Ready, steady, blow! Piccolo, the Doberman, tries to EATS the leaf blower’s air in this adorable game

  • Trent Nowak (Arizona) filmed his Doberman crazy at the leaf blower.
  • Piccolo, three years old, stomps his feet in exhilaration before the world turns.
  • A hilarious TikTok video shows him chomping down on air to get ‘eaten’ 

As its owner points to it, a Doberman is trying to get air from a leaf blower.

Trent Nowak of Arizona captioned the hilarious video, saying, “He’s so weird dog!” It shows Piccolo’s Doberman with his mouth open, welcoming the leaf blower.

This three-year old dog is seen getting excited just before Mr Nowak blows the blower.

The Doberman is visibly excited when faced with the leaf blower

Faced with a leaf blower, Doberman appears visibly thrilled

Piccolo opens his mouth wide when the leaf blower releases its burst of air.

He giggles as if he’s ‘eating’ air, and he gulps it down in a few seconds.

A user posted a comment on the video, saying “My dog does this too!” and another commented: “You must slo-mo that!”‘. 

Many videos Mr. Nowak shared of Piccolo have been shared on social media. The TikTok clips are particularly popular.

Three-year-old Piccolo 'bites down' on the air as owner Mr Nowak blows it towards his dog's face

Piccolo, a three-year-old dog from Italy, ‘bite down’ as his owner, Mr Nowak, blows it at him.

The moment of the floppy-eared brown dog was enjoyed by nearly 4,000 people on TikTok

TikTok was able to enjoy the moment with nearly 4,000 users.

His TikTok profile, which mostly features his Yorkie-mix dogs Piccolo and Dozer (mostly videos), has over 1.1million views and 9,000 followers.

Other photos show the Doberman bursting balloons with Mr Nowak captioning: “Piccolo was in Heaven.”

Nearly 4,000 people have enjoyed the fun moment with the floppy-eared, dark and light brown dogs.