Do you find yourself dreading the thought of returning to the workplace tomorrow? This isn’t a common feeling. The reasons employees are dragging their feet include a lack of confidence in front of the boss, a drunk NYE and wearing bras for the first week.

  • An anonymous British man asked Reddit user about their dread of returning to work. 
  • He admitted that he is unsure whether he will be able to return to his job as an ‘idiotproof’. 
  • Another response was that they were embarrassed before their bosses on NYE 
  • Another admitted that they didn’t want to be unable to wear their pyjamas. 

It is difficult to get back to work after a vacation to spend quality time with loved ones. However, these confessions show that it’s not just home comforts that keep some from going to work again.

Reddit users all over the UK are sharing their true reasons for not returning to work after Christmas. This includes having to take off your pyjamas to be able to walk a lot to avoid being exposed to Covid via public transport.

After an anonymous man said he was unsure whether he could return to work that requires him to be ‘idiotproof’, the discussion started.

People from across the UK have vented the reasons they are dreading returning to work after the Christmas break (file image)

A variety of people across Britain have shared their fears about returning to work following the Christmas break. (file image).

The discussion began after an anonymous man admitted he doesn't know if he can go back to 'making things idiot proof'

An anonymous man confessed that he was unsure if it is possible to go back and “make things idiotproof”.

Other responses revealed that they have lost their passion for the job and don’t look forward to being back with colleagues.  

After writing, he received hundreds of comments and questions from people who were not ready to go back to work. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to return to “making it idiot proof”.

One commentator said: “Making the difficult transition back to pretending that I am a normal functional member of society after one week and a bit of being a Pyjama-wearing slob fuelled Ferrero Rocher and Celebrations. 

One wrote, “Walking four miles to get there from my parking spot. Can’t ride the bus because it is unreliable. Buses are full of people without masks and coughing.   

The thread racked up hundreds of comments with many people admitting they can't be bothered to wear office attire

This thread attracted hundreds of comments, with many commentators admitting that they don’t have the time to dress up for work. 

The third addition is: “Covid Testing… My job is in school, so we’ll be conducting Covid testing of students upon their return. I have the privilege to do all the administrative work. The 6.30 begins again. 

“That along with the normal anxiety and depression about moving to a new place for which I am not passionate but that I can’t get out of, despite all my efforts. 

There were many other replies to this thread from individuals who admitted that they do not want to work with their co-workers.

It’s humiliating to have to deal with leaders who are out of touch. The other wrote that there was nothing but denial and excuses for any issue. 

A number of responses to the thread admitted they don't want to go to work because of their colleagues

In response to the thread, a number of people stated that they do not want to go work for their colleagues. 

Another one said, “Saw boss while drunk on NYE and 100% embarrassed myself.” It’s going to be fascinating.

Face to face with colleagues and customers asking me “Have a Merry Christmas?” I did not. People don’t like to hear it. They don’t want me to tell them. They will just have to accept my explanation and say “yeah, okay, quiet one” with a polite smile.

Another person said they aren’t equipped for their job.

“It’s okay, it’s not awful but I’m experiencing a bit of Imposter Syndrome and I think that I’m going into trouble because I haven’t been trained well. When I ask questions, I either get ignored or I’m passed to someone who ignores or passes me along etc. 

“It’s not what I was expecting it to be.