Fed-up neighbours reveal the VERY cheeky nicknames they’ve given to locals who have annoyed them – from bin w****r to Mrs Blobby (so, what are people calling YOU?)

  • Mumsnet users in Britain have shared the names of their neighbors 
  • One individual referred to one their curious neighbors as “Nosy McNosy”.
  • A second neighbor was nicknamed ‘Creepy Clive” and a third ‘Flamboyant John”.

They are often more interesting than you think. 

And if you think that your habits and behaviour go un-noticed by those living next to you, then this Mumsnet Thread will likely make alarming reading.

The forum has been used by people all over the UK to share their nicknames with others in the area. They range from very friendly names to those that sound more like ‘Happy Dog Lady’ and ‘Dancing Dan’ to harsher terms like ‘Creepy Clive,’ ‘Honey Monster’ and ‘Bin w*****.’

A particular neighbor loved listening to everyone’s problems and was nicknamed Nosy McNosy by the annoyed residents. 

In the meantime, a unfriendly woman was called “Ice Queen.” 

British people have shared the very funny names they've used to describe their neighbours, from Nosy McNosy to Noisy Lady and 'Bin w*****' (stock picture)

British people have shared the very funny names they’ve used to describe their neighbours, from Nosy McNosy to Noisy Lady and ‘Bin w*****’ (stock picture) 

A resident started the thread by explaining that she had several names over the years for her neighbors, including: “The Lottery Queen,” for a woman who was a winner of a few thousand at the lottery, and loved to boast about it.

She called her neighbor, who liked to be shirtless at work on his computer, ‘Internet King’ as well as a large female with a moustache “Honey Monster.”

Because of her haircut, one neighbor was renamed “Barry the Bag” and another “Roman Helmet”. 

Many neighbors have earned the nickname “Nicknames” because they are known for their irritating behavior.   

Some people revealed they called their neighbour 'Flamboyant John' while others referred to them as 'Mr Muscle,' Roman Helmet or Mrs Blobby

Some individuals revealed that they called their neighbor Flamboyant John while others refered to them by Mrs Blobby, Mr Muscle or Roman Helmet.

One person said they called their neighbors The Clampetts after the loud and boisterous family in The Beverly Hillbillies’ 1960 sitcom. 

“The loudest voices, non-stop barking dogs,” they said. 

They said they now call the other residents of the street Duke and Duchess as they believe they have the right to the road.

One person wrote:  ‘I live three doors down from Noisy Lady (although I also have less polite names for her). She is f****** loud. 

Many neighbours were called 'Weird so and so' and another was dubbed 'chaby but nice' while one was called 'Grumpy Tory' and another 'Happy Dog Lady'

One neighbor was called a ‘Weird So and So’, while the other was called a ‘chaby but lovely’. Another was called a ‘grumpy Tory’, and another called a ‘Happy Dog Lady.

“She enjoys having phone calls in her backyard that she can hear from my bedroom (front), with all doors closed.” Their conversation continued. 

A person claimed that there is a Creepy Clive in the area and they won’t let children go with him.   

“We have Flamboyant John. And my six-year old son called him that, and he looked quite happy,” another recounted. 

One person called their neighbours: ‘Haribo Al, Him with the White Hair, The Patter, BMW T***, Dancing Dan, Mary Poppins, Her With the Crutch and Weird Gary.’

Another said they called their neighbor ‘Tash.’ They heard her talking about hair removal products on the phone. 

One neighbor called him “Treadmill Charlie”, because he never runs fast enough.  

More nicknames included Duke and Duchess, Nosy McNosy, Bin 'W*****' and Noisy Lady. Many were named after things they did that annoyed their neighbours

More nicknames included Duke and Duchess, Nosy McNosy, Bin ‘W*****’ and Noisy Lady. Numerous were given their names after annoying neighbors.