France tries to solve the Channel migrant crisis…. Without Britain: Macron pushes forward with Calais Summit as banned Priti Paltel rings the EU Ministers, pleading to prevent more deaths

  • France is pushing ahead with summit regarding Channel migrants, despite bans in the UK
  • After receiving a letter from the PM, Priti Patel pulled her invite. 
  • Home Secretary vows to call on all counterparts for action 

France continued to work on the Channel migrant crisis, without Britain. This was after Emmanuel Macron, a ‘petulant’ banned Priti Patel of attending a Calais Summit.

After Wednesday’s tragic death of 27 persons trying to cross the Channel to reach the UK, European ministers met at France port to talk.

The absence of Ms Patel or any British officials begs the question about progress. 

Macron declined the invitation of the Home Secretary after Boris Johnson, an open letter, demanded more be done to combat the growing problem with migrants sailing from France in small boats.

Ms. Patel has pledged to call her counterparts in an effort to get more responses this week, even though she was barred from attending the meeting. Ankie BroekersKnol, Dutch migration minister, was the one she spoke to this morning. 

After Mr Macron posted his Twitter letter, furious Tories reacted with anger at their petty reactions. Mr Macron is now facing a presidential election.

European ministers including France's Gerald Darmanin (right) and Dutch migration minister Ankie Broekers-Knol (left) have gathered at Calais talks following the shocking death of 27 in the Channel on Wednesday

After Wednesday’s shock death of 27 Channel staffers, European ministers Ankie BroekersKnol (left), and France’s Gerald Darmanin(right) gathered in Calais for talks.

Ms Patel spoke to Dutch migration minister Ankie Broekers-Knol this morning

Ankie Broekers -Knol, Dutch immigration minister Ankie Patel was the subject of an interview by Ms Patel.

Boats thought to have been used in migrant crossings stored near Dover in Kent

It is believed that boats were used to cross migrant streams and are located near Dover in Kent.

MailOnline was told by a government source that the French response ‘just goes back to what we have been dealing with over the last two years. 

A French aide, Gerald Darmanin, said that the goal of the summit was to improve operational cooperation against people-smuggling. These are international networks operating in various European countries. 

Ms. Patel informed Ms. Broekers-Knol she was sorry that she couldn’t attend alongside Belgium, France and the European Commission.

According to a Home Office report, the participants agreed that last week’s tragic events were a sign of Europe’s need for cooperation. There was no doubt that common problems require shared solutions.

“The Home Secretary said that it was a regret that she couldn’t attend today’s Calais meeting of the Interior Ministers to address this issue.

The two sides also talked about ‘ideas to enhance bilateral and EU cooperation’, as well the need for criminal gangs that operate across the Channel.

Ms. Patel sent this tweet today: ‘I will be having urgent talks with European counterparts in this week to prevent any further tragedies at the Channel.

“More international collaboration and swiftly passing the Borders Bill will help stop people smugglers, and save lives.

She stated that failure to strengthen co-operation between Europe and the Channel could lead to ‘even more terrible scenes’ on Channel this winter.

In Sunday’s Sun, Ms Patel stated that “There should be an even greater responsibility on both sides to the Channel to take action.”

“We are proud of our long-standing tradition of constructively working with friends from across the Channel to solve common challenges.”

She also said that the Home Secretary was sorry she wasn’t able to attend Calais’ meeting.

Although she said that conversations on Thursday with Gerald Darmanin (her French counterpart) were ‘constructive, the description of Friday’s talks was not the same.

Mr Macron

Ms Patel

France moved forward with its efforts to resolve the Channel migrant crises without Britain.

Mr Macron pulled the Home Secretary's invitation after Boris Johnson wrote an open letter calling for more to be done to tackle the burgeoning problem of migrants setting sail from the French coat in small, vulnerable boats

Boris Johnson, who wrote an open letter urging more attention to the rising problem of migrants sailing from France in small boats and vulnerable boats after Mr Macron rejected the Home Secretary’s invitation to him, prompted Macron to withdraw the invitation to Macron.

Trevor Phillips heard from Lisa Nandy (Labour shadow foreign secretary): “France accuses Britain. Britain accuses France.” Truth is, both countries are playing a blame game as children swim off our coasts.

“It is simply inconcionable. Any responsible government from either channel would put aside their differences and come together to solve a common share problem.

23 people died in Wednesday’s tragic accident. These included an expectant mother, her two children and a Kurdish woman, aged 24, from Northern Iraq, who tried to reunite them with their fiance.

The current crisis saw the largest death toll.