Some people are guilty of the most inconsiderate behavior they have ever seen, such as giving someone half of a bottle of wine for a wedding gift or bringing food home from a funeral buffet.

  • Mumsnet users share the worst behaviours that they have ever seen
  • One woman revealed her father-in-law refused to pay £1 for wedding day parking
  • As a gift for her wedding, another woman gave her a half-drunk wine bottle.

People have revealed the most extreme examples of penny-pinching they’ve ever witnessed, including a father who refused to pay £1 for parking on his son’s wedding day. 

Mumsnet users used UK-based parenting forums as a platform to exchange stories from their stingy families, which left them feeling helpless over their poor choices. Others admitted their mistakes. 

A British woman shared that a friend brought half of a bottle of wine with her to the wedding of a mutual friend. 

One of her relatives said that her parents brought mince pies for the Christmas lunch they hosted. The ten members ate and then returned the mince pie to their homes. 

Mumsnet users swapped stories of stingy family members who leave them in despair over their tight-fisted habits, while others owned up to their own bad behaviour. Stock image

Mumsnet users shared stories about their stingy relatives who abandon them in despair, and others admitted to their bad behavior. Image from the Stock Photo

This hilarious thread began with a question from a woman: “Do you or another person have the worst, most meanest, and miserable things that they’ve done or witnessed??”

Over 800 people responded, with restaurants, parties, and grocery shopping all providing a rich source of stories. 

One posted: ‘I know someone who brings cheap Aldi own label beer to drink to our house then doesn’t touch the stuff, but drinks the more expensive beers available, like BrewDog. I was once at a friend’s house and someone brought half a bottle cheap red wine. They then took the rest home.

Another person shared this: “I’ve already mentioned this on other threads. But my sister would travel to funerals (even of people she doesn’t know), and then return later to collect her children. 

“She would make them eat at the wake in order to save them from having to cook at home.” She often walked out of the wake with a full plate and food ready for them the next day. She didn’t bother asking, she just accepted it. “She would boast about it, and I have seen her do it multiple times!

One third said: “We took a group trip that was expensive and included a chef. It is culturally expected to tip the cook.” 

‘One of the wealthiest in the group who had spent the trip buying themselves clothing worth thousands of dollars refused to join in on the tipping which amounted to about £40 each for a week of cooking and service (it was already on the low end of an expected tip!We all agreed to pay their tip. They were the best thing I have ever seen.

A woman shared the story of her husband who refused to spend money on a shower for his house, even though he had enough. 

“[My ex]He is happy and doesn’t have a mortgage. His mother bought the flat many years back. 

‘He doesn’t want to shower in his bathroom so he goes to his gym/work gym every morning instead of using his bath. 

He was too stingy to give a shower to his teenage daughter, and she must also go to Granny’s when visiting him. Tightwad.’

Many shared stories about friends getting tips after eating out. 

One said, “When I worked as a waitress we used to have a large table that stayed until the end because it was a birthday celebration.” To say thanks, the host left a large tip of cash on the table. The host made an excuse for one of the guests to take the cash and keep it.

“A few years later, in my first job as a Londoner, I was able to recall a boss with a similar behavior. His habit was to make sure all of us paid in cash when we went out together for dinner. Then he’d put the money on his credit cards. He’d make sure everyone kicked in extra for a tip. He would not tip the chit. 

“Also, his PA informed me that he used to take back expenses for team building meals. So basically he’d just pocket everyone’s money. He was completely loaded. He is now involved in politics. Snouts at a trough