Pranksters have posted a string of hilarious TripAdvisor reviews mocking Boris Johnson’s visit to Peppa Pig World.

After a bizarre, rambling speech he gave at Monday’s Confederation of Business Industry, the Prime Minister caused a lot of incredulity.

During the address Mr Johnson Lost his place in his notebooks, impersonated an automobile, compared himself with Moses, and then went on a tangent about his family outing to Peppa Pig World at Paultons Park in Hampshire.

He told business leaders that the TV character looks like a ‘hair dryer’ and Daddy Pig is a bit ‘stereotyped’ after visiting the New Forest attraction with his wife Carrie and their son Wilfred on Sunday. 

Before calling the Peppa Pig cartoon characters ‘pure genius,’ Mr Johnson took aim at Whitehall and said that ‘no civil service would be able to come up with Peppa. 

Paultons Park, which was named UK’s top amusement park in TripAdvsor Travellers Choice Awards for fifth consecutive year, has received mock reviews.

Yesterday, a troll wrote a mocking three-star online review of the Prime Minister’s theme park by complimenting its ‘nice café’.

“It was an enjoyable day at Peppa Pig Land.” Our children were enjoying seeing Peppa. They were escorted out by a large, blonde-haired security guard.

Boris Johnson was seen enjoying a day at Peppa Pig World theme park on Sunday with his wife Carrie and their son Wilf

Boris Johnson, his wife Carrie and their child Wilf were seen at Peppa Pig World on Sunday.

Pranksters have posted a string of hilarious TripAdvisor reviews mocking Boris Johnson's visit to the theme park

TripAdvisor users have published a series of funny TripAdvisor reviews ridiculing Boris Johnson’s visit to the amusement park.

The Prime Minister sparked incredulity after giving a bizarre and rambling speech at the Confederation of British Industry on Monday

After giving an illuminating speech to the Confederation of British Industry Monday, the Prime Minister has sparked amazement.

During the address, Mr Johnson lost his place in his notes, impersonated a car, compared himself to Moses and went off on a tangent about his family outing to Peppa Pig World at Paultons Park in Hampshire

The address was interrupted by Mr Johnson, who lost his spot in the notes and tried to impersonate a car. Johnson then went off to talk about his family trip to Peppapig World at Paultons Park.

Dominic Raab jokes that he loved Peppa Pig World less than Boris. He also dismissed concerns over the bizarre CBI speech of PM, a ‘ebullient and aggressive’ tiggerish. 

Today Dominic Raab revealed that his Peppa PigWorld experience was less enjoyable than the one of the PM.

Boris Johnson gave a glowing report on the New Forest amusement park. On Sunday, he was joined by his wife Carrie and their son Wilf.

On a series of interviews, Mr Raab was asked whether he has been to the attraction with family. My boys loved it. Now they are older.

Sky News asked his opinion, and he replied: “It is a day in my lifetime I won’t return.”

He was told that the prime minister seemed to have enjoyed it more than he did, but he said: “When they’re that old it’s very fun.”

These comments were made as Raab tried to discredit criticisms of Johnson’s performance in the CBI. He said that Johnson is “ebullient, tiggerish” and was on “great form”.

“I’m familiar with the personality of the PM,” he said to BBC Radio 4’s Today. He wanted to emphasize the nation’s optimism.

Raab claimed that Johnson is not like past politicians who stayed true to their scripts. He said, “I don’t believe it’s what the vast majority voters listening to this program…are focused on.”


“He stated that he must see infrastructure to prepare for a speech he has to give to the CBI. 

After listening to his speech I was assured that he had put his effort into it. He missed an opportunity by not including the sheep and rabbits.

“I wish he uses all of his knowledge to help me formulate my agricultural policy.”

Another park-goer gave it five stars, saying that the infrastructure was excellent. Daddy Pig is stereotypically male, however.

This review will verbatim quote Monday’s bizarre comments by the PM to business leaders, passing them off to you as your own experience.

According to the person, “I was somewhat hazy as to what I would find at Peppa Pig World.” It was a great experience, and Peppapig World is a very special place.

The streets are safe, the schools have discipline, and there is a heavy focus on mass transit systems. Even if it’s a little stereotypical of Daddy Pig.

James Mancey is the operations director at Paultons Park. He stated that he was delighted by the visit of Boris Johnson, Prime Minister of Britain, to spend quality family time at Peppa Pig Land, one of five theme lands in Paultons Park.

The nature of Johnson’s visit to the United States was personal. Therefore, it is impossible for us to share any information about Johnson’s family visit.

“But we were able to have a conversation with the family before they went, when Mr Johnson’s wife was highly complimentary about their experiences.

“The willingness of Mr Johnson to discuss his trip during the CBI conference today, emphasizing the creative and innovative nature of Peppa Pig World while encouraging others to do the same, speaks volumes about the dedication and hard work of Paultons Park’s staff who make the experience so memorable for millions each year.

Based on less than 9,500 reviews, Paultons Park is rated four-and-a-half stars by Tripadvisor. 

Mr Johnson was forced to defend his record in office as he faced questions about his leadership and political future.

Prime Minister’s Questions was a rowdy affair. Mr Johnson received cheers from Tory MPs, as he denied claims that he wasn’t fit to be in office.

After a string of negative briefings from his party, the Prime Minister appeared in the Chamber to address criticisms.

Labour leader Sir Keir Sterner highlighted Tory divisions about Mr Johnson’s style, and the rumours that there was a rift between Chancellor Rishi Sonak.

As Sir Keir stated that the Prime Minister’s routine was falling apart, the Chancellor sat beside Mr Johnson in Chamber. The Chancellor of his country is concerned that the people are becoming more educated. His backbenchers think it’s embarrassing and Downing Street senior officials tell BBC: “It’s not working.” 

Boris Johnson speaks during Prime Minister's Questions session in London

Boris Johnson speaks at the Prime Minister’s Question session in London

Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer highlighted Tory divisions over Mr Johnson's style and rumours of a rift with Chancellor Rishi Sunak during Prime Minister's Questions

Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer highlighted Tory divisions over Mr Johnson’s style and rumours of a rift with Chancellor Rishi Sunak during Prime Minister’s Questions

How three polytechnic graduates created Peppa Pig and its £1bn brand 

Phil Davies (Producer of Peppa Pig), Morwenna Banks (Actor & Voice of Mummy Pig), Peppa Pig, Harley Bird (Voice of Peppa Pig/Actress) and Neville Astley (Co-Creator of Peppa Pig) Peppa Pig 'Festival of Fun' in 2019

Phil Davies (Producer of Peppa Pig), Morwenna Banks (Actor & Voice of Mummy Pig), Peppa Pig, Harley Bird (Voice of Peppa Pig/Actress) and Neville Astley (Co-Creator of Peppa Pig) Peppa Pig ‘Festival of Fun’ in 2019

Peppa Pig was loved by pre-schoolers and is the creation of Astley Baker Davies animation studio, which is headed by Phil Davies, Mark Baker and Neville Astley. The trio also created television series Holly’s Little Kingdom, The Big Knights, and Holly’s Little Kingdom.

After the studio was working on a BBC series, it became dissatisfied with its schedule so Peppa switched to Channel Five and Nick Jr. The show aired for the first time in 2004. 

Mr Neville, Mr Baker and Mr Davies went from animation graduates at Middlesex Polytechnic in the 1980s to creating a global franchise worth £1billion. The trio shared £140 million when Entertainment One bought a 70 per cent stake in Astley Baker Davies, their production company.

The children’s programme has since been broadcast in 180 territories and in 2019 Entertainment One was acquired for £3.3billion by Hasbro, the powerhouse toymaker behind the Monopoly board game, Play-Doh, My Little Pony and Transformers. 

The programme was an instant smash, making £1million in merchandise sales in Peppa’s first year, and in 2005 scooped a Bafta for Best Pre-School Animation and the Grand Prix for Best TV production at the Annecy Animation Festival.

Peppa was sold in more than 120 countries by the time of the first series’ debut.

In 2010 Peppa became the UK’s top pre-school toy, with the character grossing more than £200 million in UK merchandise sales, double that of the previous year.

Peppa PigWorld at Paultons Park, Hampshire is expected to have more theme parks and merchandise. This already includes Play-Doh, pyjamas and playing cards, playsets and duvet covers as well soft toys, jewellery, and even soft toys.

Peppa’s multi-billion dollar fortune is largely derived from merchandising. Only five per cent of it comes from licensing the program for broadcast.

Peppa is a popular character, but it has also been the subject of some controversy.

The family in her first series did not use seatbelts. And the heroine of this episode was accused for encouraging bad behavior by jumping into puddles and answering back to children. A Peppa and a friend spider episode was pulled from Australian TV schedules due to fears that it might encourage kids to get into contact with deadly arachnids. 

Sir Keir echoed the journalist’s question on Monday: ‘Is everything okay Prime Minister?

The Prime Minister replied, “I’ll tell ya what’s not working. It’s that attack.”

According to the Labour leader, Johnson was accused of violating a promise no one would need to sell their house to help pay for social services under his reforms in England. This is on top of an earlier pledge not to raise taxes. 

Sir Keir declared that “Who knows” if he would make it to next year’s election. If he does not, then how can he expect people to listen and take his promises seriously?

Labour leader, David Cameron, called the social-care cap a “working class dementiatax” as poorer families are likely to lose more than their wealthier counterparts.

Johnson, who was defending his record against Labour, said that Johnson’s social care plan “does more to help working people across the country than Labour did ever”.

He said that there are more workers now than ever before the pandemic. This is due to the Government’s policies.

Although there was more support for Johnson at Prime Minister’s Questions this week than last week, some gaps still existed on the Tory benches.

One point, Sir Keir was robbed by Conservatives. The Labour leader then said, “I see they’ve turned up this week Prime Minister.”

Ian Blackford, the Westminster leader of the SNP, said that the Prime Minister “can’t even deliver a coherent speech for business” and added: “Officials lost confidence,” Tory MPs lost confidence; the letters are coming in. The public has lost faith in him.

“Why does he keep clinging to on, when he’s not up for the task?”

When the Scots wanted to learn about the “manifold failings” of the SNP government at Edinburgh, the Prime Minister asked Mr Blackford what he was doing discussing party political issues.

After Dominic Raab, Cabinet minister, insisted that the Prime Minister was on “great form” and disregarded any Westminster gossip about his position.

After being asked about Monday’s CBI speech by the CBI, Downing Street insisted that the Prime Minister was physically healthy and “focused on delivering the public” after being challenged about whether he had lost his place in his notes or attempted to pretend a car.

Since a senior Downing Street source told BBC that there is concern about Mr Johnson’s No 10, and Mr Sunak’s No 11, there have been rumours.

Sunak allies denied that the Treasury was present at the briefing.

As the anonymous source for the incendiary briefing given to BBC was made public after Prime Minister’s CBI speech, the commentators were nicknamed the “Chatty Pig” in Westminster.

BBC Breakfast’s Justice Secretary, Mr Raab said that it was the responsibility of Westminster commentators for picking up one anonymous source wherever they find it.

According to Johnson, Mr Johnson is “focused on the task at hand”. He added: “The Prime Minister is an optimistic, buoyant, optimistic, Tiggerish personality and he gives speeches that are lively and engaging in a way few politicians have ever done. But he is also a prime minister and his team has steeliness, so we all work together.

According to one Tory MP, Johnson had ‘lost the confidence’ his backbenchers. He should quit the next year.

The MP wouldn’t say if they’d sent a letter asking for Johnson’s resignation to the 1922 Committee of Tory Backbenchers.

However, the Telegraph quotes a Tory whip who said it was an assumption that some MPs have sent no confidence letters to the 1922 Committee.

A vote would take place if 15% of Conservatives present letters. The whip claimed that the letter would not be received near 50, but the issue does create angst.

LBC asked Mr Raab about his belief that letters were sent to 1922 Committee. He replied that there was the “usual Westminster tittle-tattle” and that he wasn’t aware.