Beachgoers create a human chain that rescues tourists from the choppy waters of the Philippines at moment.

  • On January 1, a man in his 20s got caught by a strong tide at Binmaley Beach.
  • A human chain was created by Revellers who celebrated the New Year.
  • A medical team on the shore pulled him to safety, and declared him healthy. 

Beachgoers set up a chain of human help to rescue a tourist who was stranded in the Philippines’ waters.

A man in his mid-20s was swimming in the deep water at Binmaley beach, Pangasinan. This was as holidaymakers celebrated New Year’s Day on January 1.

The man was struggling to stay upright due to strong tides. Fortunately, many people saw his cry for help.

After the initial attempts were unsuccessful, the chain was formed by scores of tourists

After initial failures, the chain was eventually formed by scores tourists.

The human chain of heroic beachgoers successfully saved the man from drowning on Binmaley beach in the Philippines

He was saved by the human chain of heroes beachgoers who helped him to safety on Binmaley, Philippines.

This footage captures rescuers linking hands to form an human chain that extends several metres beyond the shore. The men on the other end have a life-ring for the man who is in danger.

Video shows how the violent waves push back tourists and push them away. However, they continue on their rescue mission to the calm Lingayen Gulf.

The man was successfully pulled from the water after a few minutes and was carried to the resort’s medical team to receive treatment.

While medics examined his condition, he was shown sitting down on the sand.

Onlooker Gerald Pring, who recorded the life-saving spontaneous teamwork, said: ‘The guy is safe now. It was amazing to see how everybody worked together in saving him.

‘The sea looked beautiful but it was also powerful. The waves were strong and he could not get back out to the shore once he was knocked over.’

The chain was formed after several people had entered the powerful tides in order to save the imperiled man

After several men entered powerful waters to rescue the man in danger, the chain was created.

The uneven sea floor of the Lingayen Gulf can lead to unprepared swimmers to misjudge the depth of the water in the Asian archipelago

An unprepared swimmer may be misjudged by the Lingayen Gulf’s uneven sea floor.

After the man was spectacularly rescued, he was given the all clear by medics on the beach

The man was miraculously saved by the medics at the beach. He was then given the green light. 

The Philippines is an archipelago that includes more than 71,000 islands. The notoriously hazardous seas of the Philippines and the rip tides at its stunning beaches attract both surfers and tourists around world.

Winter is a dangerous time because of strong currents and windy weather.

After multiple drownings over the years, local police advised tourists to be cautious when they swim on the beaches of the province.

Binmaley Police Station warned that some people could misjudge the water’s depth, because the Gulf beaches have an uneven seafloor.