A DPD driver throws a package through a fence and hits 78-year-old partially-sighted pensioner in the face.

  • Marcia Hart, age 78, suffered from blackeye and skin grazes after a package hit her face.
  • DPD driver delivered a package to Westcliff-on-Sea, Essex. 
  • Ms Hart is partially blind and said that the incident shocked her.

After a DPD driver drove past her house, a pensioner suffered a severe black eye and skin grazes. The delivery driver had thrown her neighbor’s parcel over the fence. It hit her face.

Marcia Hart (78), is partially blind and was enjoying reading in the community garden when the driver approached her to ask if she would sign for the package of her neighbor.

Ms Hart was a Westcliff-on-Sea resident in Essex. When she stated that she couldn’t, because she didn’t know her neighbours she replied, the driver was disappointed.

Partially sighted Marcia Hart, 78, was left with a black eye and grazing after this delivery driver threw a parcel over the gate of her communal garden in Westcliffe-on-Sea, Essex,

Marcia Hart was partially blind and left with an eye infection after the delivery driver drove a box over the fence of Marcia’s communal garden at Westcliffe-on-Sea.

After getting frustrated, Ms Hart said the delivery driver lobbed the parcel over the gate

Ms Hart was frustrated and said that the driver dropped the package over the gate. 

The shocking doorbell cam footage captures then the delivery driver peering around before lifting the parcel above the fence.

You can see the parcel flying in the air, which is where it hits Ms Hart’s face. The driver then takes a photo of the gate before he leaves.

The Sun was told by Ms Hart, a former lawyer that the parcel flew over her just as she was getting up to speak with the driver. She then hit the woman in the face.

“He was ringing my doorbell, ranting and so I decided to confront him. The noise was bothering me, so I tried explaining that I do not know the neighbors and can’t pick it up.

After throwing the parcel over the fence, the DPD driver took a picture of the gate and left

The DPD driver photographed the gate after the parcel was thrown over it and then left.

“He moaned so I went out to open the gate. It came over, whacked me. It was shocking and terrifying. The weight was not too great and I’m not sure what the contents were, but it caused me to have a black eye as well as grazes.

DPD spokeswoman said, “DPD takes customer service seriously and our employees’ behavior extremely seriously. That’s why DPD has been voted the top Money Saving Expert parcel delivery company satisfaction poll in eight years.”

“The behavior of our driver is unacceptable and unforgivable. The incident is under investigation. We will investigate and take appropriate action. The individual involved will be offered a complete apology.