Christian pastor claims primary school made him quit his job due to anti-Pride Twitter. The tweet said the event was ‘harmful for children’. But, the pastor says that it was an act of love.

  • Keith Waters claimed he was fired from his job in 2019, after tweeting the message.
  • It was a expression of a Christian viewpoint on the events, according to the 55-year-old.
  • He stated that he addressed promiscuity publicly, regardless of whether or not it was sexual.

Keith Waters (pictured yesterday), who is a minister at an evangelical church, claims he was forced out of his job as a caretaker at a secular primary school after making the tweet in 2019

Keith Waters, pictured yesterday as an evangelical minister and parent at an evangelical church claims that he was fired from his position of caretaker at secular primary schools after he tweeted the following:

The pastor of a Christian church said that the homophobic message about gay pride being dangerous was “born out love” as he sued his former employer for constructive dismissal.

Keith Waters (a minister in an evangelical church) claims he was made redundant from his role as a primary school caretaker after tweeting the following:

According to the 55-year-old, the tweet was an expression of his ‘Christian perspective’ regarding LGBTQ Pride events.

Twitter user He posted the following message on June 1, 2019,: “An reminding that Christians should never support or attend LGBTQ Pride Month” events.

“They encourage a culture that is contrary to Christian belief and morals. Children are most at risk.

On social media, he was called homophobic and his parents wrote to Ely in Cambridgeshire to express their disgust at his hateful views.

Waters is married with a child and told yesterday’s employment tribunal that his tweet was born out of love.

Active Learning Trust is being sued by the plaintiff for indirect and direct discrimination and constructive dismissal.

On June 24, 2019, Waters handed in a notice to resign from the job he had held since January 2017 after school bosses threatened him with disciplinary action. Pictured: File photo of Pride

Waters submitted a notice of resignation on June 24, 2019 after being threatened by school officials with discipline action. Photo by Pride

Waters submitted a notice of resignation on June 24, 2019 after school officials threatened to discipline him.

Yesterday, Waters stated in written submissions that his tweet expressed a Christian viewpoint on LGBTQ Pride events. These are “diametrically against Christian sexual ethics”.

Waters was a minister for New Connexions Free Church, Ely. He wrote that ‘Pride” beliefs, culture, and ethics are diametrically opposed with Christian sexual ethics.

“Pride” not only promotes what we consider sinful, but it encourages others to be proud of their accomplishments. [sic]That is a sin.

Isle of Ely Primary School claimed that Waters’ tweet and social media controversy had caused the school to be in disrepute. This warranted an investigation.

Yesterday, the Cambridge tribunal heard that parents complained about Waters’ tweet.

Stephen Peacock represented the Active Learning Trust and summarized one letter.

Isle of Ely Primary School argued Waters (pictured yesterday) tweet and the social media outcry had brought the school into disrepute, which warranted a disciplinary investigation

Isle of Ely Primary school argued Waters, (pictured yesterday) had posted a tweet about the controversy on social media. The outcry caused disrepute for the school and warranted a disciplinary inquiry

He stated that he was disgusted by the idea of someone with so disgusting and hateful views being employed in an environment with children.

Waters said at the hearing, “Did you particularly consider the implications of that tweet?” Waters said that he didn’t think about the implications of this tweet. It was out of love that the reason for this tweet was born.

“I did not talk about Pride Month. I was speaking about events that were reported to have occurred at those events.

“I was speaking out about sexual activity and promiscuity. It didn’t matter if it was homosexual or heterosexual. It was all about nudity.