These are definitely the most naughty! These are the worst Christmas behaviors people have witnessed – everything from a mom flirting with her child’s boyfriend to her sister screaming that her cashmere sweater wasn’t designed.

  • An anonymous British woman asked Mumsnet members about their most painful Christmases
  • The conversation began when a family member shared about their drunken cousin’s argument with the other members of the family.
  • One woman never spoke to sister again because she bought her an M&S jumper 
  • One man contracted the vomiting bug in his whole family, but he couldn’t spot it.  

Although Christmas may be a magical season, it is often overshadowed by the chaos of family life, tantrums, and other drunken behavior.  

Many of us will no doubt be able to relate after Mumsnet users from across the UK took to the forum to share the Christmas memories that still haunt them, including one who claims her mother spent the day flirting with her partner and getting increasingly drunk.

A woman, who was 24 years old at the time of the incident shared her story about her cousin, who had drunk too much alcohol before trying to get along with everybody. 

Another thread response shared stories of relatives who had had dramatic reactions to unsatisfying gifts. A woman’s grandmother threw all her granddaughters’ presents down stairs after she couldn’t give them to her on Christmas Eve. 

Mumsnet users from across the UK took to the forum to share memories of the worst behaviour they've witnessed at Christmas (file image)

Mumsnet users across the UK used the forum for sharing memories about the worst behavior they witnessed during Christmas. (file photo)

The discussion began after a woman told how her cousin had drunkenly tried to start an argument with everyone

After a woman shared how her cousin tried to cause an argument by drinking, the discussion started. 

A woman began the discussion by writing, “To ask what is the worst Christmas behavior you have seen from an adult?”

“Mine” is: My aunt’s drunk cousin, who was 24 at the time. She has been arguing and shouting with everybody for the majority of Boxing Day. Then she got even more ridiculous when her uncle told her that it wasn’t stupid to scrape the contents of her dinner plate across the table.

The thread received a flood of replies that described how one relative was the focus of Christmas Day attention.

One reader wrote that her sister was coming out as gay. This is not because she was gay. Instead, she had a huge strop. Everyone said she loved her and it’s OK. She wanted drama, and everyone to be surprised.

One said, “Mother-in law wanted her daughter to receive presents on Christmas Eve.” We replied that it would not be until Christmas Day. Then she threw an enormous strop, and began to throw all of our gifts down the stairs one-by-one.

Another added, “Invited my mother’s boyfriend and my current partner to my first Christmas together.” My partner was flirting with her all day, and she started to talk about sex as she got more drunk. When I wasn’t in the room, I told my partner that I was boring. That he should also visit her to learn some tricks that were not available from me. Never again invited. 

A flood of responses to the thread claimed they had relatives who made insults and even threw presents when they didn't get their way

There were many responses that claimed relatives who insulted and even tossed presents at their family members when they weren’t getting what they wanted. 

Another shocking story was that he had been with someone for two months, when he was just 19. His mum was there when I first met him. She got absolutely s*** faced and threw a microwave at him. We ended up in A&E while he got stitches in his hand where the shattered turntable hit him. “I never returned there again.

One of her sisters-in-law shared a heart-warming story about her and stressed the fact that she didn’t drink.

‘She threw a fit because I’d bought her a cashmere sweater from M&S and she wanted something designer. She was insulted by the gift. Because she knew that I was able to afford better, She knew I could afford “better”. She explained that they haven’t spoken in years. 

One third stated that “My brother arrived at my home on Christmas Day with the vomiting bug, but didn’t tell me.” One of the children let slip the truth, and he became defensive. He said that it would be fine as long as he was going to wash his hands. We were the most horrible people on the planet when we worried that he would give it to us. 

They left shortly after eating lunch. He didn’t even eat any food and was complaining about how unwelcoming we were. We spent the next 10 days in this house, each of us getting sick with the sickness bug. It ruined our Christmas plans as well, took away our time from work and disrupted the holiday for the children. He continues to complain about being unwelcomed.  

One added, “Sitting with our in-laws and watching movies.” After a large meal, most people went to bed. But I was able to hear one step-son ask for a hug. She was hesitant and told him not to touch her without a hug. “Child me to the bone.”

Other responses told how relatives became aggressive after drinking alcohol and failed to hide disappointment when they received an unwanted gift

Others shared stories of relatives who became aggressive when drinking and then failed to conceal their disappointment at receiving an unwelcome gift.