This is what Ice-ly does! Amazing moment: Penguins make a run for it from a floating piece of sea ice!

  • Video footage filmed near McMurdo Station on January 16, shows group activity on the block
  • Some penguins can swim. Others prefer to wait for the ice to move closer before they paddle.
  • Another group of impatient penguins leapt into the water and moved to the opposite side.
  • They were all happy to see each other in Antarctica footage 

The moment that penguins float on an ice piece scrambled up to the shore is this.

Film footage of the group at the bottom of the block was shot on January 16, near McMurdo station in Antarctica.

Some penguins swim, but others wait for the ice – and then jump back off.

Footage filmed on January 16 near McMurdo Station in Antarctica shows the group in the middle of the water on the block as some wait to jump off and others are too impatient and jump in to swim to the other side

The group is seen in middle of water near McMurdo Station, Antarctica. Some wait for their jumpoffs while others jump in and swim the opposite direction. Footage was filmed January 16, 2016. 

 In the footage, the ice is seen floating near the shore where it has broken off.

Penguins that were more patient decided to swim towards shore to join the rest of the animals.

Penguins have a reputation for being playful, and they jump joyfully in the water to find the other side. 

The happy penguins then huddled together as they were reunited.  

The happy penguins begin to huddle together in a bunch as they are reunited

When they are reunited with their friends, the happy penguins start to cluster together.  

Another piece of 2020 video shows penguins attempting to climb onto an iceblock, rather than onto the land. 

Video taken by passerby of Gentoo Penguins shows them circling an ice block off the coast. It was captured before at least twelve tried to jump on. 

They attempt to climb onto Antarctica’s bobbing ice, and it turns out hilarious.

As they try to escape the 2C water, you can see them scurrying out.   

Others are able to climb up and then slide back down, while some others land in hilariously flat spots on the fronts.

“While filming Penguins Antarctica, I observed that they had been determined to land on the small bit of ice. Although it wasn’t successful, this passerby agreed. 

The penguins struggle to get onto the floating ice

They belly flop and skid and slide off the block

A passerby filmed footage in 2020 of gentoo penguins circleling an ice block off the coast. At least 12 tried to climb on it.