Last week, last week, I shared a story about an old Christmas in Moscow. Moscow was the capital city at that time of one of most bizarre ideas ever to have gripped the human brain. This was an insane place. It was dangerous and corrupt.

It will reveal a lot about you. For those times when petrol was scarce, it was always a good idea to keep a can of gasoline in the trunk of your car. 

If any one of us were seriously ill, it was sensible to board the first flight to Helsinki. Helsinki was home to the most up-to-date medical care, modern drugs, and clean accommodations.

Here we were in the middle of a nation supposedly committed to human equality. Our only access to good hospitals in all of this country was through a wall of 15 feet, on private property, accessible only to few members of Central Committee of the Communist Party.

For years here I have warned against the Green dogma which has largely replaced Communism in the minds of the global Left. Like Communism, it has a noble goal, the saving of the planet. This goal is in fact so noble that it causes its supporters to sweep aside all doubt and restraint

Here, for years I warned against Green dogma that has nearly replaced Communism in the hearts of global Leftists. The planet’s saving is its noble goal. It shares the same goals as Communism. The goal itself is so noble that all restraint and doubt are lost.

Although the USSR was supposed to have plenty of shops, it had no official ones. The joke described a woman going into one of these ornate places and asking one of the many unoccupied staff if they had any fish – to which the helpful reply was: ‘No, this is the shop where we don’t have any meat. The shop which doesn’t have any fish is just there across the road.’

This was a more accurate representation of life during my time in the country. If you wanted meat, then the black market was where you went – except for the privileged Communists, who had their own special shops and supplies.

It is important not to dance on top of the Soviet Union’s grave. It’s gone. It was to warn of the creation of another society. 

Here, for years I warned against Green dogma that has nearly replaced Communism in the hearts of global Leftists. The planet’s saving is its noble aim, just like Communism.

It is so noble, in fact that its supporters are compelled to abandon all restraint and doubt. Their actions are so noble and right, that all opposition is evil is beyond comprehension. They see the golden future as just beyond the next hill of sunshine and windmills.

The point of this story is not to dance on the grave of the Soviet Union. It is dead and gone. It is to warn against the creation of another society, just as stupid, and equally driven by ideas which look good and nice at the beginning

It is important not to dance on top of the Soviet Union’s grave. It’s gone. It was to warn of the creation of another society.

Every few months for some years I have marked the wanton destruction of efficient, useful, modern coal-fired power stations – not cautiously mothballed in case they are needed again, but swiftly blown up with high explosives, relying on a certainty about the future which no sane person should claim to possess.

It is a foolish thing to fail to maintain or renew our nuclear power stations. I also pointed out the benefits of a building program for them, which would make better use of all the money that was spent on modernizing our Trident nuclear missile systems. It is an old Cold War weapon that we no longer have as a superpower. The Cold War ended 30 years ago. It might be worth building new large-scale factories to produce black-and white TV sets for export.

It is here, the danger I warned about. This country cannot be powered by sunshine and wind. Without coal or nuclear power, our country is now dependent on gas-fired power plants, which may not be even Green. Gas has become so costly that we can all expect to see a dramatic increase in our power bills.

Next autumn will see us all paying cash for the dogmatic lunacy and Green fanaticism of an elite power class. You have to be successful in promoting an economic revival while all this is happening. It will become colder and more dark. It is because, just like Red fanaticism, which it replaces and that it so closely resembles; Green Zealotry does not blame itself for any disasters.

The cycle continues on for a while, until finally it becomes unbearable and the house collapses.

For some time I have tried to find out if drugs – especially marijuana – may have been involved in cases of apparently irrational violence. Ross Grainger, an excellent web designer, has created the Attacker Smoked Cannabis website, which lists the vast number of crazed violent crime in the country where this drug has been used. There are likely many others, but it is unlikely that they will ever be published.

These cases are met with shocking inefficiency by the police. This may be due to their shameful failures in enforcing the laws against marijuana possession.

However, I was curious to learn that Scotland Yard did not answer my question when I inquired if an investigation was being done into the possibility of the suspect in the Windsor Castle attack using illegal drugs.

An awful Duchess who embarrassed herself

A Very British Scandal is oddly serialized by BBC. I don’t know what makes it British. Margaret Whigham was the third wife of Duke of Argyll. Her life was largely sheltered by money and she grew up in New York City.

My sympathy for her evaporated when I discovered that she had cruelly written a letter intended to discredit the Duke’s young sons through a previous marriage. According to the letter, one of her sons had fathered them. It was clear that this was the work of an evil monster. The drama ends with an announcement on screen that the divorce case in which the Duchess’s advanced sexual activities were revealed was ‘the first time a woman was publicly shamed by the UK mass media’.

This is possible. It’s possible to argue that she was publicly ashamed of herself. We are told that the super-wealthy, vile adventurer is a prototype of strong women, Germaine Greer.

There was not a real effort to replicate the past, as usual. There were only old cars and old clothes. The swearing, even though it was contemporary, was completely dependent on the F word.

Everyone smoked everywhere to make up this. You can correct me if this is incorrect, but I doubt that any reporters or dukes were allowed to smoke while divorce proceedings in court.

Claire Foy left plays the role of Queen in The Crown. Does it seem that there is a general rule now that major dramas have to star Ms Foy, or Olivia Colman.

The appearance of Phoebe Nicholls (the brilliant, intelligent, and beautiful actress who played Cordelia in Brideshead Revisited) was brief. It served as a reminder about how many talents there are, and how few they use.

Keep death away from pavements 

After I had left Kensington High Street’s bookshop, I was nearly wiped out by four speeding e-scooters. Each one carrying a young man.

For the sake of format, I attempted to remind them that it was illegal. They continued on their way, sneering and speeding along. I’m afraid I could have ended up in a hospital. Although there were no police around, I did see one with a gun and was heading back for sentry duty at an embassie. If Transport Secretary Grant Shapps does not change his mind, then this will be the future of all things.

When it happens, everyone will ask ‘How did this happen?’ It will happen because you did not write to your MPs, now, in large numbers, saying these menaces should stay banned.