There is not a single mask! As embarrassed passengers stare at them, the passionate Tube couple indulges in a steamy snog for three more stops.

  • Martin Besserman was on his way to the Central Line at 2 o’clock on Sunday
  • He saw a couple that began to kiss at Tottenham Court Road. 
  • After that, they continued through Bond Street and Oxford Circus to Marble Arch.

Tube commuters were shocked when a couple slept passionately at three stops, right in the middle.

Martin Besserman, a traveler on the Central train at approximately 2:45 on Sunday, was when the couple started to kiss at Tottenham Court Road.

After they had crossed Bond Street, Oxford Circus, and Marble Arch with the woman in between them, they continued to Marble Arch.

Martin Besserman was travelling on the Central line at around 2pm on Sunday when the couple began kissing at Tottenham Court Road. They then carried on through Oxford Circus and Bond Street to Marble Arch - with the woman straddling the man

Martin Besserman, a Central railway traveler at the time of the kissing began at Tottenham Court Road. After they had finished at Marble Arch, the couple moved on to Oxford Circus and Bond Street.

Camden’s comedy club producer and host, Mr Besserman said that the pair had just gotten on to the carriage.

She sat down on the ground and wrapped her legs around him, while he snorted through all three stops.

“There was an unmarried young lady sitting beside me, and she wasn’t sure where to go. It was obvious that she felt uncomfortable.

“One of my favorite things was seeing the reactions of others.” Many people attempted to pretend it was not happening.

Martin, a comedy club host and producer from Camden, north London, said: 'The pair of them just got on the carriage. He sat down and she wrapped her legs around him and snogged all the way through three stops'

Martin was a comedian club host from Camden and a producer. She sat down, wrapped her legs around him, and then he snorted through the three stops.

The incident was posted by Mr Besserman on Facebook that night, prompting mixed reactions.

Some posters pointed out that the couple was technically violating Covid rules. Public transport requires masks.

“One joker said it was Boris’ remnants.” One person said that they had at most covered their faces in order to avoid Covid. Mr Besserman agreed.

“One woman offered some moral support but said that every person wants someone who behaves like that.”