After the terrorist threat was raised in response to the Liverpool attack, security plans will be reviewed for major events and patrols of armed police officers will increase.

Matt Jukes (assistant commissioner for UK counter-terrorism police) stated that the public would see an increase in the presence of officers at key points and that they will be able to do more online.

On Wednesday, Mr Jukes spoke in Leicester Square, London’s West End. He stated that plans for major events across the nation were being reviewed and there would be an increase in armed police presence at key points.

“In London, where there are dedicated anti-terror polices, they will be extremely focused.

“You will notice more visible policing but of course we will also be very active elsewhere. Talking to citizens about their issues online, and in the communities.

Following the attack on Liverpool Women’s Hospital Remembrance Sunday, the terrorist threat has been elevated to serious.

Patrols by armed police will be increased and security plans for major events reviewed after the terror threat level was raised following the Liverpool attack. Above: Armed officers outside Number 10 Downing Street in London on Tuesday

After the terrorist attack in Liverpool, security plans will be reviewed and patrols of armed police will increase. Above: On Tuesday, armed officers stood outside Number 10 Downing Street (London)

Emad Al Swaalmeen, who had been planning for his bomb attack for months, was said to have bought components “at least since April”, investigators claimed.

According to Mr Jukes, the possibility for suspicious behavior is increased when an attack takes months of planning.

He said, “In this instance it’s too early for us to know what the behavior was, how others may have spotted that, or even what others saw,”

“But, what we know is that attacks often take place over several months. People have the opportunity to notice changes in their behaviour and to witness unusual events.

Be prepared for unusual deliveries or purchases. Items that seem strange.

“The public has many options – friends, neighbors, and families – to help keep our communities safe, without commenting on each individual case.

The terror threat was raised from substantial to severe, meaning an attack is 'highly likely' rather than 'likely', after the blast outside Liverpool Women's Hospital on Remembrance Sunday

After the explosion outside Liverpool Women’s Hospital on Remembrance Day, the terror threat level was elevated to substantial from severe. This means that an attack of this nature is more likely than not.

“There are certain signals that can be seen in how people combine improvised explosives. These are indicators that the public should recognize. Making unusual purchases.

“If someone buys something from you as a retailer and it doesn’t feel right, you should call us at the anti-terrorist hotline.

A senior officer who worked for over two decades in anti-terrorism said there were still opportunities for people to identify lone-wolf terrorists.

“The one actor remains a concern.” 

“The online person” They aren’t always alone, but they can be inspired, instructed, or in touch with their friends by what they find online.

“So friends, families, and neighbors should be able to notice the change in behavior. Many times, these are signs that we have an opportunity.

According to Mr. He, police and security personnel also require the assistance of the general public, especially parents, when identifying someone who has accessed terror or extremist material online.

He stated that ‘we are very worried about the availability information that is useful to terrorists online, and that’s why we prosecute people every year for sharing that information.’

“We need to get the support of all those who are affected by this. Unfortunately, we also require the support of our parents. 

Emad Al Swealmeen spent months planning his bomb attack, and had been buying components 'at least since April', investigators said

Emad Al Swaalmeen was a long-time planner for his bomb attack. Investigators claimed that he had bought components “at least since April”

“We are aware that many young people have access to this information. It’s important that we have that conversation.

The UK’s counterterrorism police and the security forces are conducting 800 investigations at a time. They want the public to be aware of the potential for terrorist acts in crowds in the lead up to Christmas.

“This period is very worrying and has resulted in an increase in threat levels. 

“What we know for sure is that terrorist attacks in the UK and around the globe can sometimes galvanize or encourage others.

“We often see multiple attacks at once. The threat level has increased because of this.

It’s clear that it is alarming, but people need to recognize that they have tremendous potential to help make that happen.

“If something doesn’t feel right, call the anti-terrorist hotline or go online to any of the reporting channels. We can all help defeat terrorists.

Call 0800 789 321.