A ferret that can provide emotional support, prison sunbathing and her macaw pararot, and a relentless diva attitude… Lady Gaga and House Of Gucci DON’T have the unique PatriziaReggiani

  • A female guard at the prison for women where she was serving her sentence for using a hitman in order to murder her husband Maurizio Gucci talked about her wild side. 
  • Lady Gaga plays Patrizia (72), in Ridley Scott’s House Of Gucci 
  • According to some reports, the film omits many wilder aspects of real life Patrizia 
  • Insiders said that she was Lady Gucci while in jail, and this was what Scott didn’t show. She didn’t let anyone forget who they were. 

Patrizia’s story was brought to life by Ridley Scott’s House Of Gucci. Yet, some of the wildest aspects of her personal life were apparently left out.

A guard in the women’s prison where she served her sentence for hiring a hitman to kill her ex-husband Maurizio Gucci spoke to The Daily Beast about the untold wild side of the socialite, 72, who is played by Lady Gaga in the film. 

An insider claimed that the Black Widow was Lady Gucci, as Scott did not show in Scott’s epic. She didn’t let anyone forget who they were.  

One anecdote was that of Patrizia, who entered prison in 1997 with an emotional support ferret called Bambi. However, the pet’s owner died after another prisoner sat down on Bambi halfway through her run. 

Colourful: Patrizia Reggiani's story has been brought to life on the big screen in Ridley Scott's House Of Gucci, yet the wildest parts of her life have reportedly been left out (pictured in 2014)

The colour of Patrizia Reggiani is vivid. However, some parts of her wildest life were reportedly not shown (picture taken 2014).

During her 18-year sentence for the hit, Patrizia used her 2014 work release parole to preview a collection of bags at Milan Fashion Week under the Gucci name.

She was accompanied by Bo, her macaw-parrot Bo at her side. Prior to attending the event she stated that “I have never worked one day in my entire life” and would not start working now. 

Other insights include the fact that House Of Gucci implies that Maurizio met his lover, model Paola Franchi, at the time of his death during his marriage to Patrizia – however the encounter is thought to have taken place after the couple had split.

Pina Auriemma (Patrizia’s accomplice) has been referred to as a sorceress’. In 2010, she was sentenced for arranging murder and served her prison term.

Wow! During her 18 year prison sentence for hiring a hitman to kill her ex-husband Maurizio Gucci, the socialite, 72, used her 2014 work release parole to preview a collection of evening bags at Milan Fashion Week under the Gucci name (pictured in the 1980s)

Wow! WOW!

Patrizia continued to be a diva in Milanese jail, where she was dubbed The San Vittore Residence. 

Patrizia is also called The Black Widow. She was thought to have sipped on the sun in her recreational yard at leisure, ‘as if this were a private island’. 

According to insiders, she was seen decorating her cell with expensive linens and photos. 

Tragic: A prison guard in the women's wing told The Daily Beast how Patrizia was accompanied by an emotional support ferret named Bambi upon her arrival in 1997, which was brutally killed after another prisoner sat on it halfway through her run (pictured with Maurizio in the 1980s)

Tragic: The Daily Beast heard from a guard at the Women’s Wing prison that Patrizia received an emotional support ferret, Bambi, upon her arrival in 1997. It was then brutally murdered by another prisoner who sat on Bambi halfway through her run.

House Of Gucci continues the sad story of Patrizia. She was married to the Gucci empire, but she was left out when Maurizio moved on for a more youthful woman.

The cold-blooded murder of the fashion scion in 1995 shocked the world – especially when Patrizia was found guilty of plotting it.

The murder trial that captivated Italy saw Reggiani arrive each day in head-to-toe Gucci clothes, and accessories.

She told the court that she had ordered the death of her husband, after receiving $650,000 as a settlement for her divorce.

Adam Driver is the late Maurizio Gcci’s shoelaces while Adam Driver stars in the movie Starring also Al Pacino and Jared are fashion designer/auteur Tom Ford. 

Focus: Significantly depicted during the course of the film is the aftermath of the 1995 murder of Maurizio Gucci (played by Adam Driver), the Italian businessman and head of the fashion house Gucci, by his ex-wife Patrizia (played by Lady Gaga)

Oh no: Gaga has spoken at length about her transformation into Patrizia (pictured in 1985) and using the accent for an entire nine months to remain in character

Focus: The movie’s main focus is on the aftermath of the 1995 murder by Maurizio Gucci (played well by Adam Driver), an Italian businessman and chief of Gucci fashion house. Lady Gaga plays Patrizia. 

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