Today’s picture shows Boris Johnson’s sister Rachel Johnson, who was sleeping in train seats without wearing a mask. This is just hours after Rachel Johnson launched an intense defense of the Prime Minister over “partygate”.

LBC Presenter 56 was caught wearing no mask as he traveled on an LBC train between London and Exeter in January 2010.  

Public transport users in England must be covered with masks according to laws set forth by her brother’s government.  

The journalist Mrs Johnson previously spoke out in support of those who don’t wear masks. She said: “I wear masks when it is necessary.”

Unidentified onlooker saw Mrs Johnson without a mask and said, “She didn’t wear one during the trip – there wasn’t any sign of one in her possessions.” 

They were taken just hours after Johnson had used her LBC slot in defense of Johnson over Downing Street’s ‘partygate’ row.

According to her, she said that her brother was ‘completely satisfied’ with the Covid rules during the pandemic.

He claimed that he hadn’t realized he was attending a party because aides had a bring your own-booze (BYOB), function in Number 10.

The LBC presenter, 56, was spotted maskless while travelling on a train between London and Exeter on January 10

LBC’s 56 year old presenter was caught wearing no mask as he traveled on an LBC train from London to Exeter.

Boris Johnson (pictured running this morning) is believed to have been grilled by top civil servant Sue Gray, who could deliver her report on the bewildering array of allegations about lockdown breaches in Whitehall within days

Boris Johnson (pictured here running) was reportedly grilled this morning by Sue Gray, top civil servant who is expected to deliver her report about the bewildering range of allegations regarding lockdown breaches at Whitehall in the next few days

The pictures emerged just hours after Mrs Johnson used her LBC slot (pictured) to defend the Prime Minister over the 'partygate' row enveloping Downing Street

These photos were taken just hours after Johnson (pictured) used her LBC slot to defend Johnson over the partygate row that enveloped Downing Street

More than a year ago, Mrs Johnson violated the Covid Rule by exposing herself to indoor masks.

The Government’s Plan B Measures introduced new rules on December 10. They require that all indoor public spaces and public transportation, including taxis, have face covers.

Certain people, such as children below 11, do not need to use face covers in all settings.

A person with a disability or health condition that prevents them from wearing a mask is exempted.

It does not seem that Mrs Johnson is immune to wearing a mask indoors. She has previously stated that this was the case.

Which are the most current regulations regarding masks in public transport?

The current English Government Rules require face coverings in all indoor public places, as well as on public transport including taxis.

As part of the government’s Plan B strategy, the new rules were made public on December 10.

Certain people, such as children below 11, do not need to use face covers in all settings. 

Anybody with a medical condition or disability that prevents them from wearing a mask on their faces has good reason to not wear one. 

These rules apply to England only and can be enforced by police and community support officers, as well as Transport of London (TfL), who have enforcement powers, including issuing fixed penalties of £200 for the first offence (reduced to £100 if paid within 14 days).

Repeat offenders receiving penalties for breaching the requirements to wear face coverings will have their penalty doubled for each subsequent offence, up to a maximum of £6,400. 

Transport operators can also deny access to their public transport services, or direct someone to wear a face covering or to leave a service, if not wearing one without a legitimate reason.  

Businesses can be sued by local authority enforcement officers if they do not display the appropriate signage, or if they violate the prohibition on prohibiting someone from covering their faces. 


Ms. Johnson spoke previously to LBC in October 2020. She said, “I’m Rachel Johnson.

“Why is it so difficult to wear a mask at a supermarket?” 

Responding to a caller who said that many people claimed they were exempt, she responded: “They cannot all be exempt.”

It was just hours before Mrs Johnson took her Sunday LBC slot in defense of her brother against hypocrisy about alleged Covid breaches at number 10. 

Speaking on her LBC show Mrs Johnson said on LBC last night: ‘I didn’t see much of the Prime Minister and his family during lockdown, but the times I did see him, he was completely compliant: he dotted every i, he crossed every t.

“If there was a rule of six it would be six. What I did not see was all of the information you have been reading.

‘If he did go out into the garden – and he’s told us he did – for him, that would have been work.

“It was, for example, me, Carrie, Wilf and three of my brothers at his birthday. Six people. Let me tell you about the character of my brother.

“You have seen the headlines which could not be worse, suitcases full of alcohol going to Downing Street via the Co-op.

I can assure you that he never turned his back to me nor any other member of our family, saying, “I tell ya what, let’s hold an office party”. Or, you could say, “I’m telling you, let’s go to a party.”

“If anything, he would have said: “Let’s play reading” when we were young, in our twenties or: “Let’s play who can remember the most poetry from the Oxford Book of Verse.” It was, naturally, always him.

Elle added, “Look, I am just telling you the things I saw during lockdown. And what I know about my brother’s character.”

‘And, to my mind, if he did go out into the Downing Street garden – and he’s told us he did – for him, that would have been work.

“He could have drunk, but it’s not clear. Do you think that is the most important question? It would still have been hard work.

MailOnline has reached out to Mrs Johnson representatives seeking comment but have not been able to get a reply. 

The accusations come as Downing Street has been accused of creating a range of policies last night to distract from the PM about ‘partygate’.

There were reports of plans to launch ‘red meat’ policies, including putting the military in charge of preventing small boats from crossing the Channel.

But Education Secretary Mr Zahawi told BBC Breakfast: ‘Honestly, I don’t recognise that at all.’ He stated, “Government doesn’t work like that.”

Nadine Dorries, however, stated that the BBC’s next licensing fee announcement ‘will not be made’ over the weekend. This reopened the discussion about the future of the corporation.

Priti Patel is expected to make an announcement in the coming weeks that the Navy will lead ‘pushback’ tactics to stop boats transporting migrants through the Channel.

Others announced policy changes as part Johnson’s fightback effort include efforts to decrease the NHS backlog, and push for Levelling Up White Paper.

However, Mr Zahawi stated that the policies were ‘on-the list’ because they are part of the government’s manifesto.

Boris Johnson

Sue Gray

Sue Gray, a senior civil servant (right), has questioned Boris Johnson about the Partygate claims that rocked Tory parties in the recent weeks.

He spoke on Sky News and said that it was a good idea to have one command to manage Channel crossings.

He said, “And this includes all naval vessels and all other vessels including Border Force so you can actually have a coordinated operation in terms the small boats.”

He claimed that the Government wanted to pursue illegal smugglers that put lives in danger.

He said that they were not the ones on boats and he agreed.

Lucy Powell, shadow culture secretary to BBC Radio 4, said: “Let’s just not pretend this is any other than it actually is. This is an obvious dead cat strategy by the Government in order to distract attention from the completely disastrous leadership context the Prime Minister is currently facing.

After further accusations of party members emerged, Mr Zahawi insists that Mr Johnson will remain in his post. 

Mr Johnson is believed to be preparing a cull of his inner circle. Martin Reynolds, his principal private secretary (pictured above) who sent an email inviting staff to 'bring your own booze' in the No 10 garden during the first lockdown, and chief-of-staff Dan Rosenfield, are among those seen at risk

It is thought that Johnson has begun to prepare a purge of his closest circle. Martin Reynolds (pictured above), his principal private secretary, who sent an email to staff inviting them to bring their own alcohol into the No10 garden at the first lockdown, as well chief-of-staff Dan Rosenfield are two of those being considered at risk.

hitehall appears to already be bracing for Ms Gray's findings, with the Prime Minister launching a pre-emptive 'policy blitz' in an attempt to push back against the biggest crisis he has endured since taking office in 2019. Pictured: One of the 'illicit parties' held in Downing Street gardens on May 17, 2020

Hitehall seems to be already bracing himself for the findings of Ms Gray, and the Prime Minister launched a pre-emptive “policy blitz” to counter the worst crisis that he’s faced since assuming office in 2019. Pictured is one of the ‘illicit Parties’ that were held at Downing Street Gardens, May 17, 2020

Operation Red Meat: Boris tries to regain control 

Operation Red Meat will include the following:

  • To end party-row drinking, a No 10 workplace “booze ban” will be implemented. Boris Johnson has been drafting Downing Street rules that limit the consumption of alcohol at official events. 
  • Clearout of staff at No 10. They were involved in party row. Martin Reynolds, Mr Johnson’s principal private secretary, who sent out the invitation for a ‘bring you own booze’ Downing Street garden party invite via email, as well chief of staff Dan Rosenfield are two examples of those at risk.
  • A freeze in the BBC’s two-year licence fee will be implemented to reduce household debt. Culture Secretary Nadine Dorries is expected to confirm that the cost of an annual licence will remain at £159 until 2024.
  • Push to reduce NHS wait lists. Last week, six million people were on the hospital waiting lists in England. In December, nearly 27 per cent of patients at A&E waited more than four hours to be seen – a record high. 
  • Additional money to support jobs and training skills in order to assist those who are out of work, and reduce the number job seekers. From 4.3 procent in the third month to September’s end, the unemployment rate dropped to 4.2% in October.
  • Plan B Covid restrictions like the wearing masks on public transport, in shops and at large events (January 26) should be eliminated. 
  • Publication of Levelling Up’s white paper. Michael Gove will prepare the white paper, outlining Government’s strategy for improving lives in abandoned towns. It will be available in the first week or February.
  • Last night it was announced that the Channel’s military would be called in to combat illegal immigration. The defense chiefs will be responsible for stopping dangerous crossings, which have reached records this year. Royal Navy ships could be deployed to support the Border Forces’ fleet.

He was asked three times by Today if he felt safe. It’s because he is human, and humans make mistakes.

“He actually came to the despatchbox and apologized and stated that he would submit to Parliament because it’s our democratic parliamentary system.

The Mirror reports that Johnson was at a “leaving do” before Christmas 2020, during which he delivered a speech in commemoration of the departure from Captain Steve Higham, his defense adviser.

It is one of many allegations against Downing Street regarding rule-breaking. Sue Gray, senior official at the Downing Street office, has been looking into possible events. This included a “bring your own alcohol” garden party held in the first coronavirus lockeddown. Johnson claims he was aware of it being a work event.

There were reports that Mr Johnson might have been interrogated by Ms Gray.

And Mr Zahawi said she must be allowed to carry out her inquiry into reports of coronavirus restriction-breaching events in Westminster after the Prime Minister had ‘submitted himself to that investigation’.

According to Mr Zahawi, he shared the frustration of the public about the matter and added: “I can certainly say that the Prime Minister feels your pain.”

He stated that he would only say, “All we need to do is allow this investigation to occur.” Why? It’s fair. You don’t judge a man without doing thorough research.

Due to this scandal, six Tory MPs are calling for Johnson’s resignation.

Tim Loughton (East Worthing & Shoreham), became the latest victim on Saturday.

Other party leaders, like Sir Iain Duncan Smith (ex-leader of the party), said that Ms Gray should determine the knowledge Mr Johnson had about lockdown violations in No 10. However, newer MPs suggest the matter raises concerns about the “moral authority” at the top.

Chris Loder was the West Dorset MP and was elected in 2019. He stated that he would not call for resignations until he has seen all of the facts. However, if he does, then real action will be required. Then we’ll move on.

Andrew Bowie was the Conservative MP for West Aberdeenshire, Kincardine. He said he’ll wait to hear the findings of the investigation. However, he acknowledged that there’s a lot of discomfort and ill-feeling on the Tory benches.

54 letters de no confidence must be sent by MPs in opposition to Johnson, to Sir Graham Brady chairman of the Backbench 1922 Committee asking for a referendum on Johnson’s future.

Although Sir Graham doesn’t publicly disclose the number of letters he received, reports indicate that around 20 were sent.