Carter Reum, Paris Hilton’s husband is a 9-year old LOVE CHILD. He lives with Laura Bellizzi, a reality star who once dated Mel Gibson.

Paris Hilton is married to Carter Reum. Carter has a nine year-old child with Paris. 

Reum, a 40-year-old millionaire entrepreneur, had a child by Laura Bellizzi (reality star, Secrets of Aspen), PageSix reported Monday. 

Bellizii is a Chicago native, who lives with his child in California. He also briefly dated Mel Gibson. Reum and Hilton were married in Bel Air on Friday. 

Revealed: Paris Hilton's husband Carter Reum has 9-year-old love child with reality star Laura Bellizzi who briefly dated Mel Gibson

Revealed! Paris Hilton’s Carter Reum, husband of reality star Laura Bellizzi has a 9-year old love child with Laura Bellizzi. They briefly dated Mel Gibson. reached out to representatives for comments.  

After Reum and Hilton (both 40), shared their relationship openly on her reality TV show Paris In Love, this is the first time any important details about Reum’s past have been made public.

According to a source, Carter had ‘only been seen by the outlet. [his daughter]Since she was nine years old, it has been only one time.

Reum’s spokesperson responded that they had known the story for 10 years. Carter is supportive of this child. He supports this child, even though he doesn’t have the traditional father-daughter relationship.