After a disturbing storyline in Sex And The City, Pelotons has come back into the spotlight as the safety and security of the Pelotons home gym experience that includes virtual classes. 

In the first episode of ‘And Just Like That’, Carrie’s husband Mr Big (Chris Noth) dies of a heart attack shortly after a 45-minute session on a Peloton Bike, the piece of high-end home gym equipment – prices starting at £1,350/$1,495 – that’s become a must-have in affluent homes. 

There have been real tragedies for the brand, including the Tread+ $2,400 treadmill. This was not available in the US, and it has since been recalled. 

In March, a six-year old boy in the US was killed in an automobile accident. However, details of this incident have not been made public. Another incident saw a three-year-old child, who went on to make a full recovery, suffer head injuries after becoming trapped underneath the machine. 

Others have also reported injuries, including abrasions or burns. A family member of a three-year old boy was forced to use a Tread+ treadmill and told him he would be permanently scarred. 

In the UK, Peloton customers have reported minor injuries resulting from the use of the £2,295 Tread treadmill, resulting from the screen falling off.  

These safety concerns have clouded the brand’s success. The brand plummeted during lockdown, when it was impossible for people to access their gyms.

Peloton's popularity, which soared during lockdown when people couldn't access gyms, has taken a blow in recent months over safety fears, mainly concerning its $2,400 treadmill, the Tread+, pictured, which was only released in the US and has been recalled

Peloton’s popularity has plummeted during lockdowns when it was difficult to access the gyms. Safety concerns, especially regarding the Tread+ ($2,400), pictured above, have given Peloton a bad name. This treadmill is only available in the US.

Jocelyn Ratliffe, 6, suffered from severe abrasions to her legs after being sucked under a Peloton Tread+, her father revealed in April, sharing this photo on Good Morning America

Jocelyn Ratliffe (age 6), suffered serious abrasions in her legs when she was sucked underneath a Peloton Tread+. This is what her father, who shared the photo via Good Morning America, revealed to April.

Following the And Just Like That premiere, it was hit with another setback. Shares plunged by 11.35% since the episode aired at 12.01 AM PT (US) 

The CSPC, a US product safety regulator raised first concerns regarding the safety Tread+ which was not made available in the UK on April 17. They then asked Peloton to recall the Tread+. 

The company had published the information about the six-year old child’s death the previous month. 

After nearly 40 instances of children being ‘entrapped and pinned’ by the Peloton Tread+, regulators said that they had to quickly warn the public about the danger. 

John Foley, CEO of Peloton at the time refused to comply with this request. 

Peloton did however announce a US recall of the Tread+ on May 5, acknowledging that its initial responses were flawed. 

It simultaneously recalled the Tread, which is available in both the US and UK, due to the Tread’s faulty display, which had fallen off and caused injury.  

Some 12 minor injuries such as abrasions, cuts or bruises linked to use of the Tread had been reported in the UK at the time of the recall. 

Also, safety concerns regarding the popular exercise bikes were raised.

A pedal safety problem caused 27,000 Peloton Bikes to be pulled from the streets of America in 2020. 

Peloton Tread continues to be available in the UK and US. The Tread+ is not currently available in the US. The UK has not yet revealed the Tread+. 

Peloton Bike+ is still available for purchase in the UK and USA. 

Peloton explains how pets and children must be kept from Peloton, and any other home exercise apparatus at all costs.

Children should not use the equipment. 


The three-year-old boy suffered third degree burns to his back and sides after he became trapped under a Peloton Tread+ in Brooklyn, New York last year

The three-year-old boy suffered third degree burns to his back and sides after he became trapped under a Peloton Tread+ in Brooklyn, New York last year

According to a July lawsuit, the injuries sustained by a three-year old boy who was trapped under a Peloton treadmill that had been defective and dangerous were third-degree burns. 

Sarah and Ygal, both from Brooklyn, New York, brought a suit against Peloton before the New York State Supreme Court. They were concerned about their son’s serious injuries. 

Their son, they claim, was caught under the Peloton Tread+ in 2020. According to the suit, the boy got trapped underneath the treadmill’s rotating belt and the treadmill continued to run even though he was there.  

As a result, he suffered third-degree burns to his sides and back. 

According to the suit, the little boy was left with permanent scarring, disfigurement and shock, emotional distress, pain, and suffering.

According to the Saadouns, Peloton should have known or ought to have known that the treadmill was dangerous. 

Safety regulators issued an April warning regarding the Tread+ model, asking people who have children or pets to stop using it immediately after one child was killed and many were hurt.

The footage showed the boy getting trapped under the treadmill, before he finally wriggled free.

Peloton Tread+ model numbers were recalled and the company agreed to cease selling them in the month that followed. 

As a result, the injuries sustained by the boy are being claimed by the Saadoun Family. 


Peloton co-founded and CEO John Foley shared news of the fatality in a letter addressed to owners of Tread+ in March. He urged customers to exercise caution when using the equipment

John Foley, Peloton CEO and founder John Foley, also shared information about the death in a March correspondence addressed to Tread+ customers. Customers were urged to use the equipment with caution.

John Foley, Peloton CEO and founder of Tread+, wrote to customers on March 20, 2021, revealing that a six year-old had died from an accident in which the treadmill was involved.

Public information has not been released about the victim, the parents, or what caused the accident. 

But it caused Mr Foley to warn parents that children should not use Peleton’s exercise equipment. 

Foley stated that while we know of only a few incidents in which children were hurt by the Tread+, every one of them is devastating for all of us at Peloton and his heart goes out to those involved.

Foley is also co-founder at Peloton. He shared the standard safety warnings of the company, including keeping pets and children away from equipment and taking the safety key off the treadmill after a workout.

Foley said, “We design and construct all our products with safety as our top priority.” 

“But we still need your assistance to make sure that your family is safe when you use Peloton products in their home. 

“This statement is particularly true in the last stretch of pandemic, where everybody is still home.


In April US federal regulators released a terrifying video of a child being dragged under a Tread+ treadmill as they warned consumers to stop using the equipment. The child, seen bottom right, was pulled under the treadmill while it was in use

A terrifying video was released by US Federal regulators in April showing a Tread+ treadmill being pulled under the child’s feet. They warned that this could lead to injuries and even death. This is the bottom-right picture of the child being pulled underneath the treadmill. 

The terrifying footage of the child being carried under a Tread+ treadmill by US regulators was published in April. 

The heartbreaking video shows a small girl walking on the treadmill. 

The exercise machine is then walked behind by a little boy who grabs a large pink ball. 

He is holding the ball in his hands and can be seen pulling the ball under the treadmill, moving the boy with it.

The treadmill appears to be stopped moving when the boy lifts the machine slightly from the ground.

The girl sprints away from the view of the boy, but the girl quickly gets up on the treadmill. 

It starts to move again. At first, it seems that the boy resists it. Then it pulls him under the treadmill.

The machine’s power causes the little boy shake, and the treadmill suddenly speeds up, pulling the little boy beneath his head.

He is being pulled down more, until his legs become visible. In an effort to get free, he seems to try to smash his legs.

The boy pulls himself out from under the treadmill and is seen walking off the edge of the machine. 

Peloton has stated that children and pets must be kept from Peloton, and any other home-exercise equipment. Children should not use the equipment.