PICTURED: Adele’s luxury £9MILLION three-bed London bolthole flat, with 24-hour concierge, its own ‘energy centre’, climate-controlled wine store, swimming pool and sauna, and staff from gym where David Beckham works out

  • Adele, who is worth around £162 million, has bought a luxurious new flat in west London
  • This apartment is located in an extremely private, secure development.
  • Worth around £9 million, the three-bedroomed flat comes with the services of a 24-hour concierge team 
  • Adele’s London new base includes a climate controlled wine shop, basement parking, an energy centre, and landscaped garden.


Adele had no doubts about the plans she had for tonight after her three wins at the Brit Awards.

She said, “I’m going back straight to my flat,” “Then, I’m going McDonald’s. “I might open a bottle white wine.

This sounds so down-to-earth and fits perfectly with her girl-from–Tottenham image that she loves to promote.

But it can be revealed that the singer, worth around £162million, has the most luxurious London flat imaginable.

This apartment is located in an exclusive, modern building in West London. It offers privacy and security and has a view of a park.

Worth around £9million, the three-bedroomed flat comes with the services of a 24-hour concierge team, who can presumably send out for as many McDonald’s meals as any of its millionaire residents might like.

Impressive: The reception area in the block where Adele has bought a flat

Amazing: This is the reception area of Adele’s block, where she bought her flat. 

Relaxing: Spa treatment room

Relaxing: Spa treatment room

Adele’s London new base includes a climate controlled wine store, basement parking, an “energy center”, and landscaped garden.

A spa is available with a sauna, a gym, and treatments rooms. David Beckham is a member of the Bodyism gym and has an agreement to have personal trainers come over.

After arriving from America on Tuesday for the Brit Awards, Adele is now based in this place with her team. 

Jamie Mizrahi, Sami Knight, and Michelle Humphrey were her stylists.

Airy: Bedrooms in the block have floor to ceiling windows

A bedroom in the block with airy ceilings has floor-to–ceiling windows 

Fun: Adele parties at Heaven nightclub last night

Last night, Heaven Nightclub hosted the Adele party 

She filmed Graham Norton’s BBC Chat Show, which was broadcast on Thursday. The entire group was there.

Adele, 33 years old, shared with Norton that she wants to have a child with Rich Paul, her boyfriend and sports agent. 

In order to make room in her calendar for her 2023 baby, she said that she would like to cancel her Las Vegas dates for the year. 

According to the singer, it is a 100% possibility that this song will be released. Because I have plans for next year, it has to be happening this year. 

“Imagine what it would be like if I had to cancel my appointment because I’m having a baby!” 

Following her performance in Vegas she stated that she would ‘disappear in terms of music. She said, “You might catch a glimpse or two of me from time to time and I won’t be hiding.”

‘It takes me a while to recharge, and I would like to have more children – I only just feel like I’ve caught up with my sleep from when I had my son,’ she said.

Angelo is her first husband Simon Konecki’s nine-year-old son.

Paul is now married to Candace Jones, a nurse who has given him three children.

Cosy: A reception room in one of the flats in the block

The Block’s reception area is cozy!

A friend said that Adele and he were in a relationship when it became public. 

One said that the couple were “not very serious” but had a great time.

Adele paints an image of a happy couple.

A source claimed that her love for Paul had grown stronger since the cancellation of her Las Vegas residency at Caesar’s Palace.

It is obvious that she proudly wears a large emerald diamond ring and doesn’t mind denying they are engaged. 

Norton asked her about it: “If you were, would anyone ever know if you were or weren’t?”

Adele was born in London and lived at her previous London residence, a Kensington mewshouse. Angelo was their baby when she was just a few months old.

Los Angeles: Adele & Paul are separated by their Beverly Hills mansions just one stone from each other. 

And she has just bought a house from Sylvester Stallone for £42million.

It was a boozy G-AY session that made her teary.  

After filming Graham Norton’s Thursday show, Adele could be seen singing and laughing while also looking tearful.

The singer was joined on stage by Cheryl Hole, a drag performer, as she twirled about a pole during the G-A–Y night at Heaven in London.

After appearing to critique the Brit Awards’ gender-neutral categories, Adele was in an argument over trans rights. She also expressed her pride as a female artist.

But after judging a stripping contest at the nightclub, she told the shocked topless winner in a speech peppered with four-letter words: ‘I’ve had a lot of s*** the last couple of days.

“You were great, but… We love females too.

“I see that you are beautiful and confident around all of these men. We love being females.’ Jeremy Joseph who manages the G-AY event said that he had a wonderful time and everyone had a good time. Even though it has been two years, the moment felt special.

“She arrived at 12.40am and was with her group. She left around 2.45am.

Party time: Adele enjoys herself at G-A-Y

Adele at G.A.Y. Party Time