After a bombshell sexual assault claim against Chris Noth, Peloton removed its viral advertisement starring Chris Noth in Mr. Big.  

Noth, 67, has denied the claims of two anonymous women that have both came forward to The Hollywood Reporter – one of whom claims she needed stitches after an alleged 2004 assault in his apartment when he was 49 and she was just 22.  

These claims were made after Noth joined forces with Peloton to capitalize on the controversy surrounding his death riding a Peloton bicycle in Sex and the City reboot and Just Like That. has reached to Peloton concerning the ad pulled from company Instagram or Twitter accounts. 

Ryan Reynolds, a movie star who also removed the advertisement from his social media accounts, provided voice over for the advert. It was completed in record time of only 36 hours.  

Now Peloton DELETES viral ad starring Chris Noth as Mr Big from social media in wake of bombshell allegations of sexual assault... after Ryan Reynolds made clip in record time

Peloton DELETES Viral Ad starring Chris Noth in Mr Big, from Social Media in the wake of shocking allegations of sexual assault… Ryan Reynolds made it in record time 

No longer available: A link to the original post by Peloton is no longer showing up on its Instagram

It’s no longer possible: The original Peloton post link is not showing up anymore on the Instagram. 

Jess King, senior instructor in fitness at Peloton also deleted the ad.

A few angry fans took to social networking and demanded that the advertisement be taken down. 

“And now Chris Noth is being accused of sexually assaulting 2 women. Losers, all you. Delete this,” one fan complained to Peloton’s official twitter account.  

Peloton received a tweet from another user asking, “So you now use an accused Rapist Chris Noth for your ads?” This is what happens when hype takes precedence over integrity. You don’t have to wait for 24 hours before you plan next time. 

John Foley is the CEO and cofounder of Peloton. He was then directly tweeted with the question, “Are You Sorry for Hiring Chris Noth?” Hire sexual predators not to appear in your ads.

Abby Honold, survivor, tweeted that you should pay the same attention to these two women as to Chris Noth and their story about Chris Noth.

Hitting out: Many took to social media to call out Peloton following the claims of sexual assault against Noth who starred in the ad

Peloton called out by many: Following the allegations of sexual assault against Noth, the actor in the advertisement, many took to social media and called out Peloton. 

Honold continued: “And do not forget, coming out about your sexual assault does not mean that you are rewarded financially, famous, or with compliments. It is brutal, scary, and painful.

A second tweet stated: “So should the peloton pack it up, and call it quits?” It’s not a good look, especially with all the Chris Noth claims. reached Out to Representatives of Peloton. They have been unable to comment. 

The women claimed that Noth had sex from behind with them in front of mirrors. This was three years after Noth got married to Tara Wilson in 2004.

According to The Hollywood Reporter’s statement, Noth, who is married Wilson and has two children – Keats, Orion, and Orion – admitted that he had “consensual encounters” with Wilson’s two daughters, though he strongly denied that he assaulted any of them.

According to the statement, “The allegations against me that I was made falsely by persons whom I had met many years ago, or decades ago, are absolutely false.”

‘These stories could’ve been from 30 years ago or 30 days ago — no always means no — that is a line I did not cross. These encounters were consensual.

“It’s hard not to doubt the timing of this story coming out. I don’t know for certain why they are surfacing now, but I do know this: I did not assault these women.’

Claims: Co-founder and CEO of Peloton John Foley was also directly tweeted at with a tweet accusing Noth of being an alleged sexual predator

Claims: Co-founder and CEO of Peloton John Foley was also directly tweeted at with a tweet accusing Noth of being an alleged sexual predator 

And Just Like That: The actor teamed up with the company to cash in on the viral moment from the show

This is how it works: An actor teams up with the company in order to capitalize on the momentous virality of the show. 

The two women both also allege that the attacks took place in one of Noth’s homes – the first in his Los Angeles apartment and the second in his New York City property – after the actor invited them over. 

Zoe claimed that Zoe visited actor’s West Hollywood home to retrieve a book he had loaned her. Zoe’s second statement stated she returned to Noth in Greenwich Village following a date when he invited to taste ‘his whiskeys’. 

They claim the publicity around Sex and the City – and Just Like That- has “triggered” their memories about their encounters. Noth is prominently featured in the media in the last week due to the shocking death of Mr Big in the series’ first episode. 

They claimed to have been triggered by the public attention surrounding Sex and the City 2nd sequel And Just Like That and Noth’s subsequent rise as a prominent star, THR.

Zoe said that Noth first came to her attention while she was working as an intern at a well-known firm in which Noth and other famous people had regular business. The actor was seen flirting with Zoe in an office setting before she received messages from him on her voicemail. Her boss alerted her.  

Both women told THR that the recent publicity surrounding the release of the Sex and the City sequel And Just Like That prompted them to come forward with their claims

The women claimed that they were prompted by recent media attention surrounding the Sex and the City 2nd sequel And Just Like That. 

Noth has featured heavily in the press in the past week after his character, Mr. Big, died of a heart attack in a shocking twist in the first episode of the new reboot

Noth was prominently featured in the news this week, after Mr. Big died from a heart attack. This shocking twist occurred in Episode 1 of the New Reboot. 

Noth raped her in her West Hollywood apartment when she was only 22 years old. He was then 49. She claimed that Noth invited her to his house in order to borrow a book, and that Noth then raped her behind while she was looking into a mirror.  

The actress also said that he ‘laughed’ at her when she requested him to use condoms. She was left bleeding from the attack and needed stitches in the hospital.  

‘It was very pain and I shouted, “Stop!”’ According to her, she shared this with THR. ‘And he didn’t. He didn’t. I replied, “Can we at least get condoms?” He laughed at me.  

She claims that after the assault she went back to Noth’s apartment. There she tried to clean the blood from her shirt. Then, her friends urged her to visit Cedars-Sinai, where she said she was assaulted.  

“I was stitched. Two police officers were there. I wouldn’t say who it was,’ she says, claiming that she feared she would ‘not be believed’ and could ‘be fired’ if she publicly accused Noth of rape.  

Zoe did not accuse Noth of assaulting or rape but she spoke to others about it, including her boss. She told THR that Zoe called her following the alleged rape and said Noth had attacked. 

According to Zoe, her boss, who is now deceased, said Zoe was upset and in shock during the call. She relayed details about the horrible incident but she insists that Zoe not reveal it. 

“I was only 25 years old at that time. That was quite a bit. I didn’t know what to do,’ the unnamed woman said. 

Noth’s second accuser, Lily, told a similar story to THR, alleging that the actor raped her in his home after they struck up a flirty relationship while she was working as a server at former New York nightclub No.8 in 2015, when she was 25. 

Noth was 60 and was married to his wife of three years. The couple had one son together, Orion who was born in 2008. Keats, their second son was born in 2020.  

The second woman - Lily - claims that the alleged attack took place in Noth's Greenwich Village apartment (building pictured) after they met while she was working as a server in a club

Lily, the second female claim that Noth attacked her Greenwich Village apartment. She met Lily while working in a restaurant.

Lily says she was working as a server in the VIP section of New York nightclub No. 8 (pictured), which has since closed, when Noth 'hit on her' in 2015

Lily says that she used to work as a server for the VIP section at New York nightclub No. 8 (pictured), has since been closed by Noth. 

Lily, who describes herself as a long-time admirer of the actor says that she was star struck when he started ‘hitting on’ her. 

“He was picking on me for certain. It was a compliment. “I knew that he was married. It is embarrassing of me to admit,” she stated.  

Lily says that Noth approached her for her number and asked her for dinner.  

The kitchen was closed when the pair first met. Lily says that they had wine at the bar and then discussed Noth’s inability or unwillingness to be in the third Sex and the City movie.

Lily acknowledges that she “had too many to drink” but insists that it was not a serious problem when she went to Greenwich Village with actor Michael Jackson to sample some of his whiskeys.   

Although the woman claims she is not super sexually active, she insists that her belief that he would attempt to have sex was false and that they would talk about their acting careers and drink whiskey. 

Lily said that the couple listened and discussed music in his home before Lily began to try to have sex with him. 

She says she entertained him with caution, but she admits she was nervous because he’s older and more mature than she. 

Lily claims that he was more assertive as time passed, and that he “kept trying, trying, and trying.” 

She said that she should not have spoken more strongly and she left. He claimed to be standing next to her and had pulled her down, then he ‘was standing in her face’ before “thrusting her penis into her mouth”.   

According to her, she said that Noth had mentioned that they were married with a child and that the actor told her that marriage was a fraud and that monogamy isn’t real. Lily says that Noth then sexually assaulted her behind while she was sitting in a chair facing a mirror. 

Peloton and HBO Max are yet to respond to the accusations against Noth.