fishing in Guernsey waters starting February 2022. 

All other boats on the interim listing will still be allowed to fish through January 31, 2022.

They will be banned after that, except if they have evidence of fishing in those waters previously.

Jonathan Le Tocq from Guernsey stated that the milestone was reached in Guernsey’s licensing roadmap, which was first announced back in September.

He said, “We are proud of our relationships with Normandy Brittany, Brittany, and La Manche. I believe that today’s announcement will provide welcome stability and certainty in this new era.”  

Britain was given until December 10th by the EU for a resolution to this matter.

Last week, French fishermen disrupted cross-Channel traffic several hours to protest the post-Brexit fishing right granted by Britain.

President Emmanuel Macron, who faces an election next year, has said his government will not rest until his fishermen have all the licences Paris says are owed

President Emmanuel Macron faces an election in 2019. He has stated that his government won’t rest until all Paris-issued fishing licenses are obtained by his fisherman.

A half-dozen fishing boats prevented access to ferry services at Calais’ northern port and Ouistreham, in Normandy to its southwest.

French fishermen took action to save relations between neighbours, which were at their lowest in decades. It was also just days after a ferry carrying migrants crashed in the Channel and claimed 27 lives.

On Wednesday, Britain and Norway signed a post-Brexit agreement.

Deal promises to allow tariff-free commerce in produce including fish. However, it will also create new competition for the struggling UK fishing industry.

Although an agreement was made in April regarding mutual fishing rights access, it wasn’t reached.

Anne-Marie Trevelyan International Trade Secretary stated, “This agreement will support businesses across all sectors of the country, including the fishing industry in Scotland, Grimsby and innovative FinTech companies within our largest cities.”