This country is not corrupt. It is not impossible to find corruption in this country. 

There is little doubt in my mind that the forces to control it will grow weaker over the next few years, and we’ll be more corrupt.

It would however be absurd to assume that the two big parties are more corrupt than one another.

While both of these parties are horrible, corruption isn’t the real problem. In truly corrupt countries such as China today, corruption accusations against opponents can be incessant. Yet, the corruption persists.

It is because I lived under the Soviet Union that I am certain Britain isn’t corrupt.

Britain is not a corrupt country. Corruption exists, and often it is driven much more by friendship than by money. I have little doubt that we will become much more corrupt in the years to come because the forces that restrain it are growing weaker. But it would be very silly if we tried to decide our political future on the basis that one of the big parties was more corrupt than the other

Britain isn’t a corrupt nation. It is a fact that corruption exists. Often, it is motivated more by friendship and less by money. It is likely that our society will be more corrupt as the restraints are becoming weaker. However, it would be foolish to base our decision on which party is corrupter than the others.

Accusations of corruption against your opponents are incessant in truly corrupt countries, such as modern China

In truly corrupt countries like modern China, accusations of corruption are a constant occurrence.

It seems that many people think modern Russia with its oligarchs & grotesque billionaires began after Communism was overthrown. 

The contrary is true. It arose from the Communist system where large blocks of unchallenged political power flourished unrestrained and unrestrained even by servile media.

It was all around. These elite enjoyed a life of luxury and secrecy, while those at the bottom lived like royalty. The elite of some regions of the USSR could make a fortune by controlling major industries.

I know Britain is not corrupt because I lived in the Soviet Union, which was corrupt. People seem to think that modern Russia, with its oligarchs and grotesque billionaires, began when Communism fell. On the contrary, it arose out of the Communist system, where huge blocks of unchallenged power flourished untouched by weak and servile media, and unrestrained by equally weak and servile courts

Britain isn’t corrupt, because it was where I lived during the Soviet Union. It is believed that Russia today, which boasts oligarchs as well as grotesque billionaires was created after Communism collapsed. The Communist system was the source of modern Russia, where large blocks of unchallenged political power thrived unrestrained and unstopped by weak media and servile courts.

The Communist Party was once again in control, and open gangsterism erupted to take over the assets. However, almost all aspects of human life were oiled and greased with bribery.

A bribe was paid to obtain a decent house. You paid a bribe if you wanted the dentist to inject anaesthetic. 

Bribes had limited value and were usually given in the form of “gifts”, which range from a camera to brandy. 

You cannot get in a restaurant and get served by a waiter or the front desk without paying a bribe. 

Look at the admission by the former Afghan finance minister Khalid Payenda (above), who now says that corrupt officials created 'ghost soldiers' who made up most of the 300,000 troops and police on the government's books – so generals could trouser their wages

Look at the admission by the former Afghan finance minister Khalid Payenda (above), who now says that corrupt officials created ‘ghost soldiers’ who made up most of the 300,000 troops and police on the government’s books – so generals could trouser their wages

It was recommended to give the police a 10-rouble note if you were stopped by traffic officers, often for an imaginary offense. In those days, the average Soviet monthly salary was 350 roubles. This could be folded in your driving license. Foreigners paid more. So on.

To begin, I resolved to not do such things. I quickly realized that I couldn’t live or work without getting involved in it. It is called corruption. This is corruption.

If you want to see this sort of thing at its most monstrous level, then look at the admission by the former Afghan finance minister Khalid Payenda, who now says that corrupt officials created ‘ghost soldiers’ who made up most of the 300,000 troops and police on the government’s books – so generals could trouser their wages.

It is because of this that the Afghan Army was destroyed so completely. It has never existed.

This is the only thing we have. People do their jobs honest and don’t try to get bribes. It is a great thing to be grateful.

Garrison Keillor’s US fictional township Lake Wobegon says that ‘all women are strong and all men are attractive, and all children are above average.

Real-life England has one outstanding state secondary school for every five. Ofsted is not to blame for trying to reduce this absurd number. 

However, it is likely that there will be a great deal of resistance given the history with ‘A grade’ exams and first-class universities degrees. Let’s just claim they all are outstanding. Then all Left-wingers can believe it, and all of us can have a good time.

While I was walking through central Oxford admiring old buildings, which I found so inspiring, I started to assign them names.

Ho Chi Minh College here, Oswald Mosley College there, Blair College, Clinton College… So much more fitting for their modern purposes than the lovely old Christian or noble names they still bear. 

Maybe they can call it Facebook University? Facebook doesn’t need the name. 

Cambridge could have a Mao College, considering how many of its academics enjoy good relations with the People’s Republic.

Guilty… The system that surrendered to drugs

Showtrial, a BBC Drama that entertains viewers on a regular basis, seems to believe that drug-taking has no stigma.

Two murder suspects claim that they took all kinds of drugs the night before the crime. The police and prosecutors accept this as normal. This is what happens in court.

Even though drug-taking involves the grave crime of possessing drugs, it is not relevant or interesting. The drug dealer is also portrayed to be about as evil as a cowman.

Suspect: Celine Buckens as Talitha in the BBC's Showtrial. All the characters in the entertaining BBC drama seem to think that drug-taking is entirely normal

Suspect: Celine Bockens plays Talitha in BBC’s Showtrial. In the BBC drama, all the actors seem to think drug-taking is normal

This is not just a reflection of BBC attitudes, although it may be. It’s true to all people. It is the way our criminal justice system acts and thinks. The system has abandoned drugs when they should have been fighting them.

It strikes me, without giving away the end, that this horrible and pointless crime would not have occurred if no one had ever used drugs.

The hardest thing about killing people is the pain. The soldiers must learn obedience and dehumanization, which can be hard. Even if they are armed with a knife or gun, a normal human cannot commit suicide. However, a drug user can use a pen to murder another person.

Many of the violent acts in our society are pointless. Many people are attacked in wild rages or get stabbed to death. 

Attacker Smoked Cannabis has a comprehensive list of crimes that are now common enough for national media not to bother reporting them.

How has this happened? This is because we have almost given up on drugs.

It’s not like you can admit to creating it. You can say it. Sorted? 

Public transport passengers are familiar with the constant repetition of “See it.” Speak it. “Sorted”, which encourages us to contact the British Transport Police (BTP). We have been suffering from it since November 2016. There is no end in sight.

AML, the advertising agency behind it defends it by saying that text and phone calls related to suspect circumstances have increased 35%. This is – sort of – right, but not as good as it looks. 

BTP stated that they had received 45 reports between December 2016-November 2017, and 216 from December 2018 to November 2019.

In fact, this is a 380 percent increase, which shows that numbers can seem much larger than they really are. I find it disappointing that 11,000 posters are being used in 13,000 train stations.

This chant can be so irritating that people will hunch their shoulders when it’s repeated. 

Celebrities often claim they have written successful ads phrases such as “Go to work on an egg” and similar ones. However, nobody is going to take any responsibility for the one I believe has caused more irritation than any other phrase of this length in history.

AML refused to reveal who the author was when I called its office in fashionable Shoreditch. I was referred to BTP by the Department for Transport. Could they stop being so ashamed of it?

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