Paris Hilton admitted to being traumatized and pained by having to talk about the abuse she suffered at school with Kathy. However, the mother-daughter duo have since “healed” through therapy.

In her 2020 YouTube documentary This is Paris, the reality star at 40 first spoke out about the abuses she received while attending boarding school.

At 17 she went to Provo Canyon School for 11 months. Later, she accused staff members of screaming in her face and bullying her. 

The school claimed she suffered ‘continuous torture’ and that her employees would allegedly ‘hit and choke’ students.

She now explains how her shocking revelations affected her relationships with her mother, who wasn’t aware of the abuse until the documentary was released.

Paris Hilton admitted that it was 'traumatic' for her to discuss the horrific abuse that she faced at school with her mom, Kathy, but revealed they have 'healed' by going to therapy together

Paris Hilton acknowledged that sharing the horrendous abuse she suffered at school was difficult for her and Kathy. But they were able to talk about it together after going to therapy.

Speaking out: Paris first opened up about the physical and psychological abuse she endured while at school in her 2020 documentary, This is Paris. She is pictured during the documentary

Talking out: Paris spoke first about the psychological and physical abuses she suffered at school during her 2020 documentary This is Paris. She was photographed during the documentary

She attended Provo Canyon School in Utah for 11 months when she was 17, and later accused the staff of 'screaming in her face' and 'bullying her.' She is pictured at age 12

When she was 17 years old, she attended Provo Canyon School in Utah. She later claimed that the school staff screamed in her face and bullied her. Here she is at 12

Paris (pictured last year while protesting the school) claimed that she faced 'continuous torture' at the school, and alleged that the employees would 'hit and strangle' the students

Paris was pictured in protest at the school last year. She claimed that she had been subjected to “continuous torture” and that her employees threatened to ‘hit and choke’ students.

Although it was difficult for the couple to talk about at first, they became closer in the end and it lifted some weight from her shoulders.

It was hard for me to tell my mom everything about it because it was so painful and traumatic. So, we had never talked about it,’ she told The Post in a recent interview.

Paris released a new Peacock series called Paris In Love last year. It captured Carter Reum (40), and Paris as they were about to get married.

According to her, the actress from Simple Life used therapy with her mother during tapings of the program. 

‘During the show, was when we began going to therapy together. She explained that she didn’t know what was going on, as did every parent sending their child to such schools.

“It was really therapeutic for me and my husband to talk about it, and take that weight off of my shoulders before getting married. Then I moved on to the next chapter of my life.

“What I experienced shaped my life and made me who I am today. Now, I’ve learned to trust and open up my heart.

Carter said, “Letting someone in was the greatest experience of my whole life. I’ve never felt happier.

Now, she has explained how those shocking admissions effected her relationship with her mom - who was unaware of the abuse before the documentary came out

She now explains how her shocking revelations affected her relationship with her mother – she was not aware of the abuse until the documentary was released.

Stronger: She said that although it was hard for them to speak about it at first, it made their relationship stronger in the end - and lifted a major weight off of her shoulders

They are stronger: Although it was difficult for them at the beginning, they were stronger together in the end. It also lifted some weight from her shoulders.

Paris claimed that she knows now who she really is thanks to the documentary.

“After my [2020 documentary This is Paris] I learned so much about myself and started talking about all of the traumatic experiences I’ve been through,’ she continued. 

‘It’s just been such a healing experience. It’s helped me to see who I really am. It was an incredible experience shooting this show. [Paris In Love]My mom and I spent time together, as well as my sister and her mother.

She claimed in her 2020 documentary that Provo Canyon employees would attempt to break her down by making her feel bad. 

She said, “From the time I woke up to when I went to sleep, it was constant torture.

“The staff would make terrible comments. Their constant bullying and making me feel terrible about myself made me feel worse. It was probably their aim to make us feel bad about ourselves.

“And they were physically abusive. They hit and strangled us. They wanted to instill fear in the kids so we’d be too scared to disobey them.’ 

Paris stated that Paris was kept in solitary confinement up to 20 hours per night.

“I suffered from panic attacks, and I was constantly crying. My life was miserable. She continued, “I felt as if I was a prisoner. I hated my life.”

Paris previously alleged that staff members at the school would attempt to 'break her down' by making her 'feel bad about herself.' She is pictured speaking about the abuse in 2020

Paris previously claimed that the staff at the school tried to make her feel bad by making it difficult for her to function. In 2020, she is shown speaking out on the subject.

Paris said she would have 'panic attacks and cry ever single day.' She is pictured speaking about it in her 2020 documentary

She also said she 'felt like a prisoner and hated life.' She is pictured speaking about it in her 2020 documentary

Paris claimed that Paris had ‘panic attacks’ and cried every single day. And she felt like a prisoner. In her 2020 documentary, she is seen talking about the subject.

At the time, she said she never told her parents because they were 'cut off from the outside world.' She is seen in April 2021, while advocating for a new law against teen-abuse

In her defense, she claimed she had never spoken to her parents as they had been ‘cut off from outsiders’. While advocating for new laws against teenage-abuse, she is seen here in April 2021.

“I had to hide my truth so much.” But I’m proud of the strong woman I’ve become,’ she told People Magazine right after the documentary came out.

“People may assume that everything I have done in my life was easy, but I want the world to see who I really am.” 

At the time, the socialite and businesswomen revealed why she never told her parents about the abuse, explaining, ‘I didn’t really get to speak to my family, maybe once every two or three months.

“We felt cut off from the outside. They were cut off from the outside world. I had to try to explain it once but got into so much trouble that I couldn’t say it again.

“They’d grab my phone, or tear up the letters I sent telling me that they didn’t believe you.”

“And staff would inform the parents that their children were lying. My parents didn’t know what was happening.

Paris’s former Provo Canyon classmates also appear in the documentary. They make similar claims, including using restraints or being forced to eat medication.

After the model left, she recalled: ‘I was so grateful to be out of there, I didn’t even want to bring it up again. It was just something I was ashamed of and I didn’t want to speak of it.’ 

Earlier this month, Kathy opened up about her initial reaction to hearing about Paris’ abuse while chatting with Andy Cohen via Zoom, and she admitted that it took her a long time to be able to watch the documentary. 

Heartbreaking: Earlier this month, Kathy opened up about her initial reaction to hearing about Paris' abuse while chatting with Andy Cohen via Zoom. She is pictured during the interview

Heartbreaking: Kathy shared her reaction to Paris’ abuse earlier in the month while talking with Andy Cohen via Zoom. View her during the interview

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills alum admitted it was hard for her to watch the documentary, but explained that when she finally did watch, she felt Paris' 'relief' immediately

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star, who admitted she struggled to view the documentary, explained she was relieved when she finally watched it. 

Kathy stated, “It caused me to feel so depressed.” “It was devastating for me to have that for so many years,” Kathy said.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills alum explained that when she finally did watch it, she felt Paris’ ‘relief’ immediately.  

She shared that they held hands and watched the thing for about an hour.

The talk-show host asked her why she sent Paris to boarding school. She explained that Paris was only there to stop her daughter from sneaking into clubs at night.

“That was something that a lot of people got.” [me and my husband, Rick Hilton, were]We were trying to save our daughter. Paris needed to be saved. I’m not that strict … we were worried,’ she explained.

She was in New York. The girl was always sneaking out of her home and would not return for at least three days.

So we sent her to this boarding school in this location, in the other one. She must be kept away from all the predators and people who want her to become a model. 

After Paris - who is pictured protesting the school in 2021 - made her allegations, Provo Canyon responded in a statement and said they 'do not condone or promote any form of abuse'

Provo Canyon issued a statement after Paris, who was pictured protesting at the school in 2021, made her claims. They said that they “do not condone nor promote any type of abuse.”

The school (pictured) said it is 'committed to providing high-quality care to youth with special, and often complex, emotional, behavioral, and psychiatric needs'

According to the school, it’s ‘committed in providing high-quality, high-quality care for youth with special and often complex emotional, behavioral and psychiatric requirements’

Provo Canyon issued a statement after Paris, who initially stated her claims against Provo Canyon in court on February 20, 2021.

Provo Canyon School opened its doors in 1971. It was then sold to the former owner in August 2000.

“We can’t comment on any operations that have been performed or the patient’s experience before this point.”

A second statement was made, which later stated, “We don’t condone or encourage any kind of abuse.”

All alleged/suspected abuse must be reported to the appropriate state regulatory agencies, law enforcement, and Child Protective Services.

“We commit to providing exceptional, complex and sometimes challenging, emotional, behavioral and psychiatric care for youth.”