Peter Dutton has warned China is preparing to militarise space with the use of powerful satellites in a bid to cripple and intimidate Western militaries. 

Australia’s Defence Minister announced that the’space race is intensifying’. This indicated it was crucial for Australia to cooperate closely with its allies, the US, to stop China and Russia from gaining an edge in the cosmos. 

Dutton stated that China is using similar tactics to intimidate west forces to what it used in historic clashes over land. It was also claimed to be supporting efforts to reduce satellites and communicate from space. 

‘The space race is on and ­assured access to space is critical to the Australian Defence Force’s war-fighting effectiveness (through) situational awareness, delivery of real-time communications and information,’ he said. 

According to the defence minister, he expressed concern at how fast China is trying militarize space in an effort to take advantage of the west.

Peter Dutton has made a shocking suggestion that China is militarising space with the addition of dozens of weapons (pictured, a NASA photo of the International Space Station)

Peter Dutton made the shocking claim that China militarizes space by adding dozens of weaponry (pictured: a NASA photograph of the International Space Station).

According to him, this behavior was very similar to China’s attempt for East China Sea land that is disputed by India. 

China announced earlier in the year a new maritime safety regulation and coastguard law as it attempted to encroach on disputed territory in South and East China Seas. 

These new laws authorize the use of force within the conflict areas. They are being made amid growing tensions among neighbouring nations. 

Dutton added, “I don’t think anybody would be surprised at that,”

“I consider Russia and China to be two of the most concerning countries in the world.” 

These alarming warnings are a result of moves by both Russia and China in creating satellites capable of attacking other satellites. 

According to Australian reports, Beijing may be working on a satellite capable of grappling or grabbing a rival using a mechanical arm. 

David Thompson (Vice Chief of Space Operations for the US Space Force), revealed that Russia and China had already attacked enemy satellites earlier this month. 

General Thompson said China is moving at ‘twice the rate’ of the US in developing capabilities in space and revealed US satellites were being interrupted with lasers, cyber attacks and radio-frequency jammers.  

Mr Dutton (pictured)  said it would be critical for Australia to work closely with allies like the US to hinder efforts by China and Russia to gain an advantage in the cosmos

Mr Dutton (pictured)  said it would be critical for Australia to work closely with allies like the US to hinder efforts by China and Russia to gain an advantage in the cosmos

“The dangers are growing exponentially every day. He said that it is a natural evolution of activities, which has been going on for years. 

“We are at an important point where our space systems could be endangered in many ways.”

China launched 50 orbital rockets this year, and it is now poised to take over the US’ space force as the largest in the universe by 2030. 

Residents were reassured by Mr Dutton that the UK would work with the US in order to safeguard western interests in space. The government is also investing in the capability of space. 

Australia committed $7bn to space capabilities over the next ten years. 

This investment will go towards early warning systems, protecting space assets and protecting country’s satellite communications including GPS. 

Dutton stated that it is important to be a reliable presence in the universe with space-based technology, which can assist in pandemics as well as bushfires.  

The defence minister stated that there is much work done with allies (mostly the United States) in the space program. It’s an essential component of military competition and strategic competition.

China recently completed 50 orbital launches this year as it looks to overtake the US as the most powerful force in space by 2030 (pictured, a Chinese aircraft launches in Jiuquan)

China completed fifty orbital launches last year, and it is now poised to take over the US as space’s most powerful power.

In November, Russia confirmed that it blew up one of its own satellites using a missile, marking the country’s first complete test of the technology.

Cosmos 1408, the defunct spy satellite, was damaged in a test that took place Monday according to today’s Russian Ministry of Defence.

MoD denies that this test poses any threat to the International Space Station. The US claimed yesterday that two astronauts (including two Russians) were made to hide in their escape pods during the testing, out of fear they might be struck by space debris.

After Washington briefed NATO about the incident, NATO condemned Moscow’s “reckless” act that showed Russia was developing new weapons.

Dutton described the space system threat test as provocative and dangerous.