Brides-to-be share the very harsh remarks they have heard about their engagement rings. These comments range from friends laughing at it to being said they were too old to be married at thirty to being told that they look too young.

  • All over the world, women shared their comments on engagement rings
  • Many posted on Whisper that the diamond size was mocked. 
  • One woman stated that people often question the authenticity of the jewel she wore in her ring. 

After getting engaged, most women are eager to share their rings with their family. However, these stories demonstrate that you cannot always anticipate how others will react or what you might be able to do with their words.

People all over the world use anonymous secrets sharing appsWhisper Share the disgusting comments made about your engagement rings by others – they will make you reconsider sharing your positive news.

A woman from Alabama shared some eye-opening details. She said that she was laughed at by a member of her church about the size and description of her ring. Another woman claimed that her gold-digger status has left her self-conscious.   

California-based woman of 30 years claimed that her nail technician had deemed her too old to marry. 

Women from around the world have taken to anonymous sharing app Whisper to share the cruel comments made about their engagement rings - including a woman from Alabama, who claims a lady at her church laughed at the size of the rock

A variety of women from all over the globe have used Whisper, an anonymous social sharing app, to voice their disgust at cruel comments about their engagement rings. One woman in Alabama claims that a lady from her church made fun of the size.

One woman, who lives in Illinois, revealed she has received a stream of comments asking if her engagement ring is real

A woman from Illinois revealed that she received many comments asking whether her engagement ring was real.  

A 26-year-old woman said the unkind comments made about her ring and being called a gold-digger have left her feeling self-conscious

Unkind remarks made to her ring by others and the label of a gold-digger has left a 26-year-old girl feeling ashamed.

One woman, from California, revealed her nail technician labelled her too old to get married despite being age just 30

Californian woman claims her nail technician told her she is too old to marry despite the fact that she’s only thirty-years-old.

Another woman, believed to be in the US, admitted to being devastated after her friend called her engagement ring ugly and stated her fiancé doesn't have taste in jewellery

Another woman, believed to be in the US, admitted to being devastated after her friend called her engagement ring ugly and stated her fiancé doesn’t have taste in jewellery 

A woman, who lives in London, defended herself from comments mocking her fiancé's decision to buy a sapphire instead of a diamond

A woman, who lives in London, defended herself from comments mocking her fiancé’s decision to buy a sapphire instead of a diamond 

One woman, who chose her own engagement ring, admitted to feeling hurt that people have looked at the jewel with pity

One woman admitted she was hurt when people looked at her engagement ring with pity.

Another person, who lives in North Carolina, revealed she was left heartbroken after her engagement ring failed to impress her mother

A North Carolina resident shared her heartbreak after her mother failed to approve of her engagement ring. 

A woman, from Singapore, shared the regret of not punching her former best friend after they bragged about having a larger ring

One woman in Singapore shared her regret at not punching her ex-best friend, after she bragged that they had a bigger ring. 

One woman, who lives in California, accused her co-worker of being jealous after they claimed she was 'too young' to appreciate a big ring

California resident, one woman accused her California coworker of jealousy after she claimed that they were too young to appreciate large rings. 

Another woman defended the size of her ring saying, 'last time I checked a bigger diamond doesn't equal a happier marriage'

One woman said that her ring was too big and she should have checked it again.

A woman, who lives in Mississippi, shared the frustration of having her father constantly making rude comments about the size of her ring

One woman from Mississippi shared her frustration at her father’s constant rude remarks about her ring size.