The embarrassing Christmas moments that a family introduced a new lover to them at Christmas are shared by people. From a leering uncle, to receiving racy lingerie before all of their relatives.

  • Many people from all over the world joined together to introduce their partners to their families
  • Many were embarrassed at the drunken behavior of their parents, according to Whisper
  • American woman says her boyfriend stared at her chest as she was introduced
  • Another woman said that her family had made a comparison between her boyfriend and her abusive father.  

Presenting your partner to the family can be stressful. 

Whisper, an anonymous messaging app that lets people share their awkward moments with family members during holidays has been used by many around the globe. 

A woman from America confessed that her uncle stared insensitively at her chest while she was being introduced at Thanksgiving by her boyfriend.

One woman living in America told the story of her boyfriend telling her that they couldn’t be intimate with each other under his family’s roof. He suggested she leave him at her house and go out with someone else.  

Femail is a member of a group that celebrates more cheer than festive cringe. 

People from around the world have taken to anonymous sharing app Whisper to share what happened when they introduced their partner to family members during holiday season - including a woman, from the U.S, who claims her boyfriend's uncle stared at her chest

Whisper allows anonymously sharing to allow people all around the world to describe what happened to their partner when they shared it with family during holidays season. Whisper also lets them share the story of how the boyfriend introduced her to her relatives – even a U.S. woman who says her uncle stared at the chest.

One anonymous woman was left speechless after her family compared her boyfriend to her abusive father

After her family made a comparison between her boyfriend and her abusive father, one anonymous woman found herself speechless. 

Another woman, who lives in America, told how her boyfriend left her at his parents' house while he went out to have sex with someone else

One American woman told of her experience with her boyfriend leaving her at her parents while he was out having sex. 

A woman, from Maryland, confessed she felt embarrassed after introducing her boyfriend to her extended family who mocked him to his face

Maryland’s woman admitted she felt ashamed after showing her boyfriend to her extended relatives, who laughed at him. 

One woman, who lives in Washington, admits she's unsure how her family will react to meeting her boyfriend this Christmas as he's half her age

Washington resident, one woman confesses to being unsure about how her family will react when she meets her boyfriend, half her age, this Christmas. 

Another woman, believed to be from the U.S, shared the embarrassment of opening a Christmas present from her boyfriend to find lingerie from Victoria Secret

A woman from the U.S. shared her embarrassment at opening Christmas presents from her boyfriend and finding Victoria Secret lingerie. 

An anonymous woman, who is in a relationship with one of her mother's employees, chose Thanksgiving to introduce him to the rest of her family

An anonymous woman is involved in an affair with her mother’s employee and chose Thanksgiving as her opportunity to present him to her entire family 

Another individual revealed their father got drunk the first time he met their boyfriend

One person shared that their dad got drunk when he first met their boyfriend. 

One person, who lives in America, revealed they were kicked out by their mother after introducing their girlfriend but luckily was taken in by their partner's family for Christmas

American resident, one person revealed that their mother kicked them out after they introduced their girl, but was able to be adopted by the partner’s family during Christmas. 

A woman, who brought her boyfriend home to meet her family, confessed her older brothers threatened him

A woman who took her boyfriend to her home with her, told her siblings that she had threatened him. 

A Canadian woman said her family were upset that her boyfriend took a nap on Christmas, while ignoring their own behaviour on the holiday

Canadian woman claimed that her family wasn’t happy her boyfriend took a Christmas nap while she ignored her own behavior.